Regular Show

Season 3 Episode 8

House Rules

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Nov 14, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • At this point, worst season 3 episode

    After being forced to sign off on Benson's new, incredibly strict, house rules, Mordecai and Rigby move out and try to find someplace to live on their own. Finally, they find a place in a pile of trash in an alley, where there are no rules, but they soon see that living without rules isn't as great as they thought it'd be. At the time this episode aired, it was the worst/weakest of the episode. It remains like this until Big Winner took the position as the worst season 3 episode ever in my opinion. There's clearly a reason why my score is low. Benson's rule...I don't know why but if I would live with a similar boss like Benson and then made these strict rules would be a disaster. At least this not the only season 3 episode where Benson's a jerk. He was a jerk again in Weekend at Benson's (only at the end), Best Buger at the World (big time), and Replaced (not as a huge jerk, but for the third freakin' time he fired the main characters). Anyway, sorry for that topic. This episode was also boring. But I did enjoyed Mordecai and Rigby being with that guy in a place with no rules. Humor is low but there were some especially the ending. Overall a great weakest until Big Winner came. 8/10
  • When Mordecai and Rigby don't like Benson's house rules, they move out and go into a world where rules don't exist


    Well... it looked the streak for perfect episodes stops right here. This episode wasn't perfect mainly because Benson is the reason why my score is a little low with his house rules and all that but this episode was still excellent. I also kinda didn't like it when MuscleMan destroyed the tent since one of Benson's house rules is "No camping" (or something like that. Other than Benson being a little bit of jerk for coming up with the house rules and MuscleMan destroying the tent, this episode is enjoyable. A lot of parts in this episode did make me laugh very hard though. The cameo appearances of the unicorns from the Season 1 episode "The Unicorns Have Got To Go" was also pretty cool even though those characters are why the reason why "The Unicorns Have Got To Go" is my least favorite Season 1 episode of this show. That hobo-looking guy taking Mordecai and Rigby into a world where rules don't exist was funny. It was also funny when Mordecai and Rigby asked Margaret if they can sleep at the Coffee Shop and then Margaret's manager puts up a sign "Go Away Campers" (or something like that) was funny. That prank call dude made me LOL also. I also laughed at the very end of the episode when Benson noticed that a house rule was missing and that rule was "No Video Games" which Mordecai and Rigby used on that hobo-looking guy and destroyed him. Overall, not a perfect episode but it is an excellent episode of "Regular Show". 9.5/10