Regular Show

Season 2 Episode 21

Over the Top

Aired Monday 7:30 PM May 23, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Skips accidentally kills Rigby while arm wrestling and fights Death to get him back.

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  • An early edgy episode.

    Before Regular Show became a sentimental program resembling a predictable sitcom, there were episodes like this. This one features a guilt driven wager with Death and Mozart's requiem. This is the first appearance of Death before he became the humor device of later episodes. This features one of the top surreal experiences in the series and tells us more about Skips than any other episode. This is one of the best episodes and it can be watched over and over. If Mozart was alive, he would approve

  • Score lower because of the scene with Rigby dead

    Skips accidentally kills Rigby while arm wrestling and fights Death to get him back. I thought this was a superb episode. Well, this episode had an okay plot when I first heard about it, but it turned better as I expected. Of course, Rigby death (as I put it at the top) made the score lower because it was depressing to watch. The flashback was very interesting especially when the gang were hanging out at a bar by handwrestling. Although I didn't really like the scene either when Skips killed Rigby because he hurts he so badly. The scene with Skips defeating Death to bring Rigby back was interesting. The ending was hilarious. Overall, a superb episode that turned out be better from the storyline. 9/10moreless
  • Skips: Playco Armboy!

    Soooo, Skiips kills Rigby, and then, e get a flashback to see HOW he did so. So let's stay about a week earlier, the gang was at a bar and everyone failed to beat Skips at armwrestling, except Rigby. This dirves Skips mad and obessed for a rematch, and gfoes into excessive training, but on the rematch, he loses - AGAIN. So while looking in Rigby's stuff, MOrdo tells him to look up PLayco Armboy on trhe web, and Skips learns Rigby cheated all along.So at the bar the following week, he takes the Armboy and arm wrestles him so strongly he kills him. Back on da hospital Death appears to take Rigby, and Skips challenges him to arm wrestle, and eventually beats him using Playco Armboy.

    So ten with Rigby they leave the hospital, with Rigby wanting to prank people using his death as advantage.

    Overall: IT was great plot wise, as you cpouold feel Skips' pride being hurt and his obession, but joke wise it wasn't so good. But as the sotrywas so well crafted, I give it an 8.5/10.moreless
  • Skips kills Rigby when they both arm wrestled and Skips must defeat Death in order to bring Rigby back to life

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Regular Show". The plot didn't sound great to me but it actually turned out better than I expected. Although, I didn't like the fact that Rigby actually died in this episode especially because since they have already done an episode where Rigby died before but this episode was well written. Skips flaskbacking on how he killed Rigby was very interesting and pretty funny on the way there. Rigby arm wrestles Skips and keeps beating him so Skips feels like he is weak and asking Rigby for a rematch. Rigby does a rematch with Skips and still beats him until Skips finds out from Mordecai that Rigby was just pranking Skips the whole time by using that robotic arm that helps you win arm wrestling so Skips gets very mad now. Skips arm wrestles Rigby (without the robotic arm) and he slams Rigby on the table and Rigby dies. I thought it was very cool that Death was a Ghost Rider reference. Skips makes a deal with Death which was if Skips wins then Death brings Rigby back to life and if Death wins then he gets to take Skips. Skips and Death arm wrestling was very interesting to watch in this episode and I am happy that Skips won and Rigby is alive again. The only thing I didn't like was that Skips was out of character in this episode... he just went out of control and I didn't like it. Also, I wouldn't recommend this episode to the Rigby fans because they would probably cry seeing Rigby dead. Overall, a superb episode of "Regular Show". 9/10moreless

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