Red Dwarf

Season 10 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2012 on BBC Two

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  • Fantastic Return For The Dwarf

    I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to Red Dwarf my expectations have dropped a little, I went into this episode with the hope that they could in some way return it to their former glory and I really must say I was far from disappointed.

    The show certainly went back to it's roots, relying on the awesome charisma between it's cast. It was great to see the boys back without the unnecessary kochanski/series 8 crew elements. The episode had quite a few laughs and in my opinion it's stand out moment was Rimmer's face when he confirms, whilst talking to Lister, that it was in fact a moose! Followed up almost instantly by excellent way they kicked Rimmer when he was down with Kryten and the cat both quick to point out they know the answer too, The cat's reaction was particularly funny.

    They may have aged a bit and I've heard calls for the show to explain this. HOWEVER any true Red Dwarf fan should have come to except that that is an element we will just have to accept, the same way we did between series 2 and series 3 (yes series not season) and then same again for series 8 and Return to Earth. Red Dwarf doesn't need long winded explanations, they just pick up from where they are and get on with the comedy, and long may it continue.

    Genuinely excellent work, and I cannot wait for what I hope is an equally funny episode next Thursday at 9:00!