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Red Planet

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A animated miniseries created by Gunther-Wahl Productions. Adapted for television by Julia Lewald from a Young Adult novel, of the same name, by acclaimed Science Fiction author Robert A. Heinlein.

Plot: Jim Marlowe, a young colonist on the mining world of New Aries, has befriended a native, a "Roundhead" he names Willis, which can parrot speech and record visual information.

As Jim and his sister P.J. are about to be sent to a boarding school their mother and the colony's chief medical officer, Jane, discovers that a substance in the deeper mines is killing the miners. She uses her authority to shut down the mines, but the decision is rescinded by the colony leader.

As a Beta Earth Mining Company man he sees only the rich profits no matter any cost. When the colony leader and the school's headmaster discover that Jim has a roundhead in captivity, they seek to steal it in hopes of making a serum that will temporarily protect the miners against the deadly substances in the mines.

Willis records their conversation and when Jim escapes with him it sets off a revolt against the Company that ends up involving the mysterious “Locals”. Will Jim's friendship with Willis save the colonists from eviction or possibly genocide at the hands of the “Locals”?? And will the humans ever 'Terraform’ New Aries to make it suitable for all species to co-exist?


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