Red Dwarf - Season 9

Thursday 9:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered Feb 15, 1988 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Red Dwarf: The Movie

    RED DWARF THE MOVIE is set in the distant future where Homo Sapienoids, a fearsome combination of flesh and machine, and the next stage of human evolution, have taken over the solar system and almost wiped out the human race. The only survivors are the crews of long-haul space freighters that left Earth before the conflict began. The Sapienoids send forth fleets of Death Ships to hunt them down. One by one - the human ships fall, until only one remains. Its name - Red Dwarf...

    -Official Tagline

  • Back to Earth (3)
    Episode 3
    The Dwarfers enter the final length of their search. After questioning Craig Charles, they finally find their creator, who tells them that their deaths are inevitable.
  • Back to Earth (2)
    Episode 2
    Lister, Rimmer, Kryten an Cat travel through a dimensional portal and find out that they're TV-characters.
  • Back to Earth (1)
    Episode 1
    Lister's busy day of annoying Rimmer is interrupted by a monstrous attack. It's pretty much business as usual - until a shock development throws Rimmer, Lister, Cat and Kryten back to planet Earth. Rimmer's presence among the crew is threatened by the arrival of a new hologram in the form of Katerina.moreless
  • Red Dwarf USA
    Red Dwarf USA
    Episode 1

    This was a failed attempt in 1992 to make an "Americanized" version of the hit British sci-fi comedy. Two pilots were filmed after the producers replaced the actors playing Rimmer and Cat, but the series was never picked up, even with the involvement of the original creators, Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. The story was an amalgam of several episodes but pretty much followed the original British pilot episode The End, except that Kryten is aboard the Red Dwarf from the start and the Cat is now a woman.

    The Official Red Dwarf Site ( has a complete article about the fate of Red Dwarf USA in their 'DownTime' section; and a documentary on the entire American experience is included on the Series V DVD.

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