Red Garden

TV Asahi (ended 2007)





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  • Love iT! Though the ending sucked!

    Love it,

    But I was expecting a little bit more from the show.

    The girls remained 17 for the rest of their

    But they do not remember their past lives
  • Four teenage girls, who wake up, and cannot remember anything about the night before. When they arrive at school, a fellow classamate had committed suicide. strangely, the odd group of girls all knew the suspect. What seems to hide behind the story..

    When watching this show, I felt like it was different then your usual anime. It starts you out thinking "bad guy" and "good guy", but it also leaves you wondering more about the girls and how the story took place. As the story prceeds, you begin to bond with each character by watching the tragic story unfold. Near the end you start to realize that in actuality there was not a bad guy and good guy, but a twisted conflict that seems to have no fair ending. but in all, it has a mix of suspense, drama (which includes everyday problems, like relationships and family.), romance, action, and horror.