Red Eye

Weekdays 3:00 AM on FOX News Channel Premiered Feb 06, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • I cannot get enough of this show!

    I stumbled across redeye one afternoon here in Australia and just couldn't turn away! Im not normally interested in news shows but just the way that redeye takes the piss out of things cracks me up! It can also be serious too when it wants to be, like the Greg-a-logue last week about Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Greg didnt take too kindly to that & gave the prize to another candidate who helped to smuggle Jewish people out of Germany in WW2.
    I love Andy Levy's Half time and Full time report and seriously believe that he should have more air time, he is a genuinly guy! Bill Schultz, the grotuesque side kick has quite a few good lines and his Schultz on the Street segment are a great laugh.
    To anybody out there WATCH THIS SHOW!! I know it is on really late in America but i think it is worth it!