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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • A Dismembered Body Is Found
      A black panther is stalking the forests around the village in search of live prey. Meanwhile, Hernán enacts a cruel revenge plot, and the village's new sheriff has his eyes on Margarita.
    • The Commissioner, Relieved of His Duties
      With countless enemies across the village, Hernán falls prey to a terrible riding accident that raises suspicion. Alonso and Gabi seek adventure beyond the city limits, while Sátur dons a new role with the duke of Alba.
    • The Duke of Alba Arrives at the Village
      When Sátur is given the opportunity of a lifetime, new beginnings are paired with heartbreaking goodbyes.
    • Reuniting With A Lover from the Past
      A love from Gonzalo's past reappears, while a love from his present is about to disappear.
    • The Meeting Between Red Eagle and Father Alejandro
      As the marquis of Santillana sets out on her move to Vienna, the sheriff will go to any length to prevent his son from leaving. Gonzalo, on the other hand, fails to do enough to keep Margarita by his side.
    • 12/5/11
      His life at stake, Sátur becomes the victim of familial sabotage. Plus, the marquis of Santillana's move to Vienna severs many ties and many loves.
    • Mateo Comes to the Village Looking for Fortune
      A figure from Red Eagle's past returns to enact vengeance upon him. Plus, Hernán becomes a pawn in Cardinal Mendoza's plot to ascend to the papacy.
    • Juan's Double Commitments
      A close relative of the marquis of Santillana, whom she believed to be dead, shows up unannounced and with dangerous demands.
    • 11/14/11
      While continuing to search for his mother, Red Eagle suffers a debilitating accident. Meanwhile, the Spanish crown brings back captives from "New Spain."
    • Nuno's Confirmation
      Growing into his manhood, Nuño commits to serving the king at war, while his inconsolable mother can only cope by numbing her pain. Meanwhile, the devil's grip takes hold on six expectant mothers in the village.
    • Children's Hospice
      While the quest for the Holy Grail continues, another hunt takes on a far more dire urgency--that for the Marquise of Santillana.
    • Convoy to Mongolia
      The Marquise of Santillana is unknowingly taken captive and is en route to Mongolia. Meanwhile, eight figures of holy saints mysteriously disappear in what turns out to be a massive hunt for the Holy Grail.
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1