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Season 4 Episode 23

K.I.L.I.T. Radio

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Apr 22, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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  • Perfect serious episode

    For a Muscle Man episode, I really liked it. Again, the humor is not the main focus of the episode as it was somewhat serious but that really bothers me. This episode was flawless by the way and there were nothing about it. Funniest scene was definitely Muscle Man trying to call . Radio and the monitor fails to give him a request. So wow this episode felt like I was watching a romantic and drama Adventure Time episode because this barely had humor in it. I liked the backstory of the radio station and why they won't send requests anymore. The climax of the episode was scary and more scary that Donny G gets wired by the monitor. The song "Oh Starla" was heartwarming and yes I'm admitting this even though a lot of people are not into Muscle Man and Starla very much. As gross as the couple are with their kiss they make, I like them better than Mordecai and any other girls shipped and Rigby and Eileen to be honest. Therefore, despite its low humor (and the only humor was that one scene which was in the promo for the episode), I still liked . Radio. For sure, the show is not for younger viewers if they get the violence pun of that radio station (I got the name when I re-watch it).


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    • Phone monitor: Hello, this is K.I.L.I.T. Radio.
      Muscle Man: Yeah, I like Donny G to play my-
      Phone monitor: To talk to a K.I.L.I.T. representative, press 0. (Muscle Man presses 0) Are you calling in regard to a song you heard?
      Muscle Man: No, I wanna talk to somebody! (presses 0 several times) ZERO! ZERO! ZERO!
      Phone monitor: I'm transferring you to our bilingual system.
      Muscle Man: NO! (presses 0 again) ZERO! ZERO! ZERO!
      Phone monitor: (speaking Spanish) Hola yamas la Radio K.I.L.I.T.
      Muscle Man: (moves table & chair) Uhh!, I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE SAYING! (hits phone madly on the table and squeals)
      Mordecai: Dude, Muscle Man, calm down!
      Muscle Man: Uhh! I'm a failure of a boyfriend! I can't even do something special for my girl!
      Mordecai: Why don't we just go down to the radio station and find somebody to talk to.
      Rigby: Yeah, maybe someone there could help you.
      Muscle Man: You're right bros, I need to take this to the source.

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