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    [1]Feb 5, 2013
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    Since there hasn't been any posts about RS in a month, I decided to make a topic to talk about the fourth season (and surprisingly there hasn't been one about it) so discuss about the current season.

    So far, the season has been at least superb for most parts. My top 5 episodes (as of right now) are the Christmas special, Exit 9B, Sandwich of Death, Guy's Night and the recently aired episode. My ranking of the season 4 episodes:

    Exit 9B: 10/10
    Starter Pack: 8/10 (generous rating)
    Terror Tales of the Park: 7/10 (overall rating)
    Pie Contest: 10/10 (underrated)
    100 Piece Kit: 10/10
    Bald Spot: 9/10
    Guy's Night: 10/10
    One Pull Up: 10/10 (Minor flaw that I let it slide: Muscle Man taunting)
    The Christmas Special: 10/10
    TGI Tuesday: 10/10
    Firework Run: 8/10
    The Longest Weekend: 8.5/10
    Sandwich of Death: 10/10
    Ace Bartinzar (?) Lives: 10/10

    I'm going tomodify this once the season is over.

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    The Christmas special and Exit 9B were some of my top favorite of this season too. I liked Guys Night, as well, although I felt kind of bad for Pops.

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    [3]Feb 14, 2013
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    I haven't choosen my top 10 Regular Show episodes yet because the season hasn't ended yet but "Sandwich of Death", "The Christmas Special" and "Exit 9B" will be one of top 10. I think season 4 will be better than season 3.

    There's the only problem of season 4 so far. Thomas didn't appear much. At least heappeared in "Exit 9B", "Starter Pack", "150-Piece Kit" and "The Longest Weekend". I need to watch the first non-jerk Thomas episode because I hated him in the ending of "Starter Pack".

    "Terror Tales of the Park II" is the worst of season 4 episodes so far but It was good too. "Payback" story's score is 10/10, "Party Bus" was the worst story and It's score is 3/10, "Wallpaper Man"s score is 8/10.

    Some people didn't like "Firework Run" so much but I think It's one of the best episodes. It wasn't funny so much but It was so interesting and epic. Some people think this episode was a parody of Breaking Bad.

    1. The Christmas Special 10/10

    2. Sandiwch of Death 10/10

    3. Exit 9B: 10/10

    4. Ace Balthazar Lives 10/10

    5. Guy's Night 10/10

    6. Firework Run: 10/10 (Not very funny but so interesting)

    7. TGI Tuesday: 10/10

    8. The Longest Weekend 10/10

    9. Caveman: 9.5/10

    10. Pie Contest 9/10

    11. One Pull Up: 8.5/10

    12. Bald Spot: 8/10

    13. Quips 8/10

    14. Starter Pack 8/10

    15. Terror Tales of the Park II: 7/10 (worst of the season so far)

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