RedaKai: Conquer the Kairu

Saturday 9:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Jul 16, 2011 Between Seasons





  • Season 1 Episode 21: The Gauntlet of Lokar

  • According to Team Stax (Ky and Boomer) Zane dishonors the quest and the battle. Ky notes Zane dishonors the quest by not take the Kairu from the relic, before realizing it is the Gauntlet of Lokar. Boomer adds Zane breached the rules of battle by attacking non-warriors.

    NOTE: Team Stax doesn't drain the relic, Gauntlet of Lokar, either of Kairu before turning it over to Master Boaddai, as its not a normal relic.

  • Season 1 Episode 20: The RedaKai

  • Goof: As the Redakai prepare to leave, you see Master Boaddai, team Stax, and five of the remaining six Kairu masters. Yet, as they walk away there are six Kairu masters walking (which is the correct number, as Master Boaddai would remain). Where was the sixth one earlier, it seems not drawn into the scene. It looks to be the blond partly balding Master previously seen in the Redakai meeting circle at the 3 o'clock location (~06:33 w/o commercial).

  • The Redakai are the "Masters of the Kairu." Presently, there are seven members of the Redakai. In this episode the ones we meet are: Master Boaddai, Master Atoch, Master Quantus (oldest living member of the Redakai and voiced by Wil Wheaton, per the ending credits), and Master Krieboff (mentioned by Mookee). The episode does not name the other three members of the Redakai. (Lokar would have been number eight, if he hadn't left the Redakai.)

  • This episode is about the 871st meeting of "The RedaKai" (Masters of the Kairu), which means "The Redakai" have been meeting for 8,710 years.

  • "The RedaKai" (Masters of the Kairu) meet every decade.

  • Season 1 Episode 19: Kairu Visions

  • For the first time Lokar gives a warning to one of the E-Teams (team Radikor) before going on a mission. His warning is he suspects someone powerful maybe watching them.

  • Mookee introduces a cloaking device for the X-Scraper for the first time. As he says to Boomer it was always a work in progress.

  • Season 1 Episode 18: The Island

  • This episode occurs completely on an island and does not include Lokar or Master Boaddai nor instructions by their respective Masters.

  • Kairu Challenge: Team Stax vs. Team Imperiaz

    Stage: First (remain in humanoid form)

    Team Stax:
    Ky: Metanoid / Mind Weld
    Maya: Infinita / Mind Whip
    Boomer: Froztok / Hail Storm

    Team Imperiaz:
    Princess Diara: Knight Asp / Venom Blast
    Koz: Ocelot / Sonic Charge
    Teeny: Warnet / Brain Buzz

    None of team Stax fights work, as they use green attacks.

    Winner: Team Imperiaz, after Princess Diar and Koz use red attacks. The green attack by Teeny fails to activate.

    Note: This is the first observations that only red attacks will work on the island.

  • Kairu Challenge: Team Stax vs. Team Imperiaz

    Stage: Second (change from humanoid form)

    Team Stax:
    Ky: Circuits / Electric Crush
    Maya: Infinita / Fire Whip
    Boomer: Froztok / Hail Storm

    Team Imperiaz:
    Princess Diara: Knight Asp / Venom Blast
    Koz: Big Rig / Sonic Charge
    Teeny: Warnet / Brain Buzz

    Ky figures out that with all the electric issues on the island, only the red (strength) attack work.

    Winner: Team Stax by Ky doing a Lighting Storm, which wipes out team Imperiaz in one hit.

  • Ky ends the episode with the playing advice:

    It is totally frustrating when you can't throw the right attack that is why you need to make sure you have a good variety. So if one kind isn't working you can try another strategy. Luckily, I had some red attacks handy to trounce team Imperiaz.

    The video playing shows scenes of failure and finally success during both Kairu challenges in this episode.

  • Season 1 Episode 15: Farm Boy Boomer

  • This is the first time team Stax does not take the Kairu energy with them.

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Tournament of Champions

  • Kairu Challenge: Team Stax vs. Team Imperiaz

    Stage: First (remain in humanoid form)

    Team Stax:
    Ky: Metanoid / Plasma Hands
    Maya: Harrier / Sniper Sight
    Boomer: Froztok / Hail Storm

    Team Imperiaz:
    Princess Diara: Knight Asp / Viper Gas
    Koz: Ocelot / Doom Jaws
    Teeny: Warnet / Whip Sting

    Winner: Team Imperiaz (Boomer gives up for team Stax when Ky disappears into a water fall.)

  • The Redakai council has been holding tournaments for hundreds of years. This is the first one held for these four teams.

  • This is the first episode we meet Atoch, who is a member of the Redakai council. He is also the tournament judge of the first Kairu tournament in the series.

  • Tournament Lineup:

    Team Stax: Ky
    Team Imperiaz: Princess Diara
    Team Battacor: Zylus
    Team Radikor: Zane

  • Tournament Results:

    Round One:
    Team Stax (Ky) vs. Team Battacor (Zylus): Winner: Ky (Team Stax)
    Team Radikor (Zane) vs. Team Imperiaz (Princess Diara): Winner: Zane (Team Radikor)

    Round Two: (Finals)
    Team Stax (Ky) vs. Team Radikor (Zane): Winner: Ky (Team Sax)

    Team Stax reward:
    Ky: Hydro Hooks
    Maya: Tar Balls
    Boomer: Electric Crush

  • Season 1 Episode 7: The Kairu That Time Forgot

  • According to Ky a WWBD moment is a "What Would Boaddai Do" moment.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: The Guardian of the Souls

  • Goof: During the first Kairu battle, Ky called out Metanoid but when it appeared behind him, it was a Blue Metanoid.

  • This is the debut episode for team Imperiaz, which contains Princess Diara, Koz, and Teeny. They are siblings whose parents Lokar is holding and thus forcing them to seek Kairu for him.

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