RedaKai: Conquer the Kairu

Saturday 9:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Jul 16, 2011 Between Seasons





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  • A good show? On CN? And it's based off a card game? And its new? Forget Bakugan, I'm sticking to this.


    When I first took a look at this show, I was pretty much expecting another Bakugan rip-off. I was actually surprised when I took a look at this show. It was downright awesome. The premise is about a boy named Ky, who needs to find parts of an energy force named Kairu, after his fatherseparatesthem to keep them from the dark forces of evil. The premise may sound like whack, but once you get it, it is very interesting. The plots themselves are also very interesting as well. The animation too, flows very smoothly and is done very well, although somewhat unoriginal. The character designs too look pretty interesting, and thesceneries are drop dead gorgeous. The voices sound really good on the hero's side, but when comes to thevillains', it's rather annoying. The lip syncs, though, are very well matched, which helps the appearance of this show. The action scenes, though, are the very best part of this show. The action scenes are very well executed, and arebeautiful to look at. There was one complaint that I have about this, though. The characters kind of seem one-dimensional, and most of the villains themselves come off as snobbish jerks rather than actual villains.

    All in all, the characters do need some improvements, but other than that, everything is seen pleasing here. The animation is beautiful, the action scenes are well executed, at the premise is very well done. If you ever take a look at this show, then switch to it. It's well worth your time.

    Presentation: 9.5/10 The premise is very interesting, and most of the plots are great and very well executed.

    Animation: 9.5/10 Artwork is very awesome, and the animation is just very inviting to look at.

    Voice: 8/10 Some of the voices to come off as really annoying, but that's all there is to comment on.

    Entertainment: 9/10 The characters are annoying, but the action scenes are very entertaining and enjoyable to look at.

    Lasting Appeal: 9/10 The final verdict: watch it. It is one of the last good shows on CN.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10 Amazing

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