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Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Monday 7:30 PM Feb 27, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Mordecai wants to win a hat after Rigby gets in coma

    Mordecai wants to win a hat for Rigby by eating a huge omelet. This episode was really awesome. I liked the storyline way better than the couple previous episodes. I liked/laughed at the commercial at the beginning, Rigby is actually allegric to eggs, Mordecai punching Benson in the face (I wonder the Benson haters are gonna think about this scene), montage with Mordecai getting trained (another montage with a licensed song..forgot the name), the fight scene, Mordecai eating the omelet, and the last part. Overall score 10/10
  • This is so far my favorite season 3 episode!!!!!!!

    WOW!!! OK Season 3 is by far better than season 1 or definetly season 2. This episode has no good episodes, heck it has no great episodes maybe but 1 but all the others are superb or perfect and this is so far my favorite!! This is why Regular Show is my favorite show ever!!!!! There have been so many perfect and subperb and great episodes of this show, now some are 7 and 6's now the lowest score I've ever given an episode is a 5.5 and that was karaoke video now you can read my review on that and i was milesdustblu1 at that time. Also I'd like to point this out that in Season 3 there have been less death momentsl ike there were 3 death moments for Rigby and I think there was 1 for a recurring character in Season 1 but the only death moments were Terror Tales of The Park and that was just a story. Well this is the first episode of Season 3 to have a death moment. Well this episode was perfect, it was hilarious, it was beyond amazing. And Benson was really likeable. It was fricken awesome!! Now Rigby was hilarious (as usual) Mordecai was hilarious as well now this episode would've been better if Pops had a line. He's my all time favorite character and he didn't even have a line. That made me mad but it doesn't matter since this episode was so fricken good. Now this episode is about Rigby wanting a cap and to win it he has to eat an omlet with other stuff but since he was illergic to eggs he goes into a coma and there is a HUGE chance of him not waking up. WOW! Ok this was just awesome the storyline was awesome now I don't remember Muscle Man in this episode but I think this episode would've been better as well if he was in it. He's my second or third favorite character. Well there were some many funny moments. Well my all time favorite part was not a funny moment it was when Benson was saying that they can learn from this and Mordecai punching him in the face. When I saw that I clapped because I've been waiting for someone to stand up to Benson and what made it better was that Mordecai appologized and Benson forgave him. That is so far my favorite season 3 moment. Now it was so intense that Rigby got into a coma, now it was hilarious at first then it started to get intense. Now the commercail at the beginning was hilarious. Rigby pointing to a sign saying that the customer is always right was hilarious as well. I thought it was really nice that Mordecai was gonna win the cap for Rigby. Well that was just the first half the second half was even better. Mordecai training to eat the omlet and other stuff was pretty funny as well. Now when Mordecai was eating to omlet and other stuff the waiter were fighting to keep him from winning it but it turns out they were just helping him. I did not see that coming. PLEASE watch this episode you'll love it I promise. Once again I'm complaining again that pops or Muscleman didn't have a line that made me mad and this episode might have beaten Dizzy ( my favorite episode of the whole show so far.) Overall the best episode of season 3 so far. But it didn't beat Dizzy sadly. I hope Season 3 continues to keep being awesome. Overall 10/10.
  • Season 3 continues to amaze me in every possible way

    Holy crap!!! I don't know how much I can take. This season is BY FAR the greatest season that I have ever seen. I have been loving this season so much and I have been seeing so many PERFECT episodes this season. In fact, has anyone notice that my reviews for most of the Season 3 episodes have been getting a 10.... well, that's because this season is beyond amazing. If you have never watched "Regular Show" but read these reviews and wonder why they are getting beyond good reviews from me would be because this show has hilarious moments and a well written storyline plus the characters are enjoyable. That's another thing, the characters are becoming much more likeable and enjoyable the previous two seasons. I'm starting to like Benson more and I'm actually starting to like MuscleMan more. Don't get me wrong, MuscleMan makes me laugh hard to the floor on the previous two seasons but he has been jerk to Mordecai and Rigby in the past which loses some likeability for him. This season, he hasn't been a jerk to Mordecai and Rigby at all except for maybe "Slam Dunk" but even that episode is where he made me laugh hard and I still found him likeable. Anyways, the storyline to this episode about when Rigby wants to win this FREE cap that says "It's Eggscellent" by eating the Omelet challenge. It turned out that Rigby is allergic to eggs and got into a coma which landed him into the hospital. So Mordecai (just for his best friend Rigby who is in a coma at the hospital) is gonna be a good friend and win that cap for Rigby by eating that Omelet Challenge. The storyline continues on from there. This episode was hilarious but also awesome. The "Omelet Challenge to Win the FREE "It's Eggscellent" cap" commercial in the beginning of the episode was hilarious. Rigby turning out to be allergic to eggs was very funny also. There were much more hilarious moments as well especially the very ending of the episode when Rigby saw a commercial "Eat the steaks and win 2 FREE "Raise The Steaks" T-shirts and then the episode ends with everyone trying to get Rigby so they don't have to suffer through all that again. The action scene with Benson, Skips, Pops, MuscleMan, and High Five Ghost fighting the manager and waiters of the restaurant while Mordecai eats the Omelet Challenge was also an awesome scene to watch but it turned out that the manager was trying to save Mordecai. Watch the episode to see why please. I just wish that Pops had a line in this episode. All of the main characters except for Margaret appeared in this episode but Pops didn't get one line and I would love to see him at least say one line and that would be good enough for me. Overall, this is the most hilarious, most amazing (well, not as amazing as Skips vs. Technology), and most well written episode of Season 3..... Like I said, Season 3 is the best season ever and the streak of PERFECT episodes is still going on. 10/10
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