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Official Discussion: s04e05: "Suspicious Minds" (spoilers)

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    Episode Summary:

    After an experimental treatment for Hep C nearly kills him, Wesquits NorBAC to enroll in a cutting edge HCV program in Stockholm; a racist city councillor claims his daughter was poisoned by Muslim extremists; the FDA is willing to fast-track some drugs in order to save an immune-deficient woman who was infected with smallpox.

    Filler Episode. At least in my opinion. Is this the end of Wes for the series?

    Also: Thanks for acknowledging last seasons' explosion aftermath. We saw Mayko's stump again (when she's sitting on David's office couch) and Wes mentioned Caroline.

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    Actually, we don't see Mayko's stump. She's wearing beige boots.

    This episodes has a lot of little subtle things to it. First off, we notice David drinking again, and not just beer. Second, we see another side of David when he tries to convince Wes to stay. Is it a filler, maybe... But I think it was an important one that was needed. The main thing with this episode it that everything that seems to be okay goes wrong in some way. The small-pox patient was getting better, and then dies; the girl who was suspected to be poisoned wasn't, but someone innocent was attacked out of prejudice; Wes' S-HCV is stabilizing, but he decides to resign from NorBac.
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