Red Dwarf

Season 7 Episode 2

Stoke Me A Clipper

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 1997 on BBC Two

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  • In this episode, Rimmer has to leave to become Ace Rimmer, his dimensional counterpart, with very funny incidents and a look at Rimmer's persona, with one of the greatest sequences in red Dwarf history.

    This is an all-around great episode: great story which would be even greater in more of it, an absolutely perfect soundtrack, and basically some da#% fine funny scenes and storyline, which should have been expanded to a three-part episode. Nuff said. Now, since I have to fill up space to fill up the one hundred words minimum to submit this, I would like to say that the guy who wrote the previous review is not a true Dwarfer, or I can at least assume. And if the opening scene does not make you laugh or even crack a little smile, then you have no soul or a sense of humor.
  • Rimmer leaves the show...for a while! He leaves the best way he can. By becoming the next ACE RIMMER

    Ok, though I like this episode, I still say that it jumps the shark here. because Rimmer is such a pivitol character. He is the butt of the jokes and was meant to keep Lister sane. Now with him gone, will the characters fall apart? That was my first question when the episode ended. Granted Chris appears in two more episodes in the series, however Rimmer was still gone.

    The way Rimmer went out was great! I loved the idea that he became the person he hated most in the world, yet everyone else loves him. I also like that they chose to let Cat and Kryten think that his Light Bee was in fact destroyed, which let Rimmer free to truely be Ace.

    You can tell in this epiosde that Rimmer and Lister have developed a friendship in the passed 7 years. This was seen when Lister was really trying to convince Rimmer to go and be Ace. Also as Rimmer is leaving and he gives Lister a hug. In previous a previous series you would not have seen this. It is obvious that Rimmer and Lister ACTUALLY like each other when Rimmer leaves.

    Good episode, though a jump the shark episode!
  • Rimmer fulfils his destiny and becomes a legend

    The fact that Barrie leaves the show just confirms the Classic status of this episode megastyle.

    There are some real emotional scenes (unnaturally for RD) throughout. The episode is essentially a standard hero tale but in reverse. The middle of the tale - the (new) journey (for Rimmer) starts is at the end. The novices first step into his new journey.

    The start of the tale, where the hero life is shown and turned upside down, without knowing if he wants to take the path to being hero, is in the middle. The classic master imparts the facts of his existance and duty to the novice.

    The end of the tale (or an alternate dimensional instance of it) occurs at the beginning. Where the hero is dire straits escape his predicament, saves the girl and escapes....

    In this way, the episode bravely turns the plot method on its head and captured my imaginiation. Very cleverly done. Its a worthy plot with screenplay, dialogue and gags to warrant a series classic on its own. The story in itself is sharp and moves along very quickly, never stagnating. As you can imagine the main characters are Rimmer and Ace, both played by Barrie. The dialogue works wonderfully and you get the impression of two competing personas, but essentially belonging to the same univseral entity. Lister has a small part in helping Rimmer make the right decision, who throughout causes conflict in that he doesnt want to take up his destiny. Its one of the few times that Dave is actually nice to him and forms a poignent moment as Barrie prepares to leave.

    As Ace slowly dies, Lister convinces the rest of the crew that it was really Rimmer whose HLight failed, as he has badly taken on the appearance of Ace. Once Rimmer assumes the role there are a number of continunity errors in the execution of the screenplay as the crew appear to "know" or guessed that old Rimmer has become Ace at least in the dialogue.

    The ending however, is one of the most moving acts to have ever been conceived. With so much mediocrity heaped on the shoulders of the gormless Rimmer, no one can fail to be awestruck to find out that it was always his destiny to become an Ace sooner or later. The sheer scale and scope of graveyard dedicated to Rimmer was gut-droppingly moving.
    I was simply awestruck again - and its this sequence of revelations put into context against Rimmers past that just makes this episode a perfect 10.

    Note: I believe that if you check previous episodes where Ace appears thats why he takes a special understanding for the hapless Rimmer, because he knows that one day, that ugly duckling will become the legend! (at least in some of the episodes)!

    Simply awesome. Unmissable.