Red Dwarf

Season 2 Episode 3

Thanks For The Memory

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 1988 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

After partying away to the anniversary of Rimmer's death, Lister and Cat wake up with broken legs, Lister's jigsaw has been completed, four pages have been torn from his diary, the clock is four days ahead and the ship's black box has gone missing. The crew, determined to put the pieces together to find out what happened, go after the black box and discover it in a shallow grave with a gravestone that reads 'To the memory, of the memory of Lisa Yates'. Lister comments that he once dated a girl named Lisa Yates. They view the black box recording and watch as Lister, after hearing Rimmer cry and wail because he has never been loved, pities Rimmer's plight and implants a memory of his own into Rimmer's memory -- the eight months that he dated Lisa Yates. Rimmer wakes with this new memory and believes it to be his. He ponders why he and Lisa broke up, prompting Lister to realize that he was foolish to ever let her go. Rimmer finds out that Lister also dated Lisa and the quandary created forces Lister to tell Rimmer what he did. Rimmer asks that the last four days be erased from everyone's memory and that they bury the black box so none of them will know his . Lister and Cat receive the broken legs when they drop the headstone on themselves. When they get back to the ship, Lister tears the pages from his diary and puts the last piece of the jigsaw into place, closing the cycle of events.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Lister and Cat drop the headstone on themselves, they both grab their left legs, but Cat has the cast on his right leg later.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • The Cat: What is this place?
      Lister: It's the hologram simulation suite. This is the place that creates Rimmer.
      The Cat: Have we come to blow this room up?!

    • Lister: Do you know what I fancy right now?
      Rimmer: A big, fat woman with thighs the size of a hippo's.
      Lister: No, I want a triple fried egg butty with chilli sauce and chutney.
      Rimmer: (Looks disgusted) Me too.

    • Lister: What time is it?
      Rimmer: (obviously hung over, crawls to the clock) Saturday...
      Lister: Is that the best you can do?
      Rimmer: There are some numbers next to it but they could be anything...

    • Lister uncovers Rimmers Deathday cake
      Holly: What's that then?
      Lister: It's in the shape of a spanner, Holly, cos he was a technician.
      Holly: Well that's very apt that is. If he'd been a postman you'd have baked it in the shape of an envelope I suppose?
      Lister: Yeah!
      Holly: Gordon Bennett! It's lucky he's not a gynaecologist.

    • Rimmer: Holly, I want a triple fried egg sandwich with ...
      Lister: With chilli sauce and chutney.
      Holly: You what?
      Lister: It's a state of the art sarny.
      Holly: It's the state of the floor I'm worried about.

    • Rimmer: That time she stuck her tongue down my ear. It wasn't my ear at all -- it was your ear. The woman I loved most in the whole world had her tongue down your ear. The most romantic thing I've ever had down my ear is a Johnson's baby bud.

  • NOTES (3)

    • According to the cast commentary on the DVD, this was meant to be the first episode of series 2. If this is true, this episode is meant to be the first apprence of the Blue midget and Rimmer's running 'Aliens' gag.

    • During the filming of this episode, Craig Charles had to leave to attend the birth of his son, Jack. Production Manager Mike Agnew wears Lister's spacesuit in the black-box scene.

    • Fans have drawn parallels between this episode and an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called 'Clues'. Both involved crew members finding parts of their memories missing and set about trying to find out what happened, only to learn they were better off not knowing.