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Season 4 Episode 6

Bald Spot

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Nov 12, 2012 on Cartoon Network
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Muscle Man starts to go bald.

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  • Muscle Man starts to go bald.

    Muscle Man starts to go bald. Ok, so this is the second Muscle Man centered episode for this season. I hope to make sure the writers do not over use him as a main character like they did in season 3. But ranking wise, I think this episode was better than Starter Pack cause Muscle Man was a bit annoying and a jerk there so he was better here. This episode is still nowhere perfect but at least I still enjoyed it. A couple parts weren't my favorite. Muscle Man flexing his peces throughout much of the episode just to impress Starla so that he doesn't want to know he has a bald spot was hilarious. The ladies falling in love over that was hilarious as well. Other moments: Muscle Man refusing to work, Skips' appearance (he got used to the bald spot after 400 years which cause Muscle Man run away), and a couple more. Surprisingly, this was a superb episode. 9/10moreless
  • Odd Yet Funny As Hell

    Yes!!! this episode was very very weird. mnman, if you're reading this my good friend... this is very very weird and probably the oddest episode I have ever seen dude but yet I LOVED it just like you. This episode really cracked me up so hard. The storyline was so creative yet the oddest thing that the writers could ever come up with and it's just very random as hell throughout. MuscleMan moving his pecks for the second half of the episode was just complete non-stop hilarity :D couldn't stop laughing at all and it was hilarious when he was getting tired too. Everything about this episode was hilarious too. Mordecai and Rigby make like a few cameos in this episode so they were for once not involved in an actual situation, just hanging out with Margaret and Eileen which was very nice and cool. There was a line that Margaret which made me laugh insanely. Nice to see MuscleMan's girlfriend for the 3rdt time in the whole series. HATED her in "Muscle Woman" (WORST Regular Show episode of all-time) but after her 2nd appearance in "Fancy Restaurant" (she was very good and I liked her). The ending was hilarious as well. So it's really not a matter whether you'll love an episode or just find it plain weird... it's both at the same time. This episode is weird as hell but I LOVED it. 10/10moreless
  • There a lot of people saying this episode was weird, but I actually loved this episode.

    O.K when MuscleMan get's a haircut before his one year anniversary with Starla he notices a bald spot and he dosen't want Starla to see it so he destracts her by dancing his pecks, but it goes too far. Now it's either you think this episode is too weird of you love it like me. This is the second best episode of season 4 but Exit 9B still beats this one. Now there were a lot of parts I laughed in. Muscleman going crazy when he figured out he was going bald. MuscleMan dancing his pecks were absolutly hilarious, but it was more funny when he got tired and they lit off and they won't stop dancing and they attract the ladies was the most hilarious part in the episode. "Why is MuscleMan dancing his pecks?" "I don't know but it's strangly hypnotic." That line was hilarious and it came from Margret. The ending was also hilarious where it was just a bad haircut. Overall, another great episode of Regular Show. 10/10.moreless
  • Uncomforting, but still enjoyable.....

    For me watching this episode was a bit weird so I didn't feel too comfortable watching this but by the end, I actually enjoyed this episode! I also found this episode better than 150-piece-kit, although I did like Pie Contest more. Even though it was weird, When you think of what happened in the episode, It makes you laugh because it was such a funny and creative idea! I found it very funny when Muscle Man attracted the ladies, and it felt like a lot of violence towards the end but that's not a problem. This was maybe not the best episode, but it was creative, funny and basically enjoyable. Overall, this was another great Muscle Man episode so I give it an 8.5 out of 10. Great episode!moreless

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