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Season 4 Episode 11

Firework Run

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Jan 14, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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Muscle Man accidently blew up all of the fireworks for the Fourth of July and has to find some before sundown which is when it starts.

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  • Good addition to season 4

    I thought that this was a pretty good episode with some funny scenes here and there. I enjoy watching it and compared to other episodes, its very good. Nice 4th of July episode and we rarely see that episode theme on TV shows so It was nice to see it here. To end this review: Good episode indeed.
  • Wow!!! A spectacular 4th of July episode

    I loved this episode of "Regular Show" and it's definitely one of my favorites from Season 4. I honestly don't understand a few of the low ratings for this episode though. mnman said that there weren't really any funny parts but to me, this was a funny as hell episode. It actually cracked me up from the start to finish with its randomness plus Hector was actually the most awesome and funny villain ever. He meant to be devious and threatening which he was but I found it hilarious. Oh well, everyone does have their own opinions. there are times when mnman said there were a bunch of funny parts but I don't find many funny moments and disagree with him on. I guess not every episode can make a fan happy. It sure made me happy as a fan though. There was a lot of action in this episode too and it actually had some of the best action sequences that I've ever seen in the show. My only nit-pick was Benson at the end of the episode still being harsh and the way he wouldn't give that one firework a chance and immediately firing Mordecai, Rigby, and MuscleMan but I can let it slide which is weird to me. The beginning didn't bug me though because I was actually happy it was NOT Mordecai and Rigby that he yelled at for something so that pleased me... it sounds mean but come on, I get sick of it just being Mordecai and Rigby all the time being yelled by him and they kinda do near the end but not compared to other episodes. The finale was definitely something that has completely blown me away to a whole new level. That was so badass and hilarious with that firework defeating Hector. Overall, it was an awesome 4th of July episode with non-stop comedy and non-stop action and a great storyline that really pleases me and it's one of the season's best in my opinion. 10/10moreless
  • A letdown for previous episodes

    Muscle Man accidently blew up all of the fireworks for the Fourth of July and has to find some before sundown which is when it starts. I thought this was a great episode. I wasn't expecting it to take place on the Fourth of July but I already knew that since it has to do with the usual tradition (firework). Although it could have premiered on July though since it is barely January. In my opinion, this was such an underrated episode. I can understand the reason since it didn't made me laugh a lot. I only laughed at the very first scene (Muscle Man screwing up by blowing all the fireworks and actually made Benson very pissed at him for once, Hector's introduction, and the devil (Spanish:El Diablo) destroying Hector. I was very surprised by two things: Benson was SO angry at Muscle Man rather than Mordecai and Rigby because of what happened. Benson's annoyance with Muscle Man had been getting so noticeable lately that he might get fed up of him one day. Second, we see Hispanic characters. First time in the show since I'm Hispanic btw. My flaws were the lack of humor and Benson firing the guys. While I already dissucssed on the humor part, the second part. Benson's personality had tweaked a lot after Muscle Mentor and I want him to be at least nice for a scene. I just hope the writers don't overused his mean personality. Again, this isn't his worst part here but for the fourth season towards the end (not counting the beginning). But aside from that part, he was okay here although the outburst at the beginning was the funniest while the el diablo killing Hector was the best scene in the episode. Overall, this episode was quite great although it had a couple flaws. 8/10moreless
  • Uhhh.... welll.. this episode wasn't the best but it was just well .

    after MuscleMan blows up all the fireworks for 4th of July him, Mordecai, Rigby and 5's have to get more from MuscleMan's friend Hector. I really don't know how to put it in words. When I saw the promo I thought this episode would be awesome but not really. It's not the worst episode of Season 4, I'd much rather watch Starter Pack and Terror Tales of the Park II. Now why this episode wasn't good was because it lacked a lot of humor. I don't think I even laughed once. I might've gotten a smile when Hector said" Haha MuscleMan!" But no noise can out. Also Benson was kind of a jerk throught the episode. I mean after the best firework show the park ever had he says " You guys better replace the three football fields the fireworks (at the begginnig) destroyed! I think it's the first time he yells at MuscleMan instead of Mordecai and Rigby haha. What I did like was it was really intense and it had a lot of action. I also liked the firework show at the beginning and the big one at the end. Well I hope this season get's better I mean 3 out of 11 episodes got a 6 or lower so this is so far the worst season of Regular Show. Overall, an episode of Regular Show.moreless
  • Show is getting worse

    I was a huge fan of the show for its super normal situations in the beginning that end with clever outrageous problems, but it seems to me, they are not making the show as pleasurable to watch now and the endings are not clever and are actually could be made by a 4 year old. CMON regular show is much better than what they are giving out now. Also SCREW MUSCLE MAN, he is the most ***ed character. I liked it when it was only mordicai and rigby doing their own thing. Muscle man brings horrible joke and is way over used.moreless

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