Red Dwarf

Season 7 Episode 1

Tikka To Ride

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 1997 on BBC Two



  • Trivia

    • Before he shoots himself JFK drops a GLASS bottle but it doesn't make a sound!

    • When escaping from the cops, they take only one helmet, but when we see them again Lister and Cat each have a helmet.

    • Lister says (about the events of Out of Time) that killing your past self will cause you to die thus making it impossible to go back in time to kill your past self so the "timelines" will go back to normal. So how did JFK manage to kill his past self without this happening?Response: The critical difference is that the first attack destroyed the time drive itself.

    • Lister screws Spare Head 2 onto Kryten's body in the same direction that he unscrewed Kryten's head.

    • Apparently here the time drive on the Gemini 12 is capable of moving people through space as the Dwarfers are able to go back to Earth, whereas in Out of Time they could not.

  • Quotes

    • Lister: What' going on down there? What's everyone doing gathered round that giant pizza?
      Kryten: That is not a giant pizza, sir.
      Lister: It's eight foot across, man! You don't think that's giant? What kind of pizza houses have you been going to - "The Fat Bastarderria"?

    • Lister: Since turning twenty-eight I feel a new maturity about myself. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I tried to urinate on Rimmer from the top of D deck! Oh, wait... Friday. But apart from that one lapse, maturity-wise, I'm practically up there with Abe Lincoln and Moses.

    • Kryten: It seemed to me that if humanoids eat chicken then obviously they'd eat their own species; otherwise they'd just be picking on the chicken.

    • Rimmer: We can't afford to take any more chances. I say the Time Drive stays where it is.
      Cat: You know I'd rather wear sideways-pressed flares and a clip-on polyester tie than agree with goalpost head, but this time he's right.

    • Lister: Yeah, but surely we can use the Time Drive if we're careful? You know, if we don't abuse it the way our future selves did? You know, if we're sensible and mature.
      Rimmer: And do what?
      Lister: Go back in time to an Indian take-away and order 500 curries.
      Kryten: Sir, the scheme is irresponsible, moronic, and preposterous!
      Cat: All your hallmarks, bud!

    • Kryten: Permission to offline for the next twelve hours while I discard some of my cache files.
      Cat: How come you need more memory? Over the past few years you've had more RAM than a field of sheep!

    • Cat: We've been copied more times than that poster of the tennis girl scratching her butt!

    • Lister: Y'know... just standing here and waiting for the president to get shot... it's kinda sick.
      Cat: Not if you're Eric White it ain't.
      Rimmer: Imagine, Eric's out there somewhere right now, not knowing that in a few short years, he'll become a between-meal snack that DOES ruin your appetite!

    • Kryten: Garbled, confusing, and quite frankly duller than an in-flight magazine produced by Air Belgium!

  • Notes

    • ****** Spoiler Warning!!!! ******
      In the Xtended version, the new ending is as follows:

      The crew have returned to Starbug, and Rimmer is punishing Kryten for the whole mess by using him as a volt-meter. Lister comes onto the scene with the time drive and an important realisation; there were no bits of Indian food in the debris. He must have been supposed to use the time drive to go back to the past and transport all the curries to the present, which he then procedes to do. He complains that they still can't use the time drive to go back to Earth, whereupon Kryten points out the chaos they caused in Dallas is an ample indication of why they can't. As the trio leave the hold, Rimmer tricks Lister into activating a switch that seals off Starbug's rear segment -with Lister still inside- and then detaches it, before it goes rocketing bakwards from the foresection. Realising he is now essentially marooned on his own with noting but 3 1/2 tons of curry, Lister comments "fan-smegging-tastic" and begins to eat.

      ****** Spoiler Warning!!!! ******

      (not that it should matter that much but, hey... if you don't want to know, you don't want to know...)

    • For this series only a filmic picture effect had been added to the show.

    • The name of the time-travelling ship encountered in "Out of Time" is stated for the first time here by Cat as the Gemini 12.

    • This is the only series of Red Dwarf not to be filmed before a studio audience, allowing greater freedom of camera positions and set design. Due to this, the Starbug sets were modified so we could see more areas of the ship.

    • After four long years the seventh season of Red Dwarf finally appears, but without co-creator Rob Grant. Grant had decided he wanted to do other projects and didn't want to be remembered only for one show.

  • Allusions

    • Title: Tikka to Ride

      The name of this episode is a curry-based parody of the Beatles' song Ticket to Ride which was popular around the time to which the crew travels.

    • Kryten: Every man has his weak spot - his "Achilles heel".

      Achilles was a Greek hero whose mother Thetis attempted to make immortal by dipping him in the River Styx. She held him by his heel which was not exposed to the water and thus remained his vulnerable spot (he died when shot in the heel with an arrow) - thus the phrase for a person's vulnerability is their "Achilles heel".

    • Kryten: President Kennedy was impeached in 1964 for sharing a mistress with Mafia boss, Sam Giancana.

      Sam Giancana (1905/8?-1975) was a notorious Chicago Mafia boss who was suspected of swinging votes for JFK in the 1960 US presidential election, then alleged to have had a hand in Kennedy's assassination when the Kennedy administration declared war on organised crime.