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Regular Show

Season 2 Episode 2

It's Time

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Jan 03, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Mordecai and Rigby help Margaret move out of her house, but things get out of hand when Mordecai becomes jealous after she starts to like Rigby.

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  • What exactly did Mordecai do to deserve this?

    PLOT: The episode starts off with the two wanting to see a horror film, when Rigby says that he already had tickets for the opening night. Mordecai says he can't go; he got tickets to see a chick-flick with Margaret. He tries asking her out, but gets nervous and Rigby starts cracking jokes about him. The next 3 or 4 minutes pretty much go like that. Rigby flirts with Margaret, not because he likes her but to make Mordecai angry. That's kind of a jerk move, even though he is just messing around.

    As if Rigby wasn't enough of a prick already, he asks Margaret out to the movies so Mordecai can't go to the chick-flick with her. He makes fun of Mordecai all day long, then counting down, like "2 hours till I go out with Margaret!". He constantly rubs it in his face, until 20 minutes until his date. Mordecai threatens him that he'd better cancel with her. Rigby, of course, refuses, but then realizes that the battery in his watch is gone (Mordecai took it out). He then races to find a clock to see what the time is, but Mordecai manages to take all of the clocks down before Rigby could see the time. He stuffs all of them into a microwave, then entering the episode into the surreal portion.

    Rigby and Mordecai are holding onto the microwave for dear life, being hurled through a time-vortex of some sort. They start to argue. Rigby says it was Mordecai's fault in the first place because he canceled on his best friend "for a girl who doesn't even know [he] exists". Rigby then hits Mordecai, forcing Mordecai to yell, "I'll kill you!". Of course, it's a spur of the moment yell, but he pushes Rigby off the microwave, LITTERALLY KILLING HIM.

    Mordecai then starts freaking out, crying that that wasn't what he meant. He tries to undo his friend's death, but to no prevail. He then reaches the end of the vortex, where he meets Father Time. I must say, I do like Father Time's bizarre design. He FINALLY admits that he was jealous of Rigby (as if that wasn't obvious enough) and Father Time grants Mordecai a redo, sending him back in time to earlier that day.

    Instead of not wanting to go to the movies with Rigby, he says he wants to.

    Overall, I don't like how Rigby was such a horrible friend to Mordecai. And even though Mordecai killed him, he automatically felt bad and desperately tried to get him back. Not that original of a plot, but I did like the surreal part of the episode.moreless
  • sorry fans but this episode really didnt click to me.

    sorry fans but this episode really didn't click to me. Ok i really didn't like this episode because Mordecai was being a jerk in it. Mordecai was just a jerk in it. the highlights of this episode was when Mordecai and Rigby were watching the trailer of Pajama Sisters 2. When Rigby was insulting Mordecai. and when Pops was laughing at the clock before Mordecai took it. The part when Mordecai took the battery out of Rigby's watch and then stole all the clocks and put them in the microwave pissed me off. Sorry for my language but that's how mad i was. the part when Mordecai KILLED Rigby angered my so much i had to leave the room for a couple of minutes. The part when Father time gave Mordecai a do over and brought Rigby back was WAY too predicable. i knew that Rigby wasn't gonna die. I raised the score a little bit when Mordecai learned from his mistake and admitted to Rigby that he was jealous. Overall minus Mordecai a pretty good episodemoreless
  • Perfect

    Mordecai and Rigby help Margaret move out of her house, but things get out of hand when Mordecai becomes jealous after she starts to like Rigby. This episode was perfect. It was lows ion humor but I gave it a 10 because I enjoyed it. None of the parts didn't bored me at all. The few things I laughed at were Rigby using puns, the part with Muscle Man's cameo, Mordecai siting on a invisible horse, and the last port. The plot for this episode was meh to me. But I did enjoyed the last 5 minutes of it. Overall, it was a perfect episode. I didn't made this review longer because of the lack of humor. 10/10moreless
  • Wow!!! this episode is truly brilliant, well executed, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, and just out-of-this-world

    I thought that this was a truly excellent episode of "Regular Show" and it's by far one of the best episodes that I have ever seen from this show. Definitely in my top 10 favorite "Regular Show" episodes. This episode is has a well-executed plot, it's mind-blowing, it's brilliant, and everything else in this episode was just all-around terrific. Mordecai wants to go to that girl pajama party with Margaret but Mordecai is way too shy to ask her out. Rigby makes Margerat laugh a lot which makes Mordecai jealous. Rigby asks Margeret out to that Zombie Party movie which makes Mordecai super jealous. Rigby then makes fun of Mordecai just because Mordecai is too shy to ask out Margaret. Mordecai grabs all of the clocks so Rigby won't tell time. Mordecai and Rigby then get transported and travel through time and then Mordecai gets furious at Rigby so much that he pushed Rigby which killed him. Mordecai talks to that Father Clock about how he is jealous of Rigby hitting on Margaret. Father Clock then shows all of the flashback of Mordecai being jealous of Margaret. Father Time tells Mordecai that he better not be jealous again or else Mordecai will be sorry that he was. Mordecai then travels back all the way to the start of this episode where he actually admits that he is jealous. This episode was more of an action-packed and time-traveling than it was a funny episode. The only funny part in this episode was when Father Time said "Get on my Time Pony". I kinda didn't like Rigby asking out Margaret so he can make Mordecai jealous and furious. I also know that Mordecai is annoying but it was overrated and horrible of Mordecai to push Rigby and then kill him. Overall, despite a couple things that I can let slide, this episode was just all-around brilliant and amazing. 10/10moreless
  • Invisible Time Pony FTW!

    So Rigby is upset cause Mordecai wants to ask Margaret to see Pajama Sisters 2 the same day Zombie Dinner Party premiers. Okay, so MOrdecai is jealous cause Rigby can make Margaret laugh and he can't. Nargaret says she is moving so M&R deicde to help her.

    As Rigby sees Mordecai can't ask him to go to his movie (we're chicks talk abot their feelings... Fully Clothed) Rigby akss Margaret to go to the zombie movie instead. then Rigby starts to tease Mordecai all day long, but when the date approaches, Rigby relaizes Mordecia took the battery from his watch.

    Mordecai then steals all clocks on the house and microwaves them so thaT Rigby can't go to the date. but then a flash of light appears and M&R are transported to a werid place. Mordecasi accidentally on purpose kills Rigby and then meets Father time, who let's him go back to that start of this episode but only this time.

    Back at the start of the ep, Mordecai admits he is a little jealous of Rigby & Margaret.

    Overall: Great episode. The bizarro part was done really well. 9/10.moreless

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