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  • roll over red widow

    seems that every time a really good series starts, they ax it and put some other shit mean really, this is a series, i was so excited to see when the next episode starts and then comes the crushing realisation that there will be no
  • love the show!

    it's exciting and it is awesome and most of all the actors are great which it makes it a great show!!!

  • Great show! `

    I love Red Widow however I have noticed the time it is showing is running later and later every Monday! is that a sign it is going to be axed? I hope not :(
  • An excellent show!

    I have watched this show unfold with fascination. It has a great story, not entirely unbelievable, with good acting and it moves at a great pace. I really hope it goes into a second season.
  • In Love

    i absolutely LOVE RED WIDOW!!!! This is my new favorite show. All 5 episodes have been sitting on my DVR I finally watched them today and I can't wait for the next episode. AWESOME SHOW
  • My new favorite show is too good for TV

    First off, let me say that I don't look to TV for realism - I watch shows to escape reality. While Red Widow may not be entirely plausible, it is believable enough for me. The acting is good and I feel like the characterization is excellent. I am especially interested to learn more about Schiller.

    However, this show is too "good" for TV. There's (almost) zero sex or swearing, with limited violence. I appreciate this, but it seems like today's audience is looking for exactly what is missing (hence the popularity of shows like "Revenge"). Additionally, the fact that it is almost entirely serialized seems to be off-putting to an audience that apparently prefers stand-alone episodes.

    I hope it will be on long enough to tell a good story and wrap things up; unfortunately, based on the ratings it seems doomed.
  • Unbelievable unbelievable.

    This is an utterly unrealistic show on soooo many levels I'm not even going to start pointing them out. great for decompressing stress on the couch, you know, like naptime and such.
  • Red Widow

    I like the show. The acting is good and the story interesting. I appreciate no or little bad language. I find the characters interesting. Hopefully it will be given a chance to improve itself. Elizabeth
  • Jaime Ray Newman! I repeat: Jaime Ray Newman!

    Many critics around here and most of them are justified. But then, there is Jaime Ray Newman -you know from General Hospital and Eastwick and CSI NY (as Mac Taylor's deceased wife)- and for me that is reason enough to watch the show.

    Please give her lots and lots of screen time and make her a central character and rename the series "Castillo" because she is going to steal the show anyway, as she always does.
  • Mob Doctor 2.0

    Have I seen the same show? Same-old same-old!
  • good new show to get us thru a dry spell!

    This should get us through the dry season of other favorite shows ending. Compelling good actors. Just really wish they had not have to bump off the very yummie Anson Mount. Oh well...

  • A clever title goes here!

    Pretty fantastic writing, good characters and very interesting plot line.

    Of the new line ups this is definitely the one to watch.
  • Fantastic start excited to see more

    Great loved it can't wait to see more the bad is a hottie
  • Better than a movie

    This is already better than the movies that are out. Wow great talent packed into one little series. I'm very engaged
  • Yes, you should watch this.

    Good writing, good casting, great acting. The characters are developing well enough to keep me hooked. This show, in my opinion, has a future. Will continue to watch and see if the story line works. Love it.