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  • At the risk of sounding highly immature, i'd just like to say that my first reaction after watching a few episodes was, "lol! what?!".

    At the risk of sounding highly immature, i'd just like to say that my first reaction after watching a few episodes was, "lol! what?!".

    It's one thing to try to save the world through funky genetic stuff but it's another to try and figure out why there's bacteria on a wire which was involved in an explosion. Regenesis seems to be one of those shows which wants to be so many things and is desperately trying to be all but doesn't look good playing any part.

    On a plus side, I kinda like the actors but the lead guy reminds me of House. But then house is house because of the actors and their relationships, don't try to be that, you'll never pull it off.
  • Cutting edge science fiction running hand in hand with cutting edge science fact!

    How could they do it? How could they even THINK of cancelling a show this good? My god, with all the brain dead garbage that passes for science fiction in the great vast wasteland of television and the media in general and giving the genre a terrible black eye in the process, ReGenesis was a delightful surprise when I first caught wind of it! I'm a connoisseur of good, quality science fiction and have little patience with crap. I was addicted to ReGenesis from the very first episode. There is plenty going on in the world of real, hard science that is more than capable of scaring the bejesus out of any thinking person, and ReGenesis was always right there dealing with some of the most terrifying issues modern technology presents to us all, and keeping the viewer on the edge of the seat in the process. I miss this show terribly, it should have had a much longer run!
  • Genetics investigators at NorBac discover all sorts of crazy diseases and maladies and develop cures...with a lot of drama and conspiracy theories added in.

    Do you like CSI, Bones, or House? Add a dash of conspiracy theory, a whole lotta cussing, and some seriously cool genetic abnormalities and problems that the people at NorBac investigate. It is a Canadian show, and unfortunately I only discovered it when episodes were uploaded on Hulu. Supposedly when it first aired it was an interactive show and people could help choose what plot twists would happen. It's too bad I couldn't have done that, but other than that this show is awesome and impeccable. It is intelligent, sarcastic, and just plain addicting. Once you watch the pilot, you won't be able to stop watching. I still haven't been able to get my hands on the 3rd or 4th season, hopefully Hulu will work on that. So yeah, watch it!!!
  • A truly unique concept.

    This show is in a class of its own. The science is so well thought out and explained but somehow remains exciting. It touches on today's scientific issues and then takes them to the extreme. The characters are so wonderfully scripted and portrayed. Peter Outerbridge was born to play David Sandstrom. I've seen him in other roles and find his acting to be adequate but not spectacular, but it is beyond spectacular when he's playing David. The character of Bob is my favorite, a very well written character. I wish Jill wouldn't have left but I didn't mind having Rachael there. However, killing Rachael off my have been a bit too much. The show loses some points for again being too short a season with too much time in-between seasons.
  • It's like CSI, but not stupid.

    Great show, much like the CSIs, except it's a much better production. This show is well acted, and the stories are interesting. It's shot, and in a rare move, set in Toronto, but they also move around North America. A very important part of these shows is explaining the science behind their investigations. In the CSIs the technicians must go through a ridiculous process of explaining it to each other. I always feel that in the real world the receiving tech would tell the other to **** off because he/she already knew that. In ReGenesis, they have brilliantly specified each characters specialization, as well as designating a lab manager that is not a scientist. This makes the show flow more realistically. Overall, one of the best shows I'm watching right now.
  • The science perspective of worldly issues.

    The main aspect I commend this show for is its scientific accuracy. I was first introduced to the show by my molecular biology professor (Dr. Aled Edwards), who showed us an episode during the last day of class before December exams. He worked as the "science verifier" for the show.

    He made sure that every scientific aspect of the show was as accurate as possible, and it makes it distinct from the other "science/forensics" shows on TV. The viewer realizes that no one wears lab coats unless they have to. The viewer can learn how to hold and use a pipette properly. The viewer realizes that DNA tests don't occur in the blink of an eye. As for the actual content, it's incredibly accurate. Finally, what we learn at school can be applied to something.
  • Canadian series about a team of North American scientists belonging to an organization known as NorBAC. Their leader, David Sandstrom, and his team battle superviruses, bacterial outbreaks, and bioterrorism, while leading their own complicated lives.

    For most Americans there is a show they probably have never heard of. "ReGenesis" has been produced in Canada, for international audiences, since 2004. Yet America has only begun to get an edited syndicated version, and even still it's not available in a lot of metro areas. Thank goodness for DVDs and the internet! It's a wonderful show. It's sort of a "House" meets "24" meets "CSI". The science is interesting and the missions are intriguing. But the most fun of "ReGenesis" is in the characters. From season to season there have been a few cast changes but the stories make you feel for the team of NorBAC and their families and loved ones. From David the leader/Cassanova of the bunch whose family gives him nothing but issues, to the shy Bob, who you cannot help but feel for, to Mayko whose smarts, beauty and spunkiness mask a vulnerability and quest for recognition, these heroes, as well as the villians like the meddling Riddlemeyer, keep us glued from week to week. I only wish that more Americans would get a chance to see this brilliant show.
  • The smartest show the sheep will never watch because of reality TV....

    The show takes biology and science to the next level. It has character development as well as a constant epidemic every other week. It really stresses how little we place on our intellectual community. As well as how easy a disaster could spread without the help of highly trained professionals. As each episode is put out one can really see the Intelligent nature of the show, which is sadly why the reality TV sheep will never go near this. I however am glad it has lasted as long as it has in todays market of the cheapest most cost effective reality TV.
  • One of the rare shows that is both consistently intelligent, thought-provoking, and educational; and yet has great characters and riveting plot lines.

    I can hardly say enough good about this show. If you like House M.D. and haven't seen Regenesis yet, you really need to do yourself a favor and check it out. I have been a huge House fan since its debut, but now I'm an even bigger Regenesis fan.

    Most of the characters are bona-fide geniuses, yet atypically for this type of show, they are very well fleshed-out. We often see them outside the lab spending their personal time, dealing with situations that real people deal with. I was already caring about most of them after just the first episode. They are all fine people and good role models for kids (or adults, for that matter). In that way, Regenesis reminds me a bit of Star Trek.

    The icing on the cake with this show is how much you will LEARN if you're a layman in the bio-tech arena. I consider myself to know more about genetics than your average bear, but what I've learned from this show has just blown me away.
    I often find myself looking up things in Wikipedia after watching an episode.

    As an American, it's also refreshing to see a Canadian perspective on some of the important issues dealt with on the show.

    Every episode of this show has been a treat. I am eagerly awaiting season 4!
  • Great show overall

    I do love watching Regenesis,its a great series. I think Lilith and Bob are brilliant actors. I do have a couple of issues with this series and one is the overacting by Mayko and Morrison. David's character as a scientist is great, i just find it very difficult to watch a character that is so predictable. As the head scientist David is a little over the top. Does he need to sleep with everyone he works with??? To the writers..slow down he is not that irresistable. A brilliant Scientist as a sex god??? i think not. Then again, thats just my opinion.
  • Muy buena serie, la veo todos los miercoles en la noche. Aqui recien ha empezado la 2da temporada. Es muy real y actual.

    Muy buena serie, la veo todos los miercoles en la noche. Aqui en Lima recien ha empezado la 2da temporada. Es muy real y actual. Que pena que desaparecio el personaje de la directora adminstrativa de NORBAC, me gustaba mas que el actual, ademas ya no aparece el militar norteamericano que aparecia como su amigo y le ayudaba a ella en las investigaciones y averiguaciones en el gobierno de USA, otra cosa que extraño es el personaje de la hija del actor principal, era una chica simpatica, me gusto el episodio donde ella se hace amiga del chico que creia era un clon y ella lo ayuda a probarlo. Saludos
  • I hope there to be more ReGenesis after the fourth season as well!

    I love the science of the show, it's not in your face, it dosn't confuse people but it also dosen't treat it's viewers like morons either. Well scripted and acted with a great group of people whom you all invest in and care about. I really like the ark story telling and the on going problems all the characters face day to day. It's witty, it's intellegent and it keeps me hooked! Bob's my hero!
  • This is a show about genes, basically, and all the thing that can go wrong with them as a result of viruses, bacteria, prions and man-made interference.

    I only have the first series on DVD so far, but it is totally compulsive viewing. Apart from Peter Outerbridge, I haven't heard of the rest of the cast (and apologies to them, because they should be famous). I know it's because it's Canadian, but the fact that the cast can swear and talk about very out there topics makes it a very satisfying and very real show. The unexpected death of a main character keeps you on your toes and the revelations about different characters' lives also takes you by surprise every so often.

    I particularly like the budding, tragic and tottally believable love story between Sandstrom's daughter and Mick - two fifteen year olds, one of which may be dying. Although Lilith swears like a trouper and doesn't want to follow the rules, she is actually very sensitive and brilliantly acted by Ellen Page, who for some reason is relegated to after the credits spot. I defy anyone not to be moved.

    The science is brilliant - or at least it sounds like it is (I'm no scientist) - and the writers do a great job of explaining some of the more complicated aspects, without you feeling like you've just sat through a lecture. So far we've had Ebola, Pox, BSE, HIV and everything in between. It shouldn't feel this good to watch, because the subject matter is hardly what you'd think of as light entertainment - but it's a show where you can learn a lot, enjoy the characters and their foibles and frailties and also think about the possible impacts of some of the genetic manipulation that is focused on.

    I'm writing this early, because I haven't seen the entire series yet, but it's already an intelligent, intruiging and comfortably adult show.
  • The 1. season was OK, but it needs tuning.

    If you know something about biotechnology and chemistry etc., try to figure out what is wrong with the plots. An old master's degree in biochemistry is not always enough to find those out, and maybe some are quite possible. In addition, the personal issues in the series are interesting also from the scientific point of view. Sadly, missed the first episodes of season two, as the series airs on a minor channel here, luckily a DVD-set should become available. The most upsetting and nerve-wrecking currently airing TV-series for me, some episodes have even made me lose my sleep. Other episodes have kept me thinking for a couple of days after seeing them. I highly recommend this series to anyone thinking about scientific career or to someone already in a one.
  • ReGenesis takes the good parts from some excellent contemporary and classic shows, adds some new original elements and blends it into a thought-provoking and exciting new kind of drama.

    What do you get if you take a cutting edge premise, (what I think is) a limited budget with relatively unknown actors and great realistic and dramatic writing? ReGenesis comes to mind: a mix of cutting edge biological research and personal drama. Stylistically, it borrows from shows like 24 and ER with sometimes frantic camera moves, quick edits and the occasional split screen effect, and even the occasional fast-rewind effect to jump back to an earlier story branch and picking up from the other persons' point of view. And like for example ER in its early years, the emphasis lies more on the storytelling and character development than on high-tech wizardry, computer screens and fancy special effects.

    The show centers around NorBAC, an organization formed to investigate questionable advances in biotechnology, bioterrorism and cloning. It deals with 'plausible' bio threats and shows the scientific process to unravel these problems. Instead of using a 'threat of the week' approach, the show has some continuity, where each episode adds new problems and threats, but it also keeps revisiting earlier topics. Kinda like the X-Files episodes that were scattered throughout the series but that were linked in one way or another. Also, there is a nice mix between the actual work that takes place and the characters that do the work, making it a gripping and involving drama without getting 'soapy'. At first, I was worried that this was going to be another CSI clone (pun intended), but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the science, which plays a large part in the show, appears realistic to a layperson like me, and that explanations of the science are kept to a minimum. It avoids ridiculous claims and impossible, unrealistic research methods, like in CSI and all of its many, many spin-offs and wannabes. Instead, blackboards, notebooks (the paper kind) and the occasional computer graphic are used to support the story, and not become the story. Also, the characters are more genuine than usual; Peter Outerbridge, who plays the lead role, comes across as a genuinely rude and annoying workaholic, unlike Hugh Laurie in that CSI clone House, who is obviously trying very hard but doesn't really come across as a nasty person. Special mention has to be made of Ellen Page, who plays Outerbridge's 15-year old wise-beyond-her-years sarcastic daughter with such verve that you can't help but feel sorry for her and at the same time admire her for her -albeit thrust upon her- independence. If there is one thing that the show lacks, it's a sense of humor. Although there are some funny moments, they are few and far between, and perhaps the show takes itself a little too seriously. Then again, ER or 24 hardly ever made you laugh and they're great nonetheless.

    I think this is a show that you'll either love or hate. I personally love it, and CSI fans (of which there are many) may like it too, but it's certainly not for everyone. Having said that, you really should give it a try!
  • This show is not one of my favorites. I find a great amount of overacting.

    This show is not one of my favorites. I find a great amount of overacting. There are also way too many times when theses "highly trained experts" do not get around to testing the most obvious thing until the show is almost over. You can not expect me to think that I know what needs to be done and they don't. The actors might be able to adapt to new writers and maybe not.
  • I love this show!

    I have always enjoyed shows that revolve around identifying & curing viruses, but this is just so much more than that, you can identify with the characters and the struggles they go through in their daily lives.

    You get drawn into the story lines even if you don\'t know anything about the sciences that the characters work in, you still try to understand them so that you can beat them to the punch and work out how to solve the problem.

    There are so many twists and turns that it keeps you guessing right up to the end, it\'s not predicatble like so many shows on television today.

    I hope this show gets a season three, it really does deserve it!

  • ....WOW

    I thought this show was simply great after watching the first season and much of the second, now after watching the later parts of this second season it is beginning to blow my mind!! Dealing with issues that no one else will touch from the real world in an intelligent, cutting edge, gritty's absolutely amazing. You have to sit down and watch this show, because it will make a mark on this generation.
  • One of the best shows out there, best of all intelligent and smart on all levels throughout the show. It is "24" rendered in a molecular biology themed background. At the same time it is educational

    Sadly Regenesis is the only show that is really smart and at the same time thrilling, all other shows are more like a guilty pleasure considering that they dumb you down over time.
    Regenesis is also one of the few shows that is really set in a high tech science and environment.

    It's a shame though that most europeans still have to get it via the internet.

  • Brilliant!! Second season on the way

    REGENESIS (Season 2)
    In the second season of this 13-part series, molecular biologist Dr. David Sandstrom and his team at the North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission (NorBAC), an organization formed to investigate questionable advances in biotechnology, seek the truth to the ethical, legal and moral consequences of scientific progress. The series stars Peter Outerbridge and Maxime Roy and is produced by Shaftesbury Films Inc. Developed in association with The Movie Network and Movie Central, the second season premieres in March 2006.
  • OMG

    From the first episode I saw, I had no choice but to keep watching. This program is an instant classic keeping everyone wondering what will happen next. The characters are a perfect blend, the story lines are breath taking and the direction is flawless. Please keep it going for us.
  • Very intense, dealing with today's problems with bio-terrorism including the problems dealing with it.

    If you like CSI, NCIS and such shows, you would love this. The show does throw in some difficult medical and biological related words, but the important terms are explained very well. Also, I love the 3D models they use to explain things. For people with scientific minds, it a must see show.

    This show is amazing,I know a few people in the industry who were involved with this show and I never thought a canadian tv show could be so good. House+24=ReGenesis, If you don't have movie central or the movie network you're REALLY missing out,Go ReGenesis!!! This show will rock your socks!
  • This show is a ground-breaking mix of science, mystery, drama, and political, moral, legal and religious tension. It's well-written, beautifully shot (who knew Toronto was such a nice city?).


    Every detail perfect.

    The science is just hard enough to make it believable, but not too hard to leave the audience out of the loop.

    Production design kicks ass.

    Treatment of the controversies surrounding the science is dead on.

    The writing is excellent and the season has a coherency to it, although not a true story arc. The characters are recognizable but unique (the main character is typical gruff-but-lovable but the rest of the cast have more unique takes on traditional characters) and their relationships are not as predictable as on other shows.

    I love this show. Watch it as soon as you can.

    When's season two???!
  • OMG

    WOW I did not want this show to end, bring it back ASAP. I say it again WOW. If you have not had time to watch this take some time out a do so. I watched the first episode and was hooked I found my self waiting and counting the days down to the next episode.