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Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Monday 7:30 PM Feb 18, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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  • The sequel to the episode "Don"?

    This episode is about Skips' cousin named Quips. This episode was really bad. Basically Quips tells annoying jokes, so everyone in the park wont play board game night with him. So, they play with the giant babies from "Free Cake" and "Fists of Steel". Anyways the baby gets mad at Quips and traps Skips and Quips in a cube until Quips says sorry. Yea. Pretty bad episode. Im getting dissapointed with the episode quality of Regular Show.moreless
  • I can understand everyone criticism with Quips

    Skips' cousin, Quips shows up at the park for game night, cracking bad jokes to the groundskeepers during his stay. This episode, I can accept the reason why it is so hated. Skips' cousin Quips gives everyone a headache. How do I think of Quips? To be honest, I would put up with his jokes than hear most of my annoying classmates' jokes. I can tolerate him more than my classmates who they all give me huge headache. He is still of a major flaw in this episode though. Other flaw was that he ticked Reginald the giant baby off that he loses his cool and trapped Quips and Skips in a cube face. I just liked that Skips told Quips about how he feels about him. At least the episode ended on a funny note: Quips now entertains the kids as a clown. As for other funny parts, there were maybe at least 3 of Quips' jokes (but most of them are puns), one of Pops' lines, and one other. Overall, this was an okay episode of Regular Show. 7/10moreless
  • We met Rigby's older brother Don back in Season 1 and now comes Skips' ANNOYING cousin Quips

    Going into this episode, I knew what was coming to me. The commercials didn't have me pleased really so I wasn't looking forward to this episode and just didn't hype up with this episode. Thank goodness I didn't hype up because it is definitely the episode I expected going into it. A non-stop annoying episode thanks to Skips' annoying cousin Quips. This episode was not good but it was not bad either... at least the writers knew Quips was annoying and I respect for that plus that's really what the writers were going for and that's why my score isn't awful. It is an annoying episode? oh hell yes 100% annoying from start to finish. Did it have a good storyline at least? yeah it did and I enjoyed all of the characters here EXCEPT for Quips of course. I hated Quips so much... he definitely gave me a headache after the episode ended. We just kept saying the awful and annoying jokes from left to right without even stopping and even in the end when Skips told him the truth that he is not funny and just annoying, I still didn't feel for him. That was so cool of Skips to mention Rigby's brother Don from Season 1 when he said to Rigby "Hey, when your brother Don was here.... no one had a problem with him" and then Rigby responded with "Yeah because everyone loved him while I tried to get rid of him" so that was a cool comeback from there since this is possibly a sequel to "Don" because this time it's us meeting Skips' cousin who is, once again, very annoying indeed. Get past Quips and you'll probably enjoy the episode more than I did... if you can't then you're going to get a major headache afterwards and just not enjoy the episode at all so I can't say I recommend the episode at all not to anyone. This is all I'm going to say, if you ever plan to watch this episode... just watch this episode knowing what you're getting out of it. 6/10moreless
  • Once again, I under-rated an episode. It's good... if you ignore Quips.

    Once again, I feel I really under-rated something ( My god, how many times am I gonna overdo these?). And I've noticed; Ever since my return, I've had more Negative Reviews (6.0- 1.0) than Positive, so I'm gonna give it my all to positiview ( Positively Review) this.

    I feel this was actually a good episode. It had some good jokes that WEREN't revolved around Quips, and overall, I felt like it had a great amount of potential that wasn't used. However, that's not to say it's bad. It's good, I mean, REALLY good. ( Best since Longest Quips was good, Although I still HATE the lack of Thomas ( Yeah, remember him? ................. that's what I But besides that, it's good, has some good jokes in it, and has a great charm to it that many people don't give it credit for. So, overall....................

    8/10 Bmoreless
  • I got a headache from this one...

    Okay, even though I think Skips is okay and I do think he deserves an episode revolving around him, this episode was nothing but annoying and a waste of time. The jokes and puns were terrible.... even though the show acknowledges that they're terrible, they seemed way too forced. I got nothing out of this episode.. AT ALL.

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