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Official Discussion: s04e09: "Unbottled" (possible spoilers)

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    [1]Apr 28, 2008
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    Episode Summary:

    A terrorist cell infiltrates the NorBAC lab and forces the scientists to produce a deadly measles mutation to be used as chemical warfare.

    Well, the series end is near, and they are taking out all the stops. While I HATE HATE HATE to reference wikipedia as a source... they have a GREAT definition of what a "bottle episode" is. This episode had no location shoot besides our NorBAC lab (and a shot of David's apartment). This made the whole episode feel familiar yet closed and claustrophobic. After a long and tense standoff between our heroes and the baddies we find that one team member did not make it out. Rachel, I can't say I'll entirely miss you but you went out like a champ.

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    I wonder if Wes will come back for the final fews episodes now that Rachel's dead. I wasn't as attached to her character as the others either, but man... what is it this shows writers have against badass women? First Caroline, now Rachel, while Wes keeps on breathing! I don't mean the writers are sexist, they just don't seem to like keeping alive the hardasses.
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