Regular Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Death Punchies

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Sep 27, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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Mordecai and Rigby get a new video game, Dig Champs, and Rigby really wants to be Player 1. They play "punchies" to see who gets to be Player 1, but Rigby loses since he is much weaker than Mordecai. Determined to beat Mordecai at "punchies" once and for all, Rigby learns a deadly Death Kwon-Do punching move and runs all over town punching everything in sight.moreless

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  • Well Season 2 is better...

    This was a okay episode there was nothing really that made it my favorite episode. My favorite part was in the beginning when Mordecai and Rigby were fighting over who got to be player one. It aired on September 27, 2010. It also had the song "You're the Best". It was about Rigby tired of being picked on so he tried to learn Death Kwon Do so he could beat Mordecai, eventually he learned the Death Punch (of Death!). In the end, Rigby cracks the ground and goes to the center of the earth. So Mordecai uses the Death Jump to get them out because of course he can't fly.moreless
  • Well their goes Regular show's perfect streak.

    I really loved this episode of Regular Show. It was so intense and funny! OK the person who got the most laughs was probably Rigby. You gotta love Rigby. the reason why this episode wasn't a 10 is because Rigby angered me and it was kind of disturbing looking at his butt. but minus that it was pretty cool. I really loved this was because Benson wasn't in it and MuscleMan was barely in it. Well this ends Regular show's perfect streak overall 9/10.moreless
  • OH my godfather! This was so freakin funny, but Just Set up the chair barely beat this episode.

    OH my godfather! This was so freakin funny, but Just Set up the Chairs barely beat this episode. Oh Rigby is tired of losing to Punchies with Mordecai so he takes lessons at the Death Kwan Do and he steals the Death Punch and learns it and he gets revenge on anyone he beats him at punchies. Ok funny parts were in the flashback Skips beat Rigby at punchies and Mordecai was imitating the doctor and said Doctor both of these butt checks looks unreconizable i'm afraid were gonna have to do a double butt transplant. HOLY CRAP that was so freakin funny. another funny part was when Pops punched Rigby in a flashback. I would give more but i don't give away any more stuff in this episode.moreless
  • Second perfect episode of Regular Show

    Rigby is tired of being player two and getting beaten by Mordecai so he learns a new move called Death Punch. It was funny when Rigby want to be player 1 so that he can win. It was funny that Rigby ripped the Death Punch paper and the dude went "NOOOOOO!!!!!" That dude sounds like Muscle Man. The flashbacks where Rigby gets punched by alk of the park member were hilarious. It was funny when Rigby try to death punch Mordecai over and over when is unaffected by it. It was funny that Rigby made MM, HFG, Pops, and Skips their slaves was super funny. Overall this episode was perfect despite the moderate violence 10/10moreless
  • Oh crud, this episode was freakin' intense and awesome

    I thought that this was an awesome episode of "Regular Show". It was freakin' intense and awesome at the same time. Mordecai and Rigby play some video game called "Dig Champs". Rigby wanted to be Player 1 so they play "punchies" but Rigby lost to Mordecai and gets weaker and weaker. Rigby is sick of losing the game "punchies" to Mordecai so he learns a special Death Kwon-Do move called "Death Punchies". Rigby does the death punchies on Skips, Pops, MuscleMan, and High Five Ghost. Mordecai finds out about Rigby's special move and learns it as well to finish off Rigby. Rigby keeps doing the "death punchies" on Mordecai but it isn't working because Mordecai is doing the "death block". Mordecai pretends that Rigby punched him so he can win for once. Mordecai and MuscleMan making the jokes about Rigby's butt cheeks in the beginning of the episode was hilarious. I thought Rigby trying to do "death punchy" on Mordecai when Mordecai is using the "death block" was freakin' intense and awesome. Rigby making Pops, Skips, MuscleMan, and High Five Ghost his slaves was very funny. The ending was funny as well. Overall, an awesome episode of "Regular Show". 10/10moreless
Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

Man #2

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Sam Marin

Muscle Man / Sensai

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David Kaye

David Kaye

Sensai Student / Man #1

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