Regular Show

Season 3 Episode 36

Death Bear

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Aug 13, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • I want more of this "Regularness."

    This episode starts out strong. Remember that typical structure of Regular Show I brought up in previous episodes? It does that, but not as much. It starts out regular, and stays regular a good portion of the time until the end when it gets wild. This episode has great interaction among characters which fit the "awkwardness" of real life and nicely mold them for the viewer to watch how we act. It was classic!

    I loved the character development between Mordecai and Margaret as well as Rigby and Eileen! It was just fun seeing them all act as "normal people" in this episode. I was actually bummed when they reached the climax and it began to got wild. I would love to see these characters actually be "Regular" throughout an entire episode.

    Animation seemed good for this episode, and the voice work really did the characters justice. Possibly my favorite episode from this series in a long time.
  • Under praised on the Internet

    Mordecai and Rigby want to get a picture in death bear's cage to impress Margaret and Eileen. This episode was excellent. While those three reviews were amazing, I noticed some other people in different sites hated this episode. Look, I know it was a little predictable that Death Bear was real, but you all need to respect this show when it's comes to things going wrong. It is one of the best for Cartoon Network and I'm still liking that the writers are having variety in term of stortylines (it cannot be about work all the time). On the episode, again, not that much funny parts here. I just seem to enjoyed it throughout. Overall, this episode was very great needs to has some praise on the Internet (no offense, haters). 10/10
  • Rigby tells a tale about the legendary Death bear and dares Mordecai to take a picture in his cage.

    Rigby tells a tale about the legendary Death bear and dares Mordecai to take a picture in his cage. I thought this was a fantastic episode of Regular Show. This episode was filled with action, adventure, and comedy. now this episode comes no where near of beating Fuzzy Dice, but it was still a fantastic episode of Regular Show. Regular Sow has gotten so much better, I think the lowest I have gotten an episode this season is a 7. Now I love these plots with Mordecai and rigby and the girls. These plots are always unpredicable and awesome. I just wish that Mordecai and Margret would be a couple already! I hope they do in next week's episode bad kiss. I've been waiting for this episode since the episode Butt Dial, I hope it comes soon I think they would make a good couple. Now there was a few parts I laughed at I really can't remember all I can remember is me laughing 3 times. I don't know why I can't remember it, but I can remember the scene where the death bear was real and it was chasing them, it was so intense. I did like the ending thought. Overall, like usuall a fatastic Regular Show
  • spooky and amazingly awsome.

    I really seem to enjoy Mordecai, Margret, Eileen and Rigby all together in one episode because I like each of those characters and how they act around each other especially Mordecai and Margret. Good job writers
  • hm hm

    i got to say the bear would have looked so much more threatening if it wasn't wearing a hat and cape, that just made it look silly.