Red Dwarf

Season 3 Episode 6

The Last Day

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 1989 on BBC Two



  • Quotes

    • Rimmer: Maybe I should talk to him. Maybe he needs a bit of counselling.
      Lister: You?!
      Rimmer: I used to be in the Samaritans.
      Lister: I know. For one morning.
      Rimmer: Well, I couldn't take any more.
      Lister: I don't blame you. You spoke to five people, and they all committed suicide. I wouldn't mind, but one was a wrong number! He only phoned up for the cricket scores!
      Rimmer: Well, it's hardly my fault that everyone chose that morning to throw themselves off buildings! Made the papers, you know. "Lemming Sunday," they called it.