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Season 4 Episode 8

One Pull Up

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Nov 26, 2012 on Cartoon Network
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Rigby must do one pull-up to pass the park's physical exam or else he will lose his job. When Rigby can't do a pull-up, Eileen trains Rigby to do a pull-up so he can pass and keep his job at the park.

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  • Eileen's time to shine!

    PLOT: It starts off with everyone training for a park physical. Everyone passes with flying colors, all except for Rigby, who's unable to do one pull-up. I can really relate to Rigby, since god knows that I can do a pull-up in the slightest. Anyways, there are some complications with Rigby no being able to finish the physical... he'll loose his job. He sets off to train by, of course, playing a videogame, but obviously, it doesn't work. Rigby retreats to the coffee shop, where Eileen (without Margaret, amazingly) offers to help him save his job at the park.

    I love this episode so much because it allows Eileen, who's stood in the shadow of Margaret for too long, to develop her relationship with Rigby. It ends up being her advice that helps his complete the pull-up.

    The ending was the most satisfying, though. Rigby thanks Eileen for everything she did, and that he couldn't of done it without her. He says that he would hug her, but due to the weight of his arms, he didn't want to hurt her. WOAH. Rigby.. offering a HUG? And concerned about someone other than HIMSELF?

    Overall, a great episode. Especially for all ya'll shippers that like Rigby and Eileen.moreless
  • Rigby has to do one pull-up

    Rigby must do one pull-up to pass the park's physical exam or else he will lose his job. When Rigby can't do a pull-up, Eileen trains Rigby to do a pull-up so he can pass and keep his job at the park. IMO, this was the best Rigby centered episode. Some of the past episodes weren't really favorites but this episode surpasses them. Only minor problem was Muscle Man keeping Rigby from doing one pull up although it was a little at the same time. I really hope they don't make Muscle Man like that anymore, I thought he was improving after Trucker Hall of Fame. Same goes to Rigby and I hope he and Benson will get more along. I liked that Eileen trains Rigby to do one pull up and then the ends he hugged her (second time Eileen shown w/o her glasses), This episode wasn't the best nor the funniest for this season but it proves to be at least excellent.moreless
  • Just One Pull-Up Rigby!!!

    Rigby has to do a pull-up if he wants to keep his job but he can't do it. I enjoyed this episode... it wasn't my favorite but it's great for what it was worth in my opinion. It's interesting to actually that Eileen made an appearance without Margaret. I am a bit disappointed though because I always look forward to Margaret making appearances but my score isn't low for that. MuscleMan wasn't much a of a problem surprisingly either. I just didn't like what a jerk he was to Rigby in the beginning when Rigby was trying to do a pull-up, it was mean and it just got annoying. The part where he advertises for everyone in town to see Rigby fail at doing a pull-up was drop-dead hilarious and when everyone was actually there to see Rigby fail at doing a pull-up but of course Rigby passes his one pull-up but with a very heavy and huge arm though. Eileen training Rigby to do a pull-up was sweet and how she believed in him was sweeter. I'm still more for the Mordecai/Margaret relationship thing but the Rigby/Eileen thing is cute too. The episode just felt lacking at place, I really didn't laugh much, and the execution just felt a bit odd and gave you late bad-taste but in a bad way but more in an odd way so I really think the episode could've improved. But I did enjoy it so solid job to the writers. Weird that Mordecai wasn't in this episode much though because Mordecai is usually there for Rigby but he doesn't really hang out with Rigby in this one so it is Rigby as a full-on main character of this episode with not much Mordecai which felt weird to me... I don't know if I'm the only one :D haha but yeah great episode I would recommend it. 8/10moreless
  • Rigby must do a pull up in order to keep his job, but he can't do it so Eileen coaches him.

    Rigby must do a pull up in order to keep his job, but he can't do it so Eileen coaches him. This was an awesome episode of Regular Show, but it definetly wasn't my favorite season 4 episode. Exit 9B is still my favorite season 4 episode. Now the plot in this episode was very original and I loved it. There were some partsd that made me laugh like MuscleMan doing sound to make Rigby mess up. Rigby trying to do a pull up but fails. MuscleMan doing an event to see Rigby fail at it was hilarous. "Oh how embarising" and much more. My only nit pick was that Thomas wasn't in it again. I think Thomas is now a recurring character. The only episodes he's been in are the first 3. On 150 piece kit and guys night he made a cameo appearance and he hasn't been on the other episodes. I hope we see Thomas more in the future. Now it was nice to Eileen without Margret this one time and I liked the relationship between Eileen and Rigby. I'm gonna start focusing on that relationship, because it's obvious that Margret and Mordecai aren't gonna happen any time soon. I also hope we see that in the future more. Overall, another awesome episode of Regular Show. 10/10.moreless

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    • The game console Rigby uses to train for the pull-up was the Sega Master System!

    • Rocky
      The training montage Eileen makes Rigby go through is very similar to the training montage in the 1976 hit movie, and it even has music that sounds very similar to Gonna Fly Now, the theme song for the movie. Additionally, the idea of getting stronger muscles through electroshock therapy is exactly the same method that was used in Rocky IV, as Rocky's opponent Ivan Drago used electroshock therapy as a method for getting stronger before their fight against each other.