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AIRED ON 6/26/2015

Season 6 : Episode 40

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This show follows two groundskeepers, a six-foot-tall blue jay named Mordecai and Rigby the raccoon. It shows their adventures as they try to entertain themselves on a daily basis.

Sam Marin

Sam Marin

Garrett Bobby Ferguson/Sensai/Muscle Man/Pops, Benson, Muscle Man, Garrett Bobby Ferguson, Sensai

William Salyers

William Salyers


David Ogden Stiers

David Ogden Stiers

Mr. Maellard

Linda Cardellini

Linda Cardellini


Robin Atkin Downes

Robin Atkin Downes


Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill


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Fan Reviews (210)

  • Going Down

    When I first came to the Regular Show was the first show that made me say: Holy ***, whoever created this show must be either a crazy lucky dude or one of the most intelligent people in the media business. This was before the third season. It seems that the creators are running out of ideas and try to do the same thing over and over and make it seem funny. If the first seasons weren't awesome, this would be a negative review. My personal advice to the writers: Grow up and let the show grow as well. Season 4 did a bit of this, but you can do better.

    Season Grades:

    Season 1: 9/10

    Season 2: 9/10

    Season 3: 5.5/10

    Season 4: 8/10

    Season 5: 6/10

    Season 6: 3/10

    Over All: Don't let it go down and it'll be awesome

    Music: Acceptable: 6/10

    2014 Update: WHAT DID I JUST SAY? It's so unpredictable it's predictable. There is so much drama in Mordecai-related episodes that it's beyond boring! You know a show is bad when you end up rooting for a character like Rigby. However, it has its moments. It is still watchable. For now.

    2015 Update: Spoiler alert! But not really. We again have a heartbroken Mortdecai. To make matters worse, the horrendous anime parody was grotesque and well overdone. And we have Muscle Man's wedding... which focused on Mortdecai. The show is still watchable, but it feels like a chore to watch. Hopefully next season will be better, but that's because it can't possibly get any worse!moreless
  • I like it, But Watching Recent Episodes, Please Understand What I Am Saying

    I am a fan of the show, last episode I watched was last year in September and I don't know if its just me but, the plots are all getting very similar too much. I insist on handing you the same plots in a lot of recent episodes, but not much in the first 3 seasons. It's an OK show now, its classic pop culture-istic adventures are fun to look at and just others aren't (the true love stuff, eh ok uh naw). I hope it it has a good turn around soon that brings a hefty laugh back to my face.moreless
  • Regular show anything but horrible

    Regular show is an amazing show I love all the characters personalities and I really love the art I'm gonna give every thing about it a rating 1/10. Writing 8.5/ 10 Its really good most times , they rarely have episodes that are out right terrible or boring like " garage door" and I noticed they are making more emotional episodes I fell like they are making way too many these days especially in season 6 Art 9/10 Animation -1,20000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 the animation is really terrible but its TV animation and they get low budgets the only TV animation cartoon that has really good animation is spongebobmoreless
  • Regular show's episodes have become generic and formulaic


    - Mordecai and Rigby working

    - Benson threatens to fire them

    - One of them slacks off

    - Random scene or character appears

    - Mordecai and rigby (Sometimes other characters) get into trouble because the duo was slacking off

    - Trouble escalates into a massive scale problem and reveals an antagonist

    - Climax includes: Fist fighting, explosions, and sometimes the destruction of the park. (This is ALMOST the same exact climax for every episode)

    - Ends with a corny joke or reference


    Regular show, on occasion, can have great comedy and humor; However the episodes follow the same guidelines or formula. The characters are shallow and have no depth at all! They don't share emotion or back story (Except mordecai, skips, and pops). In addition, the show was great for the first couple of seasons but now... it's just too generic and predictable to watch. Finally, I hope they can find a way to make the show more better and diverse within episodes.

    Final thought: The show is overrated and this slightly proves that the majority of people have problems with pattern solving. (<--- Guarantee this, show someone 6 episodes past seasons 2 and I bet they will say something like "Omg so funny!" when the same material was used over and over again. I still cannot understand how people can't see that ALMOST EVERY EPISODE IS THE EXACT SAME! One of the frustrating things you see in pop cultures)

    Reason for being overrated? :

    - Pattern solving deficiency in majority of people?

    - Target audience is younger than expected?

    - Peer pressure to like the show?

    - Maybe people like simplistic shows and easy to understand characters?moreless
  • Overrated to the max!!

    I apologize in advance to the fans of this show, but everyone has an opinion on something, and my opinion on Regular Show is that it SUCKS! Horribly! I watched some of this show, I thought I'd give it a chance and I originally gave it a mediocre score. But now that I've watched more of it, I realize just how shitty this cartoon is.

    Regular Show doesn't offer much of anything entertaining. Most of the characters aren't likable, especially Rigby, the plots are pretty random and non-sensical, and it doesn't have a very good art style. Mordecai and Rigby, I'm sad to say, are the main characters. From what I've seen, they do whatever they can to skip out on doing work. Rigby in particular is pretty unlikable, due to how lazy and selfish he is most of the time. The other characters don't help the show for me either. Benson is loud, Pops sort of creeps me out, and Muscle Man is just unbearable.

    The plots for the show are strange. They always seem to end up with some of the characters going into some crazy other world or a different dimension, usually due to Mordecai and Rigby doing something stupid. It's just too freakin' weird for me. The humor can be good sometimes, but mostly, it's pretty obnoxious, particularly whenever Muscle Man ends a question with "My Mom! Wooooo!" Also, there are a lot of innuendos in Regular Show. Isn't it great that Cartoon Network is showing kids a show with a raccoon joking about 'pulling hammies'? NO! It's not great CN! What are you thinking nowadays?!

    I will admit that Regular Show has got some really cool music, Skips is a pretty cool character, and Mordecai has his moments. But apart from those things, I do not like this cartoon at all. It's highly overrated, and I don't get why this show is so freakin' popular. Ugh! I'm gonna get so much heat for this review. Oh well.moreless

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