Regular Show

Season 3 Episode 39

Bad Kiss

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Sep 03, 2012 on Cartoon Network
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Bad Kiss
After screwing up his date with Margaret, Mordecai is mortified. He explains the mistake to Rigby who thinks he can help his friend. With Rigby's help, Mordecai tries to go back in time to fix his dating mistake. Can Mordecai fix his mistake, or will Rigby's help get him in more trouble?moreless

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  • nice way 2 end season 3

    Mordecai has bad breath and cuts his kiss with margret. FINALLY! HE ATTEMPTS TO KISS MARGRET!
  • Season 3 was the best so far and excellent finale

    Mordecai kisses Margaret but had bad breath. That was just rude, how Margaret just told Mordecai he had bad breath to his face. I still enjoyed this episode quite a bit. I do agree with what others are saying on how there are too many Muscle Man episodes. I think they should do more with Skips, Pops and High-Five Ghost. Anyways, overall this was an episode that I really enjoyed. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.moreless
  • Great season finale

    Mordecai and Margaret finally kiss, but Mordecai is left disappointed after it was cut short by his bad breath, and wants to go back in time to re-do it. This was a great season 3 finale episode of Regular Show. While I do enjoyed episodes with Margaret and Eileen, I felt like they're relying episodes on them and Muscle Man too much. For next season, make some varieties (work and non work related) for the upcoming episodes so that we can't just be focusing on M/M and MM episodes. But I did enjoyed it somewhat. It just went a little too fast. I did laughed at a few lines ("I own Muscle Man"), Mordecai and Rigby kept going back in time, and a few more parts. Overall, a great but rushed season 3 finale. All in all, season 3 was awesome. Now I'm done reviewing until CN shows season 4 next month (at least). 8.5/10moreless
  • Regular Show Season 3 finale. (The review contains some spoilers.)

    O.K. When Mordecai looses his wallet in Margret's car Margret comes with him to help him, but when they look into each other eyes they kiss, but Margret pushes him back because he had bad breath so Mordecai and Rigby use a time machine to go back in time to where Mordecai doesn't have bad breath. I thought this was a great episode of Regular Show. It was full of humor and some cute moments. My score is low, you'll figure out why at the end. Like I said it had a lot of humor. There were a lot of parts I laughed like " I just kissed Margret." "Wow I owe MuscleMan so much money." Mordecai eating a chilly dog off the sidewalk was kind of funny. Future Mordecai and Rigby throwing mints at past Mordecai. I think that's it. Now the action scene with the past Mordecai not believe the future Mordecai and he steals the time machine to get the kiss all to himself was cool and it was cool they went back in time to some old episodes like Camping Can Be Cool, Grave Sights, But I have the Reciept (I think), Mordecai and Rigby's, and Just Set up the Chair's. They finally catch him, but what lowered my score was just about they were to kiss again at the end Mordecai finds is wallet making the kiss they had like it never happened. I was so mad that they wouldn't be a couple. Now before I didn't care if they became a couple, at Butt Dial I was now wishing they would be a couple, at Yes Dude Yes I was begging them to be a couple, now I'm demanding them to be a couple. Now they can still do the girl plots and stuff. But Please let them be a couple already gosh! Well overall, a great episode of Regular Show and an awesome season. I can't wait till season 4. 9/10.moreless

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