Regular Show

Season 3 Episode 27

Dead at Eight

Aired Monday 7:30 PM May 28, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Muscle Man gets hit on a water ride and Death will spare his life

    Death will spare Muscle Man's life if Mordecai and Rigby babysit his kid. This and Busted Cart was way better than Yes Dude Yes (meh storyline but still not bad) because it was funnier. So they won the best episodes to premiere in May 2012. It was great to see Death again in this episode (he previously appeared in Over the Top and Skips Strikes). As for the funny parts, those were Muscle Man riding his unfinished slide, he got hit by a tree and fell by the car, the baby kid (Thomas...with a deep voice) throughout the episode, and a few more gags here. Overall, an excellent episode, but personally Busted Cart was a little funnier. 10/10
  • Death will spare MuscleMan's life if he can babysit his kid Thomas and put to sleep on time.

    Death will spare MuscleMan's life if he can babysit his kid Thomas and put to sleep on time. I thought this was a fantastic episode of Regular Show. Now this episode isn't the best of Season 3. Eggscellent still holds the best season 3 episode, but this episode was awesome. Now I don't have any nit picks. I actually enjoyed the Thomas character. He was a very funny character and I loved him. It was also nice to see Death again. Death is one of my favorite recurring characters even though he's only been in 3 episodes. Now the animation with Death's wife was awesome. I thought the artist did a great job of making her creepy looking. OK now there a lot of part that made me laugh, like "You couldn't put a kind in the bed to save your life." Well at least it's your life that's at steak." You shut your face, your just lucky I'm still in this ball!" Muscleman crashing into tree's and his car while he was on the water slide. Thomas getting knocked out by the candelier, and the very ending was hilarious. Now the action in the movie where they battle out the giant worm was awesome too see. Now overall, a fantastic episode of Regular Show, with a lot of humor and action. 10/10.
  • Death makes a deal with Mordecai and Rigby which is that they babysit his kid if they want to save MuscleMan's life

    Death will spare Muscle Man's life if Mordecai and Rigby babysit his kid. I thought that this was a terrific episode of "Regular Show". I'm not saying it's the KING of all Season 3 because there are slightly better episodes than this one but all-in-all I just loved this episode. I really have no real gripes or complains about this episode so I really don't have a reason to lower down the score. I loved the storyline, I thought it was funny, and it just was awesome. MuscleMan sliding down on his unfinished water slide and getting hurt by falling on tree branches plus falling on a car was plain hilarious... it cracked me up. MuscleMan telling Mordecai and Rigby that they don't know how to take care of a baby and then Rigby says "Well, I guess it's a good thing that my life isn't at stake" and then MuscleMan says to Rigby "You shut your face, you're lucky I'm stuck inside this ball" and more humor into the episode as well. Also, it was good to see Death again because I enjoy his appearance and he is probably the best antagonist on this show and the voice actor Julian Holloway (I believe that's the name at least, excuse me if I get the name wrong) really does a thoroughly magnificent job voicing Death because it does fit perfectly with the character. Death's wife was kinda creepy herself but probably not as much as Death's kid though. Death's kid was pretty weird and when I was watching this episode, for some reason I felt like I was watching a Tim Burton movie... kinda weird how I felt like that but I guess it's because of the setting, tone, and all that good stuff. That giant worm that came out of the creepy book that Mordecai and Rigby were reading to Death's kid was very freaky but it was plain awesome when Mordecai and Rigby were running way from the giant worm and Rigby made a clever plan to get the giant worm back inside the book. Death sparing MuscleMan's life and taking him out of that soul ball was cool and MuscleMan losing his shirt because he grew back to his normal size was funny too. Just a terrific episode. Not The KING of Season 3 but it is one of the best episodes of Season 3. Overall, a perfect episode of "Regular Show". 10/10