Red Widow

Season 1 Episode 3

The Consignment

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2013 on ABC

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  • Great!

    Red Widow continues with a superb show today in whic h Marta has to bring in Schiller's consignment.

    While the scenes were really suspenseful and intriguing, there was no lack of suspense on other fronts as well. Marta's children sure don't midd a trick and it is resutling in some fantastic scenes and moments!

    And now she wants out. It was inevitable that this wasn't a one-time thing for Schiller and now we will see what occurs next!

    Can't wait for the next one! Great!
  • Red widow Sinks below ground this week

    After an Amazing Pilot, Red widow manages to sink below ground this week. Quite possibly one of the worst 45 min of TV i have experienced. the Tone of the episode was completely off, moments of intense fear and Drama were played for bad Directing and script.

    Marta Walraven is all of a sudden a bad ass , with psychic insticts, the children (MAINLY THE SON Gabriel) who were very deep and sincere characters are just cliche rebellious teens this week. (seriously??? yu gonna go on a date and leave yo sister and brother alone while the man who killed your father is still out there) even horny teens have brains , hated this sudden character shift.

    and whats with the storyline involving Mike and owing money?, what about the other storylines with Irwin?? C'mon!!!!! and the reveal of the Man who killed their father on the bike was terribly done. can anyone explain why Schiller killed Bob, that decision made no sense from any business angle, NONE!! , and now Marta is Mike's boss?, what for?,

    What happened to taking time with the story and characters and letting Marta be introduced more and more into this dangerous criminal world. The kids should ALL still be traumatised by their father's death but no!!, and where the hell did that annoying Neighbor girl come from?, Are real humans that insensitive??? and i am hating Natalie's character