Red Dwarf

Season 2 Episode 6

Parallel Universe


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Holly claims to have invented a faster than light device called the "Holly Hop Drive" which appears to be nothing more than a red box with a stop and start button on it. The crew try and use it, but it doesn't bring them to Earth, it brings them to a strange parallel universe where women are the dominant sex and each of them has a female analogue. While Rimmer is trying to avoid his opposite's voracious sexual demands, Lister seems to be getting on very well with his. Cat's opposite (unfortunately for him) is a dog, and even Holly has an opposite, Hilly. After partying all night long while Holly and Hilly fix the Hop Drive they wake up to find Lister has accidentally slept with his opposite, who tells him that in their universe, the men give birth to the babies. After returning to their own universe, Lister uses a pregnancy test, and much to Rimmer's delight, they learn that Lister is, in fact, pregnant!moreless
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