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  • Getting worse...

    Regular Show was pretty good when it started out, but it's gotten a lot worse. The tone has become very mean-spirited; the characters are really annoying, especially Rigby.

    This has gotten WAY too weird, even for Regular Show standards! Adventure Time, another weird show, is better, because that show is more fun, where Regular Show is almost depressing.

    The first season and parts of the second season were pretty good, which is why I'm giving it only a 5/10 and not something lower, but it's just becoming unwatchable now.
  • One of the best show on Cartoon Network right now. (REVISED) I Still Love it!

    Plot: This show follows two groundskeepers, a six-foot-tall blue jay named Mordecai and Rigby the raccoon. It shows their adventures as they try to entertain themselves on a daily basis.

    My Thoughts in a few sentences: I LOVE Regular Show and I STILL do today even though -people complain about it TOO much on its recent seasons. Let be me honest. Seasons 1 and 2 weren't the best seasons because almost all the episodes from those two were usually Mordecai and Rigby doing something (usually their jobs). I Loved seasons 3 because they relied on other characters as well besides those two. If the show has all episodes with M and R 's job it'd been boring and that's why I'm glad they're kind of toning down those type of episodes even though it will still pops out occasionally. The only flaws (nitpicking) I had are the lack of humor the recent seasons had been getting. Cut it out with the drama already. I'm here to enjoy some comedy not drama. Also, Rigby, Benson, and Muscle Man can get REALLY mean and annoying at times and that's why my favorite characters. Now, let's get on with that category.

    Characters: Mordecai used to be the best but eventually not anymore. Why? The writers are using him too much focus on him. Skips is my favorite character because of his interesting backstory. Rigby is funnier than Mordecai but by all means better. He comes as a really annoying jerk at times and they need lay off that already. I liked his mature personality in season 4 better than how he acted in the first three season, but they have bring it back for Season 5 (for awhile though). Benson was my favorite character for awhile until I realize that he's just a jerk. Out of the jerk characters, he's kind of the worst because some of his short fuss can get too out of hand. Don't get me wrong, Think Positive was funny, but there are time that his short temper aren't needed like in More Smarter (and don't make me get started on that rude verbal threat towards the end). Even though in Busted Cart that he doesn't hate M and R, he just hates their BS. But everytime they try to make Benson respect Mordecai and Rigby, he just go back being a jerk and forgets everything. Like in Best Burgers in the World was his ultimate low. I really hope Benson gets a bit nicer since he is not my favorite character anymore. His short temper depends on the episode. If it done while acting a jerk, then unacceptable, but if it done while not being a jerk, then it's funny. Also, I'm a little tired of his backstory since the writers want us to feel bad for Benson, but really it's hard not to due to his mean behavior. Pops is funny and he always never disappoint me. Skips like I said before, is an interesting character. That's why he's my favorite right now. Muscle Man is funny but occasionally an annoying jerk like Rigby and Benson. He was overused but now the writers tone him already. Thanks God for that, MM haters (even though Mordecai is STILL overused). Fives is cool but not my favorite. I'm glad he got a more attention this year. Margaret is OK but not my cup of tea. Eileen is my favorite female character on the show (a tad overrated). Thomas is amazing so far because I can't wait to see what will happen to him in the later episode (John Infantino said something about the future of Thomas' character). He had some funny moments so that's great. Starla is OK but she was a little overused but anymore. She barely appeared in this season except for a few cameos. CJ is great and sort of cool but I just think she's an overrated character. Villains are great characters as well though I can't decide which was my favorite. This is a tough one to rate but I'll go with 9/10.

    Story: Most of the story are just awesome. Though the storyline that are getting tiresome are the ones with Mordecai and Rigby's job. They don't really seem to belong in season 4 or 5 and not even season 3 (for the most part). I say that type of story are out of date since we been getting more screen time for the others. Also, Mordecai episodes are really tiring. Like, he is used too much now. Before that, it was Muscle Man (they toned him down this season in terms of the episodes he is focused) and somewhat Rigby in the early seasons. The best stories are usually with the gang. Margaret stories started out this but they became tiring as well. Skips stories are my second favorite. 7.5/10

    Writing: For some reason every single episodes are written by more than one writer (Though Mike Roth wrote the outline himself in The Power), but not that I'm complaining. The writing is very superb but that are times that lazy writing occurs. 9/10

    Humor: Of course, what would Regular Show be known for? Sadly, this has been toned down in the latest season, but it doesn't stop me getting a 10/10.

    Drama: Half of the time, it handled well like That's My Television and Exit 9B, but the other half not so well. This is the reason why people want more comedy in the newer episodes. 5/10

    Voice acting: Flawless since I don't think any voices are annoying except for Muscle Man (sometimes) and Starla. Though I'm not a fan of realistic voices, . Quintel's voice as Mordecai is awesome even people are too much of Captains Obvious when they hear JG. His Fives is OK but it's just Mordecai (and his own voice) with a high pitched voice. William Slayers is decent but he voices too many background characters. Sam Marin's performance as Benson, Pops, and Muscle Man are awesome. Benson is awesome when he get mad, Pops is the voice I've grown to like it (at first I hated his voice), and Muscle Man is great expect sometimes it get annoying especially when he squeals like a pig. Not that it's really annoying and I think it's funny but the writers need to make it's not overused. Mark Hamill's Skips voice is great and I enjoyed every single role he ever did in the show. Of course, he's known for bad guys voices. Roger Craig Smith is superb but there are times where it's not needed to voice a certain character. He's the most used recurring VA but I think the casting directors need to promote Roger to the featured voice/main cast. I like his Thomas voice because it surprisingly sounds like Sonic the Hedgehog, but calmer. His other voices are great as well. All in all, RS has excellent voice acting. 10/10

    Art: I love the artwork for this show. The backgrounds are designed and painted very well. So does the color and the character designs. 10/10

    Animation: At first, Regular Show lacks amazing animation except whenever there was a particular climax in seasons 1 and 2. Now the animation is noticeably better in the later episodes especially the 22 minutes specials (exception: Thanksgiving Special). 10/10

    Last appeal: I expect 8-10 seasons of this show. 10/10

    Overall, Regular Show is basically an awesome show. I can't wait for more character developments of certain characters and more adventures when season 6 comes. 10/10
  • Make better episodes please

    This show was really good for the first couple seasons. That's the main reason why my score is so high. The episodes following kinda sucked. The show got corny and not as funny as usual. Benson always seems to be pissed about something, which adds the humor to the show. You guys need to make interesting episodes instead of Rigby trying to do a pull-up
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  • I like it.

    Well written.


    Way more understandable than Adventure Time.
  • All random!

    First of all what kind of a title is Regular Show it's just plain boring. Also the characters are so random; whats so funny about a blue bird with some brown thing that follows the blue bird! The boss is just some strange alien with a frisbee head and there is some strong guy who was created by flying naked babies!

    Finally the weird hooting they do every few seconds is insane!
  • Best Show eva


  • stupid

    everytime mordicai and rigby mess up it ends up stupid come on now make better shows than this
  • Better than Adventure Time.

    This show is pretty decent, and does have a few problems with it which aren't big deals, like Fairly Odd Parents. What I mean by this is better than Adventure Time is that this show has more adventure, more action, and more fighting! Seriously, this show is better.
  • One of my favorite animated shows.

    I've been watching Regular Show since it first aired on Cartoon Network, and ever since the beginning, I have loved it.

    The show started out great for the first few seasons and, unfortunately, dropped in quality around the middle of where it is now. The plots and jokes started to become all the same: Mordecai and Rigby do something dumb, and then a giant creature gets summoned and almost destroys the place.

    Over the past season, however, the show has returned to its former glory. The plots are clever, the jokes are fresh, and the show's characters are as entertaining to watch as ever. Let's hope it stays that way.
  • Not very good.

    This show is very regular to the point where it's boring. I also hate the fact that they swear and the show has bad morals.
  • Overrated to the max!!

    I apologize in advance to the fans of this show, but everyone has an opinion on something, and my opinion on Regular Show is that it SUCKS! Horribly. I watched some of this show, I thought I'd give it a chance and I originally gave it a mediocre score. But now that I've watched more of it, I realize just how shitty this cartoon is.

    Regular Show doesn't offer much of anything entertaining. Most of the characters aren't likable, especially Rigby, the plots are pretty random and non-sensical, and it doesn't have a very good art style. Mordecai and Rigby, I'm sad to say, are the main characters. From what I've seen, they do whatever they can to skip out on doing work. Rigby in particular is pretty unlikable, due to how lazy and selfish he is most of the time. The other characters don't help the show for me either. Benson is loud, Pops sort of creeps me out, and Muscle Man is just unbearable.

    The plots for the show are strange. They always seem to end up with some of the characters going into some crazy other world or a different dimension, usually due to Mordecai and Rigby doing something stupid. It's just too freakin' weird for me. The humor can be good sometimes, but mostly, it's pretty obnoxious, particularly whenever Muscle Man ends a question with "My Mom! Wooooo!" Also, there are a lot of innuendos in Regular Show. Isn't it great that Cartoon Network is showing kids a show with a raccoon joking about 'pulling hammies'? NO! It's not great CN! What are you thinking nowadays?!

    I will admit that Regular Show has got some really cool music. Skips is a pretty cool character, and Mordecai has his moments. But apart from those things, I do not like this cartoon at all. It's highly overrated, and I don't get why this show is so freakin' popular. Ugh! I'm gonna get so much heat for this review. Oh well.
  • At Least

    This show is great. It is a symbol of hope for cartoon network with the Horrible World of Gumball. This show could honestly only be just a little better. I hated the first season, but it's a lot better than it used to be.
  • It used to be irregular; not so much anymore.

    I really do love the show. It's funny, and I love how the purpose of the show, is to make it irregular. It was irregular in the first season, which made it unlike other TV shows, with petty love triangles, and drama. But now Regular Show, is most definitely, regular. Again, this really annoys me. I don't mind a little romance between the characters, but there's nothing that is super irregular like in season 1, and maybe a little bit of season 2. However, I don't like the idea of Ceejay becoming Mordecai's girlfriend, because it's just so typical. Also, the episodes really are going downhill. That doesn't mean I don't think the show is funny, it's just that in the first couple of seasons, I was laughing at everything, and I thought the ideas were so clever, and enjoyed every episode. Now, in the most recent episodes, they're getting so boring, and sometimes I am finding myself either turning off the TV, or changing the channel. The point is, Regular Show is getting pretty boring. And typical things are happening, that would happen in other TV shows.
  • Better than most.

    It's better than most of CN's shows. I'm Hoping Ceejay becomes Mordeki's girlfriend.
  • Regular Show : not the best, but understandable to me

    I say that this show has it's own unique way of making ideas. The art style doesn't have much detail, but story, scenes, characters' personalities are awesome. I will admit that this show is pretty good, BUT still not the best cartoon there is, since there are several errors in several episodes. It already has several seasons, and I really enjoyed watching it. In my opinion, it's entertaining, funny, and . Quintel must have great imagination. The rating PG makes more sense than Y7, since it has sexual jokes that kids under 8 or 10 might not understand. AND, I can understand WHY it's called Regular Show. It's because the characters act like regular people on a regular day, then they freak out in the middle of an episode, but how we would react too if something bad like a monster came to the park, unless we have weapons and stuff. So anyways, I've heard from many kids, that this show is awesome, and I'm just gonna say in MY opinion, that this show became my favorite ever since I started watching it.
  • My childhood is ruined!

    Regular show is the worst show ever. In fact, Quintel is the worst creator of Cartoon Network. These writers can't draw rightly. Looks like a five year old drawing and some few episodes that has error like "Power Tower", where you can see the color errors. It's unfinished! If some people think it was the best, they're bunch of idiots! Bring back the 90's, please. I'm smart in the 90's so I think this show is bad, and if you think you're smarter in the 90's, then good for you.
  • Pretty Standard Viewing At this Point

    "Regular Show, it's anything but" ~ Best Tagline EVAH

    In all seriousness, the "randomness" and spontaneity is what keeps me coming.

    The story aka the plot to each episode does however detract from the overall quality of this show.

    Like others have mentioned, the first time this came out, JG Quintel landed a gold mine.

    No need to explain how the novelty of a show that

    __makes you believe these obscurely designed main characters are living a normal, real-life existence, up until the problem escalates to out of the ordinary circumstances to which the characters must resolve/respond accordingly__

    was, and still is it's biggest appeal. Factor in 80's & some 90's references, catch phrases, the title characters' musical tunes with relatable + surreal humor (innuendos) and those running gags... that's how I define Regular Show....

    Now, 5 seasons in, I admit I haven't been the biggest and most devoted follower, but I catch some recent episodes, and it's the little things that bug me.

    -It's incredibly formulaic with almost each episode opening on Mordecai & Rigby doing something to past the time or trying get an assigned task done with Benson ending that scene with his quintessential encouraging words of advice.

    -Mordecai & Rigby are lazy and/or clumsy, Rigby as the instigator, we know that by now.

    -We also know there's always going to be something strange to tie in to the story's conflict ( typically worth looking forward to) and the characters learn in the end, or so we think.

    -Then, there are those episodes that give the other characters backstory via, "woah, we never knew that before"; rinse & repeat.

    It's a humorous cartoon first & foremost with some other notes of entertainment. Any genuine growth has been put off to the sidelines as the audience gets a message within it all.

    I suppose the earlier seasons were bursting with life & creativity. Now it almost feels like Quintel's team is getting a lil' bored or yeah, they're running out of ideas.

  • The show is declining recently

    The New Year's Eve disapointed me while the last Christmas special was great. The New Year Eve was just short, the plot is repetitvely illogical, the medusa girl just easily persuaded by Mordecai then going on with him then suddenly she went kissed to guy who disguised as Mordecai. Dafuq? Then Mordecai suddenly kisses the cloud girl who was in disguise, instead of chasing her to ask for identity, he stood there like an idiot. The whole future Rigby became useless since i don't understand why Quintel put the future apparition on to stop the kiss but in the end the prophecy doesn't prove working to be warned.

    I just reacted to the New Year Special with an


  • Its anything but... Well idk

    Alrighty, regular show! A blue jay and a racoon doing stuff at a park and getting to weird troubles. Now me talk about this show. In my opinion, I adore the first few seasons but then after a bunch of episodes it got kinda boring. I bet it will be much better if you were a regular person but no im just some guy who eats salt. The plots were great and the entertainment was pretty funny. Like what TheOneNameLayla said it is pretty repetative. That's what made the show boring after a while. I only enjoy the first few seasons. I don't know how this appeared on CN. some of the jokes and scenes ares stuff adults know. The animation even looks like it is for adults. In Ello Govna i heard Mordecai say "crap". How did they get away with that? :P

    Now the characters. I like all the characters except for one. Muscle man. He is pretty cool at some times but then very annoying at most times. Same for pops and his annoying laughs but at least pops sometimes make me laugh. Alright, enough of this. Overall, the show WAS great but then went downhill after a few episodes. My rates up there... Just in case.... ._. ^^^
  • So Repetive I think I will die!! Of Boredom that is!

    It was cute at first I will admit, and I thught it would be my new fav show BUT BOY WAS I WRONG!!! Every episodes like this,

    "Dude we gotta fix this for Bensen finds out!"

    "Yeah I know

    *Doesn't fix it asks for Skips

    "Yes I've seen this

    Says Skips all wise like*

    "So you'll help us?" Says the 6 foot tall blue J


    *Something weird happens, saves the day yada yada yada



  • The Regular Show is just above being regular

    This show is entertaining. It's randomness is a lot funnier than Adventure Time's (in my opinion) and the animation is good as well.

    Sometimes the characters can act plain stupid and eventually it gets to the point where it's not fun to watch anymore, but this only happens occasionally. It's a mostly solid cartoon that can appeal to any preteen or teenager.
  • Going Down

    When I first came to the Regular Show was the first show that made me say: Holy ***, whoever created this show must be either a crazy lucky dude or one of the most intelligent people in the media business. This was before the third season. It seems that the creators are running out of ideas and try to do the same thing over and over and make it seem funny. If the first seasons weren't awesome, this would be a negative review. My personal advice to the writers: Grow up and let the show grow as well. Season 4 did a bit of this, but you can do better.

    Season Grades:

    Season 1: 9/10

    Season 2: 9/10

    Season 3: 5.5/10

    Season 4: 8/10

    Over All: Don't let it go down and it'll be awesome

    Music: Acceptable: 6/10
  • Awesome Show!

    This show is awesome. Even though the retro themes don't fit today it seems totally contemporary. In fact the retro styles are used very well to creating a certain flair to the show. Also it just rocks. I rank this show so high because it's written so that kids can watch it or even adults (some jokes go over the heads of younger audiences). Also even though it appeals to adults it's not offensive to children to watch. I like the subtle but clever tones, plots, premises, and character backgrounds that at first glance are well hidden but when you get the feel of the characters you learn to appreciate them. I also rank this show high because it seems there are too many very terrible TV shows out there to watch. Too many of them follow formulas too closely and have no soul or spirit. Even if Regular Show does follow some sort of writing-formula it still seems to have that certain creativity thrown into the mix that gives it it's unique flavor.
  • neutral

    Good and but i don't think it's very good for me
  • This is currently one of the best shows on the air at least during this moment.

    If you're going to mistake this for some of CN's half-assed shows like Uncle Grandpa, Annoying Orange or)Legends of China then you're dead wrong. Because this is a show actually worth looking at. But I must warn you, it's very random. I'm going to go over the show.

    What it is about:

    A blue-Jay named Mordecai and a racoon named Rigby that work at a park for a hot tempered gumball machine named Benson. Mordecai and Rigby, while they are supposed to be working, they usually end up slacking off, which causes Benson to get pissed off.

    Now here is what I think of it.

    Good stuff:

    Has a nice "Retro" style feel to it.

    Most characters are very likeable.

    Unique art and character design.

    Very funny jokes.

    Wonderful storyline.

    Creative plot.

    Bad stuff:

    This doesn't really bother me but it really lacks a theme song. C'mon Cartoon Network, for a show this good you have to put some effort into the intro.

    I wasn't really interested when I saw it the first time, it was too weird for my liking. However, when I bought the DVD in Summer 2012, I realized I was missing out on everything! And as for some of you who think the series is going downhill, calm down! In my honest opinion, each season is getting better and better. Basically, I could go on and on and on about how good it is, but just go see it for yourself, I know it's one of CN's greatests cartoons ever since Chowder.
  • Probably the best show on CN right now.

    This show absolutely does NOT beat the classic cartoon network shows, but it's probably the best show on CN right now, along with adventure time.

    The show is about a blue jay named mordecai and a racoon named rigby working at a park. The can be interesting and lovable characters sometimes, but other times, they act like complete and total JERKS!!!! If you thoght that eddy and bloo were jerks, then you should see how these two act sometimes. Anyways, other characters include muscle man, a fat guy with green skin, pops, an old man with a lollipop shaped head who acts like a pedophile most of the time, high five ghost, a ghost with a hand on his head, skips, a wise old yeti, margaret, a red cardinal who is also mordecai's love interest and benson, mordecai and rigby's boss who is a gumball machine( no joke )with anger management issues.

    So yeah, I think the show is pretty good. The show has some cool 80s music and references, alot of adult jokes and halloween specials that are actually creepy..

    Of course, this show does have some faults. Like I said before, the two main characters can act like total jerks sometimes. And muscle man's my mom jokes got old really fast. Speaking of muscle man, I wish they won't make so many episodes about him and make more episodes about high five ghost. And speaking of episodes, some of the newer episodes were a little boring( some, not all) .

    But other than that, this show is pretty good and could probably save CN from all these crappy shows like jhonny test, scooby doo mystery inc and the problem solverz.
  • Pretty good.

    It used to be good but it's gotten a little gay in recent months. No offence. But I still really like it, so I give it a 9.5.
  • Terror Tales of the Park III

    This show is brilliant. I wonder why they chose that particular phone number as the SKU number on Rigby's "Killer Bed"?

  • Okay, what in the flying crap?

    Okay, why does this show have a 7 right now? I remember being here about a year ago, and this show had a very high score. Why lower it? This is the main reason why this site isn't noticed much. I'm only on this site to say this stuff to the reviewers, not the creators of the show.
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