Regular Show

Season 3 Episode 29

Muscle Mentor

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Jun 11, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ummm. Well this episode could've been better, but it wasn't all that bad.

    Rigby gets a mentorship program by MuscleMan and he has to make it throught the whole day without quiting or he'll get fired. Now this episode wasn't that strong obviously. I did give it eight because there were some funny moments. What made this episode weak was the storyline wasn't original and Benson was being a huge jerk in this episode. He said lines "You better shut up or I'll give you a like I said there were some funny moments. "Hey look everyone it's Rig Show scenes where Rigby didn't finish his jobs in the past. The ending was hilarious and it cracked me MuscleMan was in this episode, he really didn't annoy me as much as some review did. It was mainly Benson who the annoying jerk. I hope Benson changes in the future episodes. Also what did also lower my score a lit was i didn't like how MuscleMan was being a little jerk to Rigby especally towards to end. Overall, this episode of Regular Show could've been a lot better. I hope Benson and MuscleMan change. 8/10.
  • Rigby has to get mentored by Muscle Man if he can finish his job w/o quitting

    Rigby has to prove that he can finish a job without quitting half way through, or he'll be fired. Another weak sided episode of Regular Show. -__- It's doesn't mean that I hated it, but the storyline and episode was just a little unwatchable. The only unwatchable episode (and kinda hated) was Muscle thankfully this episode was better... But there is some problems in this episode are the characters' personality. In addition of the episode being a borefest in some of the part, I just didn't like Benson here. He was a jerk again in these parts: firing Rigby (uh oh...more jerkness), yelling at him (no wonder why Benson gets more mad at Rigby rather Mordecai), and the line "you're better shut up or I'm gonna give you a mentor" to Mordecai. Other than, Benson is meh...hopefully the last time he'll be a jerk for awhile. Muscle Man was getting annoying here and that most likely dropped my score big time. There were only a few funny moments like Muscle Man mentoring Rigby (the one in the promo), a few lines, and the ending of the episode. Overall, a boring and kinda unwatchable episode....the worst season 3 episode ever. Writers, just make an awesome Muscle Man already (there is one though). 5/10
  • Disappointing

    Rigby has to prove that he can finish a job without quitting half way through, or he'll be fired. I thought that this was okay but disappointing episode of "Regular Show". When I saw the promo that MuscleMan was gonna mentor Rigby... I was cracking up and I couldn't wait to see this episode expecting to get a well done storyline and a lot of good laughs BUT this episode was unfortunately not what I would expect and it was just disappointing. It was a little better than "Access Denied" but it still wasn't that great of an episode. I didn't appreciate Benson being a jerk, once again, in this episode ESPECIALLY when Mordecai tries to tell Benson that he isn't being fair or something like that and Benson actually says his exact line to Mordecai "You better shut up before I get you a mentor" like wow!!! that's just a new low for Benson and watching episodes like these makes me lose respect for him while episodes like "Busted Cart" make me gain respect for him. Depending how many episodes are gonna show Benson being a jerk, it's just gonna make me lose more and more respect for Benson until it gets to the point where I actually hate him 100%. So Benson was one of the issues of the episode and is probably a HUGE one. Also the episode itself was boring throughout and really was doing nothing but getting dragged and weak. MuscleMan was irritating me as well but not as much as Benson though. Even in the end, I still can't forget what a jerk Benson was being in this episode... is Benson trying to be a boss? or a careless jerk? either way, it's just not right. I did laugh at these following parts like "Hey everybody look it's Rig-baby" "Quit it", Rigby being on the harness and connected to MuscleMan for the mentorship program, "Where are you gonna go now MuscleMan?" " I don't know wherever the wind takes me I guess and probably find a place to settle down and get a burger with large side of onion rings.. see ya around ladies" (MuscleMan walks into the sunset) immediately following "Well, you wanna go get some food or something?" "Sure dude but you should probably take a shower first, you smell like MuscleMan" (that was the very ending of the episode), and maybe one more moments that's either a chuckle or mildly amusing. Other than those funny parts, this episode just bored for the most part and I really didn't like Benson and it just wasn't the episode I expected. Overall, an okay episode of "Regular Show" but it sure is right down in the sewers as a disappointment. 6/10

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