Regular Show

Season 1 Episode 12

Mordecai and the Rigbys

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Nov 22, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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Mordecai and Rigby need to learn to play music in time for an open-mic night, and their future selves show up to teach them.

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  • A superb season finale.

    Ok Mordecai and Rigby make up a fake band but Margret mistakes them for a real band so they get themselves into playing at open mic and they don't know how to play an instrument them they future self come in and they teach them how to play. I thought this was a superb season finale. Now the parts that I laughed at was at the beginning when hey thought of band names and they went with Mustace Cashstach, but Rigby changed it to Mordecai and the Rigby's. I also laughed at when they were playing the open mic (they weren't really playing and Benson says "Holy Crap!" I thought the very ending was hilarious. I also liked the song Party Tonight. That's the 3 best song this show has had behind loving in the summer time and Aw snap from This is my Jam. Now this episode mainly focused on Mordecai and Rigby and they other characters made like cameo appearance. Now I did laugh at Pop's. Now I lowered the score because I didn't like the fact that they got talked into lip synching and it was a tad boring. I also did like it when they stood up for themselves when they found out they were talked into lip synching. Well this was a really good Regular Show. And Season 1 Favorite Quote: MuscleMan: It looks like a bucket of direaha. Favorite song: Party Tonight. Favorite Moment: The Specail Entertaining scenes from Just Set up the Chairs. Overall 9/10.moreless
  • Mordecai and Rigby forms a band

    Plot:Mordecai and Rigby need to learn to play music in time for an open-mic night, and their future selves show up to teach them.

    Parts that I liked:

    * Montage when the future M&R were teaching their present selves

    * Mordecai and Rigby singing

    * Benson saying "Holy crap"

    * Also when Benson clapped his hands after Mordecai rips the band shirt

    Parts that lowers my score:

    * Mordecai and Rigby lip syncing.

    * Some parts bored me.

    Overall score: 8.5/10moreless
  • Mordecai and Rigby form a band called "Mordecai and the Rigbys"

    I thought that this was an overall good but not great episode of "Regular Show". The story just seemed to be weak and there weren't that many funny moments. The band name "Mordecai and the Rigbys" was a pretty cool band name. Mordecai and Rigby told Margaret about that they both formed a band and Margaret invites Mordecai and Rigby to perform at her coffee shop for Open Mic Night. Mordecai and Rigby realized that they haven't even learned how to play the guitar so they only have one day to learn to play the guitar before Open Mic Night. Then, Mordecai and Rigby from 10 years later come to teach Mordecai and Rigby how to play the guitar. It was Open Mic Night and Mordecai and Rigby weren't ready to play. Mordecai and Rigby from 10 years later helps Mordecai and Rigby look like good guitar players and Mordecai lip synching by putting in a tape. The only part I laughed was when Mordecai and Rigby were playing good (which they really weren't playing) and Benson surprisingly says "Holy Crap". The ending was also kind of bogus. Overall, it wasn't a bad episode but it was just overall good but not so great episode of "Regular Show". 7/10moreless
  • Maybe you should've kept lip-synching...

    Soooo, Rigby goes into the coffe shop with the Tshirts they ordered. What Tshirts? The ones form the band! Although they agreed on calling the band Mustache Cash Stash, Rigby called it Mordecai & The Rigbys. Margereat then suggests they played in the open mic night, so Mordecai agrees.

    Practising, they get they suck and then they make some kind of shock with the msuc players and their future selves appear. Their future selves are worlwide famous musicians ho came to teach them how to play, They teach them moves, letter & pelvic thursts, but no actual instrument playing.

    That night, they start and they are actually playing. Benson says holy crap. The song is awesome & called Party Tonight. But then Mordecai realizes they are just lip synching and both decide to stop and confess. their futurte selves die as M&R chjanged the future and Margaret has a new boyfriend.

    Overall: Great. The deisgns for their future selves were great. I woul have liked if they left in the flashback of Benson's GF though. 9/10.moreless

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    • Mordecai: I have an announcement to make. We weren't really singing tonight, we were lip-syncing.

      The announcement and shock of somebody not actually singing songs and that their band was actually a fake band, is a direct reference to the infamous 1980's pop duo, Milli Vanilli. Fronted by Fabrice Moravan and Rob Pilatus, they pretended to sing songs that were really sung by a bunch of middle-aged singers. But after their pre-recorded record skipped during one of their concerts and the duo wanted to sing for real, their manager Frank Fabian outed their secret to the world, effectively ending the career of Milli Vanilli.