Red Dwarf

Thursday 9:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered Feb 15, 1988 Between Seasons




  • Season 10 Episode 6: The Beginning

  • This episode borrows elements from the aborted Red Dwarf movie. Hoguey the Roguey was in fact a character from an early draft.

  • Season 10 Episode 4: Entangled

  • It would not be possible for Rimmer to walk through the sealed vault door in his soft-light form, as his light-bee (the small physical presence that projects his image from within his body) would not be able to pass through the door.

  • Season 10 Episode 3: Lemons

  • Continuity: In the episode "The Last Day", Rimmer states that his parents were Seventh Day Advent Hop-ists, in this episode he says his Mother was part of the Church of Judas.

  • Season 9 Episode 2: Back to Earth (2)

  • When the Dwarfers enter Noseworld, Swallow can be seen wearing the outfit of the Simulant from "Beyond A Joke".

  • Season 9 Episode 1: Back to Earth (1)

  • When Lister visits Kochanski's grave, there is a picture of Mel Bibby next to Kochanski's. Mel was the series' production designer from season three to eight, and had passed away in 2002.

  • Red Dwarf is found to be still in one piece, and the crew back on it. We do not know how they saved the ship from the corroding virus or how they returned from the mirror universe. We also have no idea how Kochanski died. It is also assumed that they never found the rest of the Red Dwarf crew aboard the Starbug and Blue Midget fleet. Holly is offline due to water damage, as described by Rimmer while talking with Katerina. We also don't know what happened to the other version of Holly created by the nanobots, though he could be with the full crew on the Starbug and Blue Midget fleet.

  • Rimmer is now once again a hard-light hologram, the end of Series VIII shows him facing the grim reaper as a human, but ends with him kneeing him in the groin and fleeing. It is assumed that he was either caught by the grim reaper, or that it was just a hallucination. Either way, it seems he died and was resurrected as a hard-light hologram. However, we don't know how he got hard-light capability since that is not a feature installed in on Red Dwarf by default (maybe added by the nanobots). Red Dwarf has also changed shape, and now looks more like it did originally, this is never explained.

  • Season 8 Episode 8: Only The Good...

  • In the Mirror Dwarf, Rimmer is Captain, which is the highest ranked officer we see on the ship, yet in the normal Dwarf, Lister is a lower rank than Rimmer, so logically, he therefore should have been captain while Rimmer was X-O.

  • Before the credits appeared on this episode, there was a subtitle saying "...the Smeg it is?" which notes that Red Dwarf may go on and it ties in with the new film (coming soon).

  • Surly the Mirror Talia shouldn't have come to the Mirror Dwarf, if the Virus is an antidote then her ship shouldn't have been destroyed so she would have no reason to escape from it!

  • In the previous episode, Baxter was changed into an ape using the time wand and wasn't changed back before it was destroyed; yet here he is back to normal.

  • Season 8 Episode 7: Pete II

  • Kryten: Birds are descended from dinosaurs; from the Theropod family. I inadvertently reversed evolution several million years!

    More than a mere several. The Big Dinos were all wiped out over 65 million years ago at the mass extinction that closed out the Cretaceous Period. Then there's the fact that Red Dwarf has been traveling for 3 Million Years.

  • Season 8 Episode 6: Pete

  • Red Dwarf's 50th episode!

  • Season 8 Episode 5: Krytie TV

  • Rimmer and Lister discuss the 'Om' Song and Rimmer expresses his distaste for it. However, back in 'Timeslides', Rimmer acted as if it was the first time he had heard the song. Also, in 'Timeslides' Rimmer tells young Lister that he liked the 'Om' Song although you could just say that it was just him trying to derail Lister's hopes of changing his past.

  • Season 8 Episode 4: Cassandra

  • Knot collapses from his heart attack in Cassandra's room, but in all subsequent returns to the room, there is no sign of his body.

  • It may seem a little odd that Rimmer would be calling Kochanski attractive when in Balance of Power he made it obvious that he hated her, with comments like "Snooty cow" and "She had a chip off her shoulders" not to mention when he throws her purse in Lister's flashback. One presumes that she turned him down or otherwise indicated disinterest.Response: At the time, Lister wanted to shut Rimmer down to activate Kochanski's hologram. Rimmer's "cow" remarks were more of a tantrum than a genuine opinion.

  • Cassandra says that all the canaries will be dead in 1 hour, with the exception of 'Rimmer', and Kryten, Lister, Cat and Kochanski. However, Kill Crazy was still knocked out in the transport vehicle and presumably would have survived too. Response: Kill Crazy was not her ship at the time, having been dragged onto the shuttle. Also, Cassandra is known to lie.

  • Season 8 Episode 2: Back in the Red (2)

  • In the clean up of Krytens circuits, one of the emotions fixed is Guilt, but guilt is one of Kryten's most fundamental behaviour protocols to stop him from going against his human masters.

  • Season 8 Episode 1: Back in the Red (1)

  • Why wasn't Frankenstein or the original Kochanski resurrected and why haven't we seen Todhunter? He was meant to be second in command and always hanging around with the captain (as made clear in 'The End' when Lister asked Holly about the ashes next to the captain's).Response: Frankenstein may be lurking around; Kochanski had returned so didn't need to be resurrected.

  • When Lister bets Rimmer he can make him talk before a minute has passed it actually takes 2-3 minutes, the bigger goof is after a minute Lister says "Oh well, still plenty of time to go"

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