RedaKai: Conquer the Kairu

Saturday 9:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Jul 16, 2011 Between Seasons





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  • Awful.....

    I honestly can't go through a single episode of this show and not wonder if it's being written by a bunch of 13 year olds. The story is very cliche, the characters are dull, the episode plots are uninspiring, and worst of all they will do the same darn thing every episode. That's what bugs me the most. Every episode has the same thing happening (a relic with Kairu is discovered. They go look for it. They battle the bad guys with the same transformation sequences again and again. They beat the bad guys. They get the This show is horribly written and doesn't have a single good thing going for it.
  • Pretty good show. I enjoy watching it.

    I love this show a lot. But I'm going to critique on the things I don't like about it first.

    I've heard others talk about this as one of their issues as well but when the characters talk it kind of sounds like a robot is being used for every laugh or grunting noise they make. (Meaning the same audio was used for it) Trust me. If you watch some episodes you'll get what I mean. Another issue is that there are some mistakes with the animation. However, all shows tend to have some of those, so I'm fine with that part. Another issue I have (minor) is how long all these 'transformations' take for the Kairu challenges. They aren't terribly long, but it does get annoying after a while. And the final thing is that the story can be.... misleading? Or it could use more work? (Character wise especially)

    The things I REALLY like about this show is the character design. (and overall the animation) Each character has a unique style and kind of mood set to them, or rather, each team. It brings out the best in the characters. The clothing in general is great. Example: The Imperiaz are royalty and they're clothing design is basically blue, white, yellow. It just fits. I do like the characters but their stories could be worked on. (The E-teens basically)

    The colors of the show are great! Clear and vivid. Scenery is beautiful.

    People have said that they don't like the Eteens. But I honestly think they are the best part of the show. The Radikor are like the strength type to team Stax. The Imperiaz have their own 'mission' (getting parents back) and the Battacor make me laugh in almost every episode.

    The characters always throw puns (or dis one another) back at each other and I find that pretty cheesy.. but good for a laugh as well.

    Overall I think its worth the watch.

  • Not just another Bakugan rip-off.

    Though RedaKai may seem like another of those worthless Bakugan rip-off (which is ironically already a rip-off), it's actually a decent show. The show is about a boy named Ky, who is looking for pieces of an energy force called Kairu. Traveling the world with his friends Maya and Boomer, he protects the pieces from villians in hope of becoming the most powerful Kairu warrior of all, a RedaKai. The premise is actually original, with the plot sequence in each episode interesting enough. The character designs are also well-done, though they seem to have a somewhat shallow personality, with little to no character development. The good guys are somewhat obvious, with a leader, a strong headed girl, and the typical comic relief. The "villians" if you can really call them that, are more rude than ruthless and mean rather than cruel. The voice acting is decent, though, with the characters' voice spot-on. The action scenes are easily the best part of the show, well executed and beautiful with cool interaction to the environment.

    All in all, RedaKai is a decent show with good plot sequences, interesting character design, beautiful environments, and epic action sequences. The characters are somewhat shallow but won't get in the way of your enjoying the show. You definitely want to watch this.
  • A good show? On CN? And it's based off a card game? And its new? Forget Bakugan, I'm sticking to this.


    When I first took a look at this show, I was pretty much expecting another Bakugan rip-off. I was actually surprised when I took a look at this show. It was downright awesome. The premise is about a boy named Ky, who needs to find parts of an energy force named Kairu, after his fatherseparatesthem to keep them from the dark forces of evil. The premise may sound like whack, but once you get it, it is very interesting. The plots themselves are also very interesting as well. The animation too, flows very smoothly and is done very well, although somewhat unoriginal. The character designs too look pretty interesting, and thesceneries are drop dead gorgeous. The voices sound really good on the hero's side, but when comes to thevillains', it's rather annoying. The lip syncs, though, are very well matched, which helps the appearance of this show. The action scenes, though, are the very best part of this show. The action scenes are very well executed, and arebeautiful to look at. There was one complaint that I have about this, though. The characters kind of seem one-dimensional, and most of the villains themselves come off as snobbish jerks rather than actual villains.

    All in all, the characters do need some improvements, but other than that, everything is seen pleasing here. The animation is beautiful, the action scenes are well executed, at the premise is very well done. If you ever take a look at this show, then switch to it. It's well worth your time.

    Presentation: 9.5/10 The premise is very interesting, and most of the plots are great and very well executed.

    Animation: 9.5/10 Artwork is very awesome, and the animation is just very inviting to look at.

    Voice: 8/10 Some of the voices to come off as really annoying, but that's all there is to comment on.

    Entertainment: 9/10 The characters are annoying, but the action scenes are very entertaining and enjoyable to look at.

    Lasting Appeal: 9/10 The final verdict: watch it. It is one of the last good shows on CN.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10 Amazing

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