Red Dwarf

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 1989 on BBC Two

Episode Recap

Lister (Craig Charles) is bored - bored with Scrabble, bored with table golf, bored with Durex volleyball - even bored with Junior Angler. He tells Cat (Danny John-Jules) and Rimmer (Chris Barrie) that he hates his life on Red Dwarf. During the conversation, Rimmer reminisces about a former schoolmate, Thickie Holden, who despite being one of the stupidest boys in class went on to earn an immense fortune with an invention called the "tension sheet", which, as Rimmer states, is merely bubble wrap that has been painted red with the words "tension sheet" written on it. Meanwhile, while working in the ship's darkroom, Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) accidentally discovers that the developing fluid can make photographs come to life. The same thing is possible with slides, and soon the crew are stepping into photographs and back in time. The only problem is that they can't move outside the borders of the original photo.

Lister decides to go back in time and change history by giving the "Tension Sheet" invention to his 17-year-old self. This creates unforeseen changes in the present, as the Cat and Kryten disappear, leaving Rimmer alone with Holly (Hattie Hayridge).[3] Deciding that this is not on, Rimmer visits Lister, hoping to persuade him to come back to Red Dwarf. Lister, however – now living in a mansion with a supermodel – fails to recognise him, and tells the butler to throw him out.

Rimmer decides to take it upon himself to restore the time-lines to normal, and travels even further back in time to give the secret of the "Tension Sheet" to his younger self. However, Rimmer's plan is overheard by his younger self's bunk room schoolmate, Thickie Holden. Upon returning to the present, everything is put back exactly the way it was. Lister, Cat and Kryten re-appear and Rimmer waits to disappear to fame and riches. However, nothing happens as Holly explains the "Tension Sheet" was invented by one Thickie Holden. But one thing is different; Rimmer is now alive, not a hologram. Delighted, he rushes out into a corridor, slams his fists down on top of some innocuous-looking crates and accidentally blows himself up
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