Regular Show

Season 2 Episode 11

Benson Be Gone

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Feb 28, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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After Benson fails to keep the park under control, he gets demoted to the same positions as Mordecai and Rigby's, and a new manager, Susan, takes over. Unfortunately, the more Susan's orders are followed, the more everyone turns into her.

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  • Sorry fans but this episode was just bizarre to me

    Most of the "Regular Show" have things that have weird and freaking things in a good way and that's okay with me because it's awesome but this episode was just plain bizarre to me. It's okay if you liked this episode but I didn't think it was that good. It started good actually and then it just got bizarre in the middle. Mordecai and Rigby crashing through the house with Benson's boss' car in the beginning of the episode was very funny. Benson's boss hires Suzin and Benson now becomes a regular employee. Mordecai and Rigby show Benson of taking breaks and then working. Benson says that he never work again after discovering that being a slacker was fun so Suzin fired Benson. I thought it was hilarious when Suzin fired Benson and then Benson said "oooooooohhhhhhhh". That slacker guy telling Benson of how he slacks all of his life which made Benson want to get his job back was funny as well. Like I said in the middle, this episode started to get worse and I hated Suzin. She was a monstrous and bizarre character. What's also bizarre was that Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, Skips, MuscleMan, and High Five Ghost turn into Suzin the more they work and the only way they turn back to themselves was if they slack off. Suzin then turns into this ugly and bizarre giant monster. I just didn't like Suzin at all and she was just bizarre turning into a monster and overworking everyone. The ending was kind of great when Benson is back to being the manager of the park. Overall, I'm sorry fans, in other "Regular Show" episodes, weird and crazy things are awesome but it wasn't awesome in this episode which was just bizarre to me and I hated that Suzin character. 5/10moreless
  • Good, but one of the weakest Regualr Show episodes

    After Benson fails to keep the park under control, he gets demoted to the same positions as Mordecai and Rigby's, and a new manager, Susan, takes over. Unfortunately, the more Susan's orders are followed, the more everyone turns into her. I thought the episode was good, but it actually one of the weakest I've seen. The plot was handled good, but the part when there more Susans was getting really weird for mw. I did laughed at some parts such as the beginning, Benson starting to slack off, Benson going "OOOOH!!!" after he fired, and the guys trying to stop Susan (and things go back to normal). Overall, a decent episode. 7/10moreless

    Sooo, Benson is on a meeting wioth Pops' dad about the costs & problems in the park, when Mordecai & rigby crash Pops' dad's limo on the 2nd floor. Benson is them demoted to groundskeeper. M&R them show him the beauties of slacking off, so then he decides to do ti forever, and Susan fires him.

    Benson is living the life until he meets Leon, the former supervisor of the park, who is now a hobo, and he decides to get his job back. When he gets into the house he finds theat M&R have turned into Susan's and the more they slack off, the more they vreturn to their former sleves.

    Susan them comes in and tells everyone to work. Skips, Pops, Muslceman & Hi-5 are also Susan-ized. Benson tells them to sdlack off, and Susan is fed up and turns into a giant freaky red monster. Then Susan grabs Pops's dad, and Benson says he'll save him if he gives him his job back, his car keys and stops calling him "Binton".

    Benson is about to make Susan trip and die with the limo when Leon cames to take the glory, and dies in the process. Then Benson tells M&R to clean, they slack off and Benson is happy to be back.

    Overall: Awesome epsidoe. It had everyhtign you could ask form RS, Benson development, a freaky evil monster, and the aweosme dialogue RS is known for. This is the best episode since Dizzy. 10/10.moreless
  • Awesome

    Benson's job as park manager gets replaced by an uptight blonde business woman named Susan. Now Benson has to work the job that Mordecai and Rigby had for years, and Benson even slacks off with them. In fact, Benson enjoys slacking so much, he quits his job. He thinks he'll enjoy life as a bum, but he meets the old park manager Leon, who starting slacking and then quit, and Benson realizes he wants his old job back. But when he returns, he sees everyone has turned into an uptight business woman like Susan, and they have to slack off so they can return to their normal selves. Benson thinks he's won, but he battles Susan to the death, and becomes the park manager again.

    This was a pretty good episode. nothing special, but it made m chuckle at parts. I loved seeing Benson hang out with Mordecai and Rigby, and him say: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Overall Grade: 85%/Bmoreless

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