RedaKai: Conquer the Kairu

Saturday 9:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Jul 16, 2011 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • No episodes have been added for this season of RedaKai: Conquer the Kairu.
  • Season 1
    • Lokar interferes when team Stax battles a member of the Redakai Council.

    • Lokar interferes when Team Stax battles a member of the Redakai Council.

    • Dream Team E-Teens
      Episode 24

      With all of the recent Team Stax victors, the two Redakai have issues with their warriors. Master Boaddai needs to remind Team Stax about humility and how pride can interfere with their developing link to the Kairu. Lokar faces his own pride issues with his E-Teams and thus forms a new "Ultimate E-Team" by combining the leaders of the three E-Teams and ordering hem to work together.

    • The New Warrior
      Episode 23

      Team Stax meets another warrior (Redakai in training) who is on the same quest to collect all the Kairu before Lokar can find it. Ky, though, is suspicious, as Master Boaddai never mentioned others looking for the Kairu beside the E-Teams.

    • 1/21/12

      Maya receives a new X-Drive and questions how she arrived at the Monastery.

    • 1/14/12

      Zane of the Radikor is destroying an entire ecosystem (swamp) by using red attacks to locate a very weak signal of Kairu. In doing so, though, he finds the Gauntlet of Lokar hidden by Master Boaddai. The Gauntlet among its powers, the Gauntlet of Lokar allows the wearer to use attacks without a reader. Can Team Stax recover the Gauntlet of Lokar and return it to Master Boaddai and repair the damage done by Zane?

    • The RedaKai
      The RedaKai
      Episode 20

      The Redakai (the seven Kairu masters for good) gather at Master Boaddai's monastery for a once in a decade meeting. Lokar executes his plan for revenge upon his fellow Kairu masters.

    • Kairu Visions
      Episode 19

      Maya develops the ability to see the future just before starting an adventure to New Zealand. Can Maya learn to use this ability in time to help team Stax and can Lokar use it against her or will it save her?

    • The Island
      Episode 18

      A mysterious power transports team Imperiaz to an island and the causes the X-Scraper with team Stax to crash land. The island isn't on any chart and seems to be like the Bermuda Triangle on Kairu energy.

    • 11/26/11

      Connor Stax returns and continues on his quest against Lokar, but will he meet up with his Son, Ky?

    • The Kairu Vessel
      Episode 16

      Team Stax locates a fragment of the Kairu Vessel that crashed on Earth and the fate of at least one of the Kairu energy pods it held. Ky also has a chance to find out more about this Father's fate or location.

    • Farm Boy Boomer
      Episode 15

      We learn more about Boomer's background because in this episode the Kairu energy is on Boomer's family farm. Team Stax also has a serious choice / decision to take the energy and hurt Boomer's family or leave the energy and if so, how to protect it from Lokar taking it instead.

    • Battacor Blood
      Episode 14

      With Mookee at the home base, team Stax loses a Kairu challenge and Mookee's ship (the X-Scaper) to team Battacor. Boomer hitches a ride at the last possible moment and tries to figure out a way to regain control of the ship. In the meantime, Lokar tells team Battacor about a Kairu deposit in Norway. Can team Stax recover the X-Scaper and save the Kairu deposit for the powers of good?

    • Kairu Showdown
      Episode 13

      The forces of Lokar again go after Ky to break up team Stax. This time Zane clones Ky and infiltrate the monastery where Master Boaddai lives. We learn about the history of Zane and Ky and how Zane used to be on track to be a warrior for good and not evil.

    • 10/15/11

      The Redekai council calls a tournament between the four teams on the series. Each team chooses it champion and they compete one on one with the winner taking the Kairu energy and the team obtaining rewards. Who will win and how will each team choose its champions, tune in to find out.

    • 10/8/11

      Lokar releases an evil energy known as Black Kairu, which renders Master Boaddai powerless. Team Stax must restore his strength to save him and enters Lokar's lair to do it.

    • The Chalice
      Episode 10

      Team Stax must fight both a King and team Imperiaz to retrieve the Kairu and complete this quest. Unbeknownst to the King one of his relics has Kairu energy. While the King and team Stax are becoming friends, team Imperiaz takes over the castle and kicks both the King and team Stax out. Can the King and team Stax regain control of the castle, prevent the forces for evil from finding Kairu, and return the King to his home?

    • Neptune's Reef
      Episode 9

      Team Stax is having fun in the water at the monastery, except for Boomer. Master Boaddai sends them to the Mediterranean, where team Battacor is already looking for the Kairu deposit. We learn Kairu can animate objects, as well as why Boomer wouldn't go into the water.

    • The Mask of Fire
      Episode 8

      Team Stax arrives on an island with an active and about to erupt volcano. The locals capture members of Teams Stax and Imperiaz holding them prisoner. Every team member seems to have problems using their powers, except Ky who uses a fire based character.

    • 9/3/11

      An archaeologist uncovers a pterodactyl fossil, which reanimates when he touches it with signs of Kairu energy. Team Stax finds itself in a rainforest and Maya finds herself overwhelmed for some reason. As Mookee tries to fix the ship, team Stax and Battacor match up to find the Kairu energy and return it to their respect camps of good and evil.

    • 8/20/11

      Koz, of team Imperiaz, gets Ky to violate the Redakai honor code and thus gets him kicked off of both team Stax and our of the Redakai. The remaining team Stax members must battle both team Imperiaz and an entity who is using the Kairu power to trap multiple souls for his own evil purposes.

    • 8/13/11

      Team Stax (along with Mookee) fight team Battacor over a tree filled with Kairu energy.

    • 8/6/11

      Lokar uses the Cataclysm Stone to obtain not just Kairu energy, but all the energy in the Universe. Team Stax must discover where the energy is going and how to protect everyone. Will it means the destruction of the Cataclysm Stone?

    • The Kairu Diary
      Episode 3

      Ky uncovers secrets about his father when he reads the mysterious Kairu Diary.

    • Maya Goes Bad
      Episode 2

      Lokar gives Zane of team Radikor a new attach called "Lokar's Shadow" and instructs them to use it as taught. They do a three on one Kairu challenge on Maya and use this attack to begin the process of turning her to the side of evil / Lokar. Maya joins team Radikor.

      We discover Mookee's race grows his facial hair at a rapid rate when they become nervous and Maya turning bad puts him on pins and needles.

    • 7/16/11

      In the first episode of the series, we meet team Stax (Ky, Maya, and Boomer) who are on a quest to become Kairu Warriors. They work with Master Boaddai to defeat the forces of Lokar, who wishes to Kairu for evil purposes. Their master sends them to find a Kairu deposit in the South Pacific. Boomer has an acne breakout that the locals interpret to mean he is a three-eyed god.