Regular Show

Season 1 Episode 9

Prank Callers

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Nov 01, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Mordecai and Rigby discover the joys of prank calling and decide to try pranking the Master Prank Caller. Pranking him, however, is easier said than done and are sent back in time to the year 1982 for trying to prank him.
  • Congratulations, this episode beat Just Set up the Chairs.

    Congratulations, this episode has beaten Just set up the Chairs. Now before this episode aired Just Set up the chairs was my favorite season 1 episode, but this is my favorite Season 1 episode. Ok Mordecai and Rigby go online to watch prank calls so they do some themselves and they get into some trouble with the mast prank caller and they get stuck in the 80's. I thought this was a perfect episode of Regular Show. Now when I first saw Just Set up the chairs, Prank callers came on right after that and after of laughing so hard I thought there was no way this episode would beat that but I was wrong. This episode did beat it. Now I did laugh at a lot of stuff like when Mordecai and Rigby went back into the 1980's. I laughed when Mordecai and rigby called everyone, now Benson was the funniest he smashed the phone and broke it was drop dead hilarious!!! Now when they called everyone they said " Please hold your JOE MAMA!!' That part was drop dead hilarious! I also laughed when the Master Prank Callers was getting mad at them and they couldn't beat prank call him. I also laughed at the very ending. I forgot what happened but I rememeber me laughing. Now the storyline was really good and I loved it. So this episode beat Just Set up the chairs. Oh yeah, I also laughed when I founded out that the Master Prank Caller was a cell phone. I was laughing so hard when I found that out. Overall 10/10.moreless
  • Hilarious episode

    Plot:Mordecai and Rigby discover the joys of prank calling and decide to try pranking the Master Prank Caller. Pranking him, however, is easier said than done and are sent back in time to the year 1982 for trying to prank him.

    Parts I liked:

    * Mordecais and Rigby doing a prank to Benson

    * Benson's prank

    * Mordecai and Rigby's pranks on the Master Prank Caller and annoying him.

    * "The 80s called, they want their cell phones back!"

    * The last part where Benson fell down when the chairs disappear.

    Overall score: 10/10 It was on the best episode on Regular Show for the first season.moreless
  • This and the power are the two best episodes in season 1.

    This was the second ever episode of Regular Show I ever watched and I found it hilarious. When I was younger I used to be really good at prank calls and my friends would always tell me to do them and sit and laugh at the stupid stuff I would say so this episode reminded me of that. I like how they prank call everyone in the house which makes Benson go mad and smash the phone then they cannot prank the Master Prank Caller. I also like how they go back in time to the year the creator was born and I like when they go inside the phone and it has all the doors to different times it looks so cool and I also really like the ending.moreless
  • Mordecai and Rigby are prank calling

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Regular Show". It was hilarious and awesome at the same time. Mordecai and Rigby are watching prank calls online so they decide to prank call. Mordecai and Rigby thought that they were the best prank callers ever that they wanted to call the Prank Call Master (or something close to that). Mordecai and Rigby prank calling Pops, Skips, and Benson were absolutely hilarious. It was very funny when they were calling the Prank Call Master and the Prank Call Master was getting furious with them. Mordecai and Rigby get transported to the 80s world where they also see Pops from the past along the way. The Prank Call Master is chasing after Mordecai and Rigby and needed the others' help so they both transported Benson, Skips, and Pops to the 80s world to help them. Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, Skips, and Benson defeat the Prank Call Master and they go back to the present. The Prank Call Master just wanted to prank call people so Mordecai, Rigby, and the Prank Call Master prank call at the end of the episode. Overall, an excellent episode of "Regular Show". 10/10moreless
  • Yeah Pops? Please stay on hold for a call from JOE MAMA!

    So M&R are watching Prank Calls online and decide to prank call themselves. They call Pops, Benson & Skips. Benson then bans them from using the phone so they use Pops' 80s cell phones instead. Then they try to prankcall the master prank caller, who gets fed up with them and uses the magic phrae "The 80s called they want there phone back!" and M&R are teleported back to 1982. After realising what happened they call the other cell phone, with Pops answers and Mordecai says the same phrase teleporting them back. The master prank caller then materializes and coes after them on his limo. Then Skips crashes the limo and they crash into an electronics store. Mordecai gets an idea after watching a message recorder.

    Master Prankcaller tries to prank call them but it's the message in the answering machine and after he is pranked, the guys get through his head and go back home (cleverly labeled as "present"). Then, they prank call BEnson with the Master.

    Overall: Excellent. Hilarious. Joe Mama. This episode is worth watching. 10/10.moreless

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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Benson: Hello.
      Mordecai, Rigby and the Master Prank Caller: One, two, three! The 70's called, they want their chair back!

    • Master Prank Caller: Hello.
      Rigby: Hi. this is Stan.
      Master Prank Caller: Stan who?
      Rigby: Uh.... Stan... Stanmanson.
      Master Prank Caller: Your name is Stan Stanmanson?
      Rigby: Uh... yup!

    • Master Prank Caller: Hello.
      Mordecai: Yeah, this is eh... pizza delivery guy. I have 50 pizzas here that you ordered.
      Master Prank Caller: Sounds great, bring them over.
      Mordecai: Uh... you ordered 50 pizzas?
      Master Prank Caller: Yeah, and hot wings. Get here quick, okay? Your mom's like totally starving.
      Mordecai: Yeah, okay, uh... I gotta go!

    • Mordecai & Rigby: Pops, can we borrow your phone?
      Pops: Oh, I would, but I'm holding to talk with Jo Momma.

    • Benson: Well, what do you guys think of my prank? Ring ring, hello, what's that? Mordecai and Rigby are banned from using the house phone? Okay. (rips the phone out of the wall and smashes it off the ground several times)

    • Benson: Hello.Mordecai: Hey, Benson. You got any books by JO MOMMA?
      Benson: Who is this?

    • Skips: Hello.
      Rigby: Hey Skips, do you have a son named Jo Momma?
      Skips: Excuse me?

    • Pops: Hello.
      Rigby: Hello, Pops.
      Pops: Yes?
      Rigby: Please hold for a collect call from.... YOUR MOMMA!

    • Old Woman: Hello.
      Master Prank Caller: Uh, yes, this is I'm a sure.
      Old Woman: I'm a sure who?
      Master Prank Caller: I'm a sure glad I ain't your momma!

    • Master Prank Caller: The 1980's called; they want their cell phones back!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Pop-Star Reference: Rigby

      Rigby is seen dressed as Michael Jackson from his Thriller music video when MPC pranked them again.

    • J.G. Quintel was born in the year 1982, which explains the plot.

    • Plot: Prank Calling and 1982

      The episode focuses on Mordecai and Rigby prank calling and they were stuck in 1982. This episode was based on two popular prank calls from the 1960s to the 1980s; The Jerky Boys and Tube Bar, which became a running gag in The Simpsons which aired in 1989.