Season 1 Episode 5

The Oldest Virus

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2004 on The Movie Network



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  • Quotes

    • Carlos: Ah, you speak bullshit too...
      David: Nah, it's like a second language to me.

    • David: (to waiter in the bar) Excuse me, we would like to see a menu, please.
      Waiter: I'm sorry, the restaurant is closed. The only way to get food now is to order room service.
      David: All right then, we'll order room service, and we'll have it sent here.
      Jill: You're a very clever man.
      Waiter: It must be in your room.
      David: Apparently the emphasis is on room, and not service.

    • (after Mayko turns Danny down for a date...)
      Danny: Okay, I gotta run. I have a hockey practice, and you have to analyze and interpret my biomolecular data.
      Mayko: Yes, I will dig into your genes right now.
      Danny: That's gonna be a handful.
      Mayko: Oh, I'll manage.

    • David: Let me give you some advice.
      Jill: Ah, never take advice.
      David: You don't want to work at NorBAC...
      Jill: Ok...
      David: Cause we don't offer cash bonuses or stock options, company cars, that sort of shit. Nope, all we offer is the smartest team of scientists on the continent, complete intellectual freedom, and the toughest biological problems.
      Jill: Did you rehearse that in front of a mirror?
      David: Yeah, but it's all true...

    • David: My charm is something you'll get used to.
      Jill: You'll get used to my tail lights.

  • Notes

    • Music:
      "Larry Couldn't Make It" by Robert Caril;
      "One Hit Wonder" by Blair Packham;
      "Arms of Destiny" by The Swiftys;
      "Master Craftsman" ,"High Falutin" and "Bodhichitta Dub" by Eccodek;
      "3 Out of Four" by Four 80 East;
      "Tumblin' Down" by The Sidemen.

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