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Season 2 Episode 14

Muscle Woman

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Apr 04, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Mordecai and Rigby help get Muscle Man and his girlfriend back together; however, she begins to fall for Mordecai.

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  • Poor episode of Regular Show

    Mordecai and Rigby help get Muscle Man and his girlfriend back together; however, she begins to fall for Mordecai. Wow, this episode was just poor in my opinion. I wonder why three enjoyed this episode, but I'm guessing they're Muscle Man fans. I pretty much agreed what tiger dude 22 said in that review everything is awful expect for for a few parts. First of all, it was great to hear more dialog from High Five Ghost, but he talked a couple and they're were medium sentences. The action scene was kinda impressive, but it didn't save the episode. Also, it was cool that this episode reveals Muscle Man's real name which is Mitch and I forgot what his last name is. Other than those thing, it was awful and unfunny. Starla (Muscle Man's girlfriend) was creepy me out especially when she falls in love with Mordecai. Ugh..that is so weird and random. Overall, a poor episode that was 75% awful in it. Worst Regular Show episode I've seen. 4/10moreless
  • The worst "Regular Show" episode I've ever seen

    First of all, this is nowhere near as good as last Monday's new "Regular Show" episode "This Is My Jam". In fact, "This Is My Jam" is WAY better than this episode. Muscle Man is heartbroken because his girlfriend broke up with him and can't work because he is so heartbroken. Mordecai and Rigby go tell Benson that Muscle Man can't work because he is heartbroken so Benson tells Mordecai and Rigby to go do Muscle Man's work. Mordecai and Rigby convince Muscle Man's girlfriend to get back together with Muscle Man but then Muscle Man's girlfriend starts to fall in love with Mordecai and Mordecai decides to go on one date with Muscle Man's girlfriend so that Mordecai can break up with her and she could go to Muscle Man but things didn't work out as they planned. Muscle Man's girlfriend starts to go out of control and chases after Mordecai and Rigby and destroys the town. Muscle Man talks to his girlfriend and they both get back together. There was absolutely nothing great about this episode and the whole plot was just horrifying to watch. Muscle Man crying in the shower was just disturbing to me and unnecessary. The way Muscle Man and his girlfriend make out was just disgusting and made me want to throw up just looking at it just like what Mordecai and Rigby said. Nothing funny about this episode at all and it was nothing but a disgusting and horrifying episode. The plot to this episode was very weak and I despise that Starla character so much. Overall, I love this show but this is the worst "Regular Show" episode I've ever seen... it's way worse than "Benson Be Gone". 1/10moreless
  • Starlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Muscle Man can't work anymore, because he so sad that his girlfriend Starla broke up with him, so Mordecai and Rigby try to get him back with Starla, but Mordecai ends up with her. He breaks up with her, and she goes crazy, and starts destoring the citry, but ends up with Muscle Man again.

    This was a great episode. I loved the disturbing image of Muscle Man in the shower, and I love how he just freaks out in the grocery store. Also, High Five Ghost talks in this episode, which starts a bunch of episodes in which he talks a lot.

    Overall Grade: 95%/A-moreless
  • You know who else doesn't like to talk about her feelings? MY MOM!

    Soooo, MuscleMan isn't working cause his girlfriend Starla dumped him yesterday, so M&R have to do all his work. Then they decide to help them get back together. HFG takes them to the store Starla works in and she falls for MOrdecai while he is talking about how great MuscleMan is cause she loves guys who talk about feelings.

    So Rigby gets the idea to get Starla & Mordecai to date, then Mordecai dumps her and she goes back to MuscleMan. But the plan fails cause when Mordecai dfumps her she goes all She-Hulk on the park, even knocking down a news helicopter. So M&R go asks MuscleMan for help, and he goes and calms her down telling her how much he loves her and how sensitive he is. Then we find out his real name is Mitch Sorenstein, and he french kissed Starla (ewww). The M&R comment on how distrubing this was and they'd rather be doing Mitch's work right how.

    Overall: Great episode of RS this week! It was really funny & HFG spoke (a lot!). The bes was: M&R stepping on the sand they just raked, "I ownder who has more junk in teh trunk", Starla taking down the news helicopter & of course the my mom joke by the end. 9.5/10.moreless
  • Hilarious episode with interesting animation sequence.

    First off let me say tigerdude22 did a good job at summarizing how the episode played out. However the fact that naked/kissing cartoons characters disturb him so much to wrongly vote with a "1" makes me think he is a hardcore virgin.

    With that out of the way, this was a hilarious episode. It introduced a new character (probably one who will only make minor appearances from now on) along with telling us more about Muscle Man. He actually has a funny jewish name, his birthname, which I wont spoil. I will say this episode shows us that Muscle Man isn't just a brainless moron, but a human with deep loving emotion. Mordecai and Rigby are their normal selves, with the exception of Mordecai going on dates with Muscle Woman. Benson is in their briefly, and Skips and Pops are unseen. High Five ghost has more verbal lines in this episode then any other, but he kinda sounds like a nerd who doesn't know how to do a proper ghostly voiceover.

    What made this episode was Muscle Woman's post-dump rampage. This sequence is riddled with elaborate animation and the bizarre anomalies we have grown to love and expect from this show. I really liked the part where the Mattress Knight traveled back to his mid-evil dimension. (you have to see this episode!)

    Overall I have to say this is one of the more interesting and less stale episodes I have seen from Regular Show. I hope they keep switching it up like this.moreless

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