Regular Show

Season 3 Episode 13

Fortune Cookie

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Jan 23, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Rigby changes fortune cookies with Benson in order improve his luck (from TV Guide)

    All the park workers gather at a Chinese restaurant that Benson picked out of random in celebration of his good luck. Rigby, however, is less enthusiastic at his loss of stuff that caused Benson's good mood. After a copious meal (one that Rigby hardly participated in), fortune cookies are handed out. Rigby, getting a fortune showing even more bad luck, decides to swap his fortune with that of Benson's, which shows him getting good luck.

    As the day progresses, Rigby is getting impossibly lucky at Rock, Paper, Scissors, random pizza/cash drops, even beating games that he is terrible at (without even touching the game itself). Meanwhile, Benson is getting impossibly unlucky, enduring uncountable bee stings and beatings, all leading up to him losing his car, paycheck, and apartment. I put these from RS Wiki due to the lack of summary above. Anyway, this episode is a tad better than Weekend at Benson's. I laughed at Rigby switching the fortune cookie (to Benson), then Benson starting having bad luck, Rigby having fun with his fortune, the action scene (liked), and the ending. Overall another excellent episode of Regular Show. 10/10
  • Rigby swaps his fortune with Benson behind his back and gets all of the good luck (which belongs to Benson)

    This was, yet, another excellent episode of "Regular Show". Just like last week's episode "Weekend at Benson's", he episode had many very funny moments and the storyline was perfectly written and executed well. I also loved how James Hong guest starred in this episode as the voice of that Chinese waitor in the beginning of the episode and I think he voiced that gigantic man taking away the entire part because of Benson's bad luck towards the middle of the episode. So yeah, good to have one of my favorite actors James Hong guest star in this episode and he did a very fine job. So I'll quickly say the storyline..... Benson always has the good luck and Rigby always gets the bad luck so Rigby swaps his fortune with Benson behind his back. Ever since then, Rigby has all of the good luck and Benson has all of the bad luck. Benson's bad luck was hilarious such as when those guys were beating him like twice or thrice (a.k.a. three times), the bee stinging him, and more. MuscleMan was also hilarious in this episode as well especially the very ending of the episode when he swaps his fortune with Rigby and when he was wooing that he will be on the cover of a video game monthly magazine or something like that. But yeah, I loved the storyline and there were many hilarious moments plus it had the talented James Hong guest starring in this episode. Overall, an excellent episode of "Regular Show" and Season 3 is definitely on a roll..... all I know is that it already outdoes Season 2. 10/10