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Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Monday 7:30 PM Apr 18, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Rigby has to find a way to unjinx himself without talking.

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  • Rigby has to find a way to unjinx himself without talking.

    This episode was superb. While the plot wasn't that perfect, my only problem here was Mordecai. He got really annoying here in this episode because he kept punching Rigby since he need to unjinx himself. It was funny for like a few times. At least Mordecai deserved that at the end. The other parts that made me laugh were Rigby throwing trash at Benson, then Benson get all mad, Pops thinking Rigby is doing charades, Rigby writes "Unjink me" then Skips said that writing is actually talking, Rigby saying his name three times on the mirror, and the ending. Overall, a superb episode, but the not best I've seen. 9/10moreless
  • This is the episode that killed Regular Show for me.

    As much as I love this show, this episode pretty much ruined the whole charm of show.

    The plot is about Mordecai and Rigby are playing this game called "Jinx". Rigby has to be quiet or else he gets punched by Mordecai. The only way for Rigby to win this game is if somebody says his name three times, then he wins. That has got to be the worst concept for a "Game". It's just so stupid and mean-spirited. Who invented the game anyway?


    Anyways, after few minutes playing this "game", Rigby goes outside of the house and stumbles upon Benson; he tries to tell Benson about the "game" he's playing, but fails anyway. So in order for Rigby to get Benson to say his name three times, he THROWS trash at Benson instead of telling Benson about the game. What a jerk! Rigby, throwing trash at your boss will make you fired, don't you remember? So after that, Benson says his name twos. Then Benson flips out, he throws a garbage can in the air, and he just runs off. And Mordecai punches Rigby again.

    Rigby runs over to Pops, and he also tries to get him to say his name. Pops thinks that Rigby wants him to play sherrades Pops plays sherrades. Mordecai comes up and says that Rigby is bad at sherrades; Pops agrees, Rigby gets angry, says the SU words, and Mordecai punches him again! Instead of Pops feeling bad for Rigby, he was actually knew about the "Jinx" game and he does NOTHING to stop this game. If you seen the previous episodes, Pops is usually the weak, friendly, weird gentleman of the group. But all he says is that he loves this game and never feels sorry for him in this episode! What a jerk! Why are so many of the characters out of character?

    Rigby goes into Skip's house, writes on a clipboard, and shows it to Skips so Rigby can get out of this game. Mordecai comes in and informs Skips that they are playing the "Jinx" game, and explains the rules of the game. So Skips says "Writing is talking doesn't brake the rules?" And you'd think Skips would stop this game since he is the wise man of the whole group. But instead, Mordecai says that it does count, and both Mordecai and Skips punch Rigby! Um, Skips, don't you think this game is both stupid and cruel? Rigby runs out and Mordecai and Skips decide to follow him.

    Rigby finds HFG, his tries to get him to say his name, but he says that he is also has "Jinx". Muscle Man comes out of nowhere and punches HFG! Um, Muscle Man, aren't both of you guys BFFs? So after Rigby says HFG's name three times, and un-"Jinxing" him, Muscle Man tells him how to un-"Jinx" himself, and he goes to one of the park's public bathrooms. Public Restrooms? Who came up with this? A monkey? So after that Both Mordecai and Skips find Muscle Man, find out about what Muscle Man told Rigby, and they decide to stop him before it's too late.

    So Rigby writes his name on the bathroom mirror, says his name three times, and a giant black monster that looks like Rigby comes out of the mirror. How does that work, but since this is a cartoon, I can forgive it.

    And then we have a giant rampage of this monster turning everything into black for a few minutes, and it's pretty good actually. After that scene, Mordecai and Rigby break the un-"Jinxing" by say Rigby's name backwards three times. Weird, but it's still amusing. The black monster jumps into the mirror, and the day is saved.

    Then they go outside, and everybody is in their undies. I'm not kidding; even the girls are in their undies. I have no idea what the writers were thinking. It's just so ridiculous.

    So Benson comes up, and he reminds the two that they need to pick up the trash that they had to do earlier. So both Mordecai and Rigby promise Benson that they'll do right away. So after Skips tells then nobody remember the whole thing except him and the two. Skips goes somewhere else, and Rigby decides it's his turn to for Mordecai to get Jinxed. He punches Morcecai, but they don't seem to effect him, then He pokes Mordecai eyes, and the episode ends.

    *END OF MAJOR SPOILERS* This episode was just terrible. Mordecai was a jerk, Skips, Pops, and Muscle Man was just completely out of character in this episode, and they were also jerks. There's nothing remotely funny. The concept of the "Jinx" game is stupid and cruel. And I felt completely sorry for both HFG and Rigby. Well, I felt sorry for Rigby until the very end. The part with the weirdness is awesome, but it's way too short. It was so terrible that I almost quit watching this show.

    Overall, this episode ruined the whole show for me. If you wanted to be entertained with this show, watch the first season and the episodes that came before this episode.moreless
  • I love this episode because i used to play this game with my friends.

    This episode was one of my favorite episodes ever because it is just funny because they go around punching rigby everytime he talks then he tries to unjinx himself by going to muscle man and muscle man told him to go to the mirror and say his name 3 times but all goes wrong when he somons a jinx monster and the monster stabs everyone and they all turn into monsters like him but at the end they went back to the mirror and said his name backwards 3 times and it worked and the monster went back into the mirror and then rigby was unjinxed that was most of the episode and this was one of my favorite episodes of regular show. One of my favorite parts of this episode was when at the end of the episode when rigby tried to punch mordecai and the punches didnt hurt him and then he just decided to poke him in the eyes. God bless america and my brother tigerdude22 who is a much better reveiwer than me and he likes to read other reveiws so you should follow him.moreless
  • Hilarious episode of "Regular Show"

    I thought that this was a perfect episode of "Regular Show". I thought the plot to this episode was well written and hilarious. Mordecai keeps on jinxing Rigby and the only way Rigby can unjinx it is if he had someone else say his name three times. I thought it was hilarious when Mordecai kept punching Rigby because he jinxed Rigby. I thought it was hilarious when Rigby didn't know that he could can have someone else to say his name three times in order to be unjinxed. It was hilarious when Rigby kept throwing things at Benson and then Benson would throw a huge tantrum. I thought it was hilarious when Rigby kept trying to tell Pops without talking about saying his name three times but Pops thinks that he is playing charades. It was hilarious when Rigby wrote on a note to tell Skips to say his name three times and Skips says that writing is still considered talking and then he punches him because it is considered cheating. It was also funny that we got to find out why High Five Ghost is always mute... because MuscleMan would always jinx him. MuscleMan tells Rigby that he would have to go the mirror in order to unjinx himself but the ghosts would come out of the mirror. Mordecai and Rigby had to say Rigby's name backwards in order for Rigby to unjinx himself and the ghosts would be back in the mirror. The very ending was also funny when Mordecai said "Dude, I don't think you are ever going to fully enjoy this game" and Rigby pokes Mordecai in the eye. Overall, a hilarious episode of "Regular Show". 10/10moreless
  • Mordecai: I feel bad for you becasue you'll never be able to fully enjoy this game [Rigby picks his eyes] AAAAHHH!

    So while picking the trash, they are only picking stuff they want, and when they both say "a quarter!", Mordecai jinxs Rigby. So after a monatge of MOrdecai punching Rigby everytime he talks, Mordecia tells him he can be unjinxed if somenone says his name 3 times.

    After failing with Benson, Skips, Pops (who though Rigby was playing charades) MuscleMan tells him he can unjinx himslef if he says his name thrice in front of the park bathroom's mirror. But doing that unleashes a shadow-y evil version of him who turns everyone into his minions by slashng them.

    Mordecai & Rigby escape and then they figure the solution must be in the mirror, but sayign Rigby thrice doesn't work. After all thir talking the mirror gets covered with steam, and the find out the creture's name is Ybgir, they say it and sent the monster back int the mirror. Everyone forgot abotu it, but Benson still asks them to pick up wht trahs. Rigby then jinxs MOrdecia, but Mordecia doens't care becuase ribgy can't punch hard, so Rigby picks his eyes.

    Overall: Fantastic episode. One of the best season 2 episodes. The best was Pops, the dude on the toilet & the ending. Plus, we found out why HFG is mute all the time (MuscleMan always jinxes him). 10/10.moreless

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