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This show follows two groundskeepers, a six-foot-tall blue jay named Mordecai and Rigby the raccoon. It shows their adventures as they try to entertain themselves on a daily basis.

Fan Reviews (185)

  • stupid

    everytime mordicai and rigby mess up it ends up stupid come on now make better shows than this
  • Better than Adventure Time.

    This show is pretty decent, and does have a few problems with it which aren't big deals, like Fairly Odd Parents. What I mean by this is better than Adventure Time is that this show has more adventure, more action, and more fighting! Seriously, this show is better.
  • One of my favorite animated shows.

    I've been watching Regular Show since it first aired on Cartoon Network, and ever since the beginning, I have loved it.

    The show started out great for the first few seasons and, unfortunately, dropped in quality around the middle of where it is now. The plots and jokes started to become all the same: Mordecai and Rigby do something dumb, and then a giant creature gets summoned and almost destroys the place.

    Over the past season, however, the show has returned to its former glory. The plots are clever, the jokes are fresh, and the show's characters are as entertaining to watch as ever. Let's hope it stays that way.moreless
  • Do you DUMBASSES see the FUCKING problem?

    Okay I swear, everyone on this site is a total shithead. I gave a good review on this show to express my opinions. So far, no one seems to like my opinion. Why the fuck does my opinion have to matter so much, they allow people to rate it? I like Regular Show. If you don't, that's perfectly fine. Everyone has an opinion, it's just mine and no one else has to accept it. But I am pissed. So I'm gonna be a hypocrite and say this. If you hate this show, I hope you get stuffed with cocks until you choke on your own ass. Fuck you and all of you haters. Your opinions on everything are bullshit and you assclowns can go back to the fucking sludge you came from.moreless
  • Not very good.

    This show is very regular to the point where it's boring. I also hate the fact that they swear and the show has bad morals.

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    unlikely friendships, for the child in you, cartoon violence, epic adventure, quirky characters