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Episode 21 "The Gauntlet of Lokar" (Spoilers allowed)

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    This is the official discussion thread for the twentieth broadcast episode Gauntlet of Lokar.

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    Posted on: MMMMM DD, 2012

    TV Ratings:
    Canadian: C8
    USA: TV-Y7-FV

    Summary: Zane of the Radikor is destroying an entire ecosystem (swamp) by using red attacks to locate a very weak signal of Kairu. In doing so, though, he finds the Gauntlet of Lokar hidden by Master Boaddai. The Gauntlet among its powers, the Gauntlet of Lokar allows the wearer to use attacks without a reader. Can Team Stax recover the Gauntlet of Lokar and return it to Master Boaddai and repair the damage done by Zane?

    Broadcast date: January 14, 2012

    Have fun discussing this episode!

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    I enjoyed this episode a lot. It's the first episode where we see Zair's little crush on Ky emerge. And the leeches on Ky's back was pretty funny.
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