Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2006 on The Movie Network

Episode Recap

Despite Bob's efforts to stop David from leaving after he realized he was responsible for the resurgence of the Spanish flu on American soil, David leaves Canada, leaving his team and Norbac to deal with the crisis. Six weeks later, all the team is interviewed about David and his whereabouts. He is in China, not doing anything but drinking, playing cards and enjoying himself. But his rest is shortened by being kidnapped by China's People's Republic Army. He is taken to a site where there are many people sick and dying. He meets with General Hung who orders him to find a cure with the help of other Chinese scientists but he cannot contact the World Health Orgnization or Norbac for help even though he urges General Hung to do so due to the epidemic.

In Canada, a conference on AIDS is being prepared. Carlos is preparing to go to the conference to learn what's new in the field, especially as Audrey Graves has promised huge funds to Norbac to help research in the field.

David finds a way to contact Mayko. Telling Caroline she has received a message in Chinese from David's computer, Caroline contacts her friend, Connor, at the Pentagon to try to find out where David might be.

Using bribes, David succeeds in sending data to Norbac via a cell phone for Mayko to analyze and find which bacterium is responsible for so many deaths. Bob and Mayko try to understand what they're seeing but something is totally off with the data. A gene is being repeated hundreds of times and they cannot find its use. Having the cell phone data, Caroline asks Connor to trace the telephone number in China. He calls back with the phone number and asks her to call him back to let him know how it went.

Calling General Hung, Caroline finally gets in touch with David. David is being told silently not to divulge his whereabouts. Mayko and Bob explain that there is a gene that is being repeated hundreds of times and that two different bacteria are showing, one in particular is an old form of a very well known bacterium that antibiotics cure. David and Dr Liu finally find that the two bacteria combined and that explains why the antibiotics are not working. David takes a break outside and as he thinks about the problem, he sees an old man getting water from a well. Combining this with the fact a young boy has survived the infection, he thinks that the gene that repeats itself all the time is a defense mechanism. He explains to Dr. Liu that the contaminated water had to be in a place where the bacteria are under constant attack and have developed a defense mechanism and that the people who are surviving are the ones who had stomach flu and have the antibodies to fight at least one of the bacterium which renders the mutant bacterium harmless. They explain the theory to Geneal Hung and ask that they infect animals with a stomach flu and then give them the contaminated water. General Hung has no qualms about testing it directly on humans even though both David and Dr. Liu are totally opposed to the idea as it might not be the correct theory. General Hung tells David his work is done and that he will be brought back to his logdings. David has no choice but to go and leave Dr. Liu and her colleagues to fend for themselves.

In Toronto, the AIDS Conference has started. Carlos meets with Sean, a young man who wants the pharmaceutical companies to start finding drugs for kids with AIDS in Africa. As Audrey Graves arrives for the conference, Sean starts talking to her and asks her why they're not doing anything for those kids. She explains that her pharmaceutical company is giving millions of dollars to Norbac to help with the research. Not happy with her response, he takes her and threatens her with a syringe full of blood contaminated with the HIV virus. Carlos tries to calm him down and get him to release Audrey but a security guard then shoots Sean and the syringe lodges itself in Audrey's neck.