Season 4 Episode 3

Hep Burn and Melinkov

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2008 on The Movie Network

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  • Rob Stewart role as Dr. Martin Cove.

    The role Rob Stewart played should had him become
    a regular and work along side David and Rachel in
    solving diseases.

    Rob played against characters he usually plays. He
    needs to come back and maybe play a Doctor who
    helps solve these puzzles.

    Dr. Cove only wants to help because of what happened
    to his daughter, but they made it like he wanted to
    kill off anyone who used needles because they
    were drug users.

    No doctor who seemed as honest and dedicated as
    Dr. Cove would kill people. They should had made
    his nurse Meghan the one doing it.

    I hope we see more of Rob in Regenesis episodes, not
    as Dr. Cove because of what happen to him. Maybe another character he is used to playing.
  • Great episode that demonstrated more in depth the relationship between Bob and David.

    I very much enjoyed how the writers made the Bob and David relationship seem very brotherly. David who has no family and Bob who has trouble with relationships, it is nice to see a connection between the two. The marking point of this would be when Bob says that the situation scares him and David agrees with him and says that it scares him too.

    As for the episode in general, I am please with the fact that they are going back to how the show was in the first season with the science. They are stepping away from the politics of things and going more into the science which is what this show is based on. Having a outbreak of Hepatitis-C in the Toronto area was great writing because it was something plausible and yet not hard to imagine happening in reality.