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  • I will never ever watch this abomination of a show again and here are 10 reasons why

    10. Mordecai and Rigby are dumb and always get into stupid situations.

    9. It's not regular

    8. Mordecai abuses Rigby so much, he should be arrested for abusing animals

    7. Benson rips off Mr. Krabs

    6, Benson rips off Gumball

    5. Benson rips off Freddie Benson from iCarly

    4. It is unrealistic

    3. It's too inappropriate for a kids network

    2. Benson is a horrible character

    1. It's on a network I don't like

    There are my Top 10 reasons Regular Show is the worst show ever.
  • A special place in my heart.

    This show ended a long time ago, but i still remember it as a building block of my childhood. It taught me to be funny, unique and different among the crowd. That caused me to have a lot of friends through Elementary and Middle School. In fact, i made this account for one reason; to give this show a good rating.
  • Great show, Never forgotten (I grew up watching this show)

    Even though this show ended a while ago, I still have to write a review.

    This is arguably one of the best modern cartoons (excluding anime) ever (besides Gravity Falls and Steven Universe). While the newer stuff didn't have the same charm, it still beat out TTG, UG, PPG, and Ben 10 in my book. And I literally almost cried watching the series finale, because I had remembered watching the first episode back in 2010. We've come a long, LONG way from there. This show will indefinitely go down in history as a cartoon remembered for a long time, just like Fosters, Chowder, and Flapjack.
  • I Like It, But Uh Watching Recent Episodes, Luckily Ended On Good Note

    I am a fan of the show, last episode I watched was 2015's season premiere and I don't know if its just me but, the plots are all getting very similar too much to the point were the shows gotten a bit repetitive. It insist on handing you the same plots in a lot of recent episodes, but not much in the first 3 or 4 seasons. It's an OK show now, its classic pop culture-istic adventures and characters are fun to look at and just others aren't (the true love stuff, eh ok uh naw). Its just a show that hasn't aged well now, its an OK show now but its pretty weak quality wise now. Luckily It ending on a good note.
  • Hard to believe this came out before Adventure time

    Hard to believe this came out before Adventure time, I sat that because I remember this show & AT were the 2 that brought CN out of the dark ages that were the recovering years of CN real, and it's great to still see it on strong today. This shows formula is to take a everyday or clich problem and blow it out to universe endangering levels with stoner humor and a large amount of influence from the 80's. The show is about a giant blue jay and a regular sized raccoon working at a park while balancing work, personal live, slacking off and whatever insane threat they come across. This show also uses songs from the 80's and I sear I had to look up to see if this show was suppose to take place in the 80's(which it dose not). Speaking of 8o0's this show dose one thing that many other shows forget, references do not equal jokes. This show started off episodic but in more recent episode they real do build up some continuity not to adventure time's level but still pretty good and I do wish stuff like this can influence shows of the future. The show's more adult oriented humor isn't bad and kids can get a laugh when they make jokes that push the censors. Over all this show is really good it can have a nostalgic vibe even if you haven't seen it before and that's because it's pretty reminiscent of a cartoon form the 80's only with the writing of a show that's on know a day.
  • One of the best shows I've ever seen.

    After a terrible era for Cartoon Network in the mid-late 2000s, with abominations such as Fried Dynamite and CN Real, it was this show along with Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball that started a fresh new era for the channel. Cartoon Network was finally rising back on it's feet, getting it's act back together, and once again producing beloved Cartoons people of all ages could, not Live Action crap like Destroy Build Destroy and Dude What Would Happen, or choppy Canadian imports such as Johnny Test and Almost Naked Animals. So anyways, there are so many things I really love about this show, I don't even know where to start. First of all, the animation is really strong and unique to look at. I enjoy . Quintel's flow of animation, and the white background. Second, the characters are all likable and funny in their own way. Muscle Man cracks me up when he rips his shirt off, Benson is the stubborn arrogant boss who also delivers a lot of funny moments to the show at the same time, and Mordecai and Rigby are two dudes who slack around and are very random, which is another thing I love about this show. It's storylines are mostly very random, never done before, and interesting all at once. And what I love the most about this show is exactly what I hope to expect from cartoons, humor, themes, and ideas that appeal to both kids and adults of all ages. Sadly, Regular Show has ended as of 2017, which is a shame because it was a blast all these years tuning into this show. At least Cartoon Network is still improving again from the dark age of the 2000s, with more strong cartoons such as Steven Universe and Clarence. I really hope Cartoon Network keeps up with the good work. Overall, I love this cartoon, it has exactly what I look for in cartoons, and proves to be one of the greatest cartoons not only on Cartoon Network, but on television all together. Which explains why I give this show a perfect 10/10!!
  • Wonderful!

    Amazing Show if you choose the right episodes, this is my favourite cartoon.

  • This made CN great and showed Nickelodeon

    Good times just didn't last for this show despite the contributions it made to the cartoon revival in recent years. I don't think it was the greatest show but it was far better than Teen Titans Go and was unfairly treated as lesser quality. You would think that CN would show more appreciation for this cartoon since it made them far more successful than Nick. It is very original and unique. It is a crying shame that CN has swept this one under the rug in favor for lousy shows and forgot about the contributions it did for Cartoon Network.
  • Regular Show series finale

    Ive watched this show from the very beginning and i love the show to death
  • Season 6-8 are bad for the most part(Spoilers I guess)

    Okay so you know how shows that don't have a plot get old(The Simpsons and Family Guy) Thats what happened to this show. And it sucks considering I've been watching it since it began but all good things must come to an end or fall from grace. Seasons 1-5 and the movie will be considered a classic when this show ends for me cause it genuinely felt funny and entertaining but season 6 looses that felling before it even has a chance to get started. Okay so it first started the moment they decided to go the whole LOVE TRIANGLE plot,when they bring back Margaret and have her still have feeling for Mordechai then everything becomes complicated. I hated those episodes where it focused in on there relationship troubles especially after Season 5 finally gets him and cj together. I'm not a shipper but after a certain point i just want him to pick a girl and move on. Then the episodes go from feeling random and funny to filler episodes that are only there to spread out the relationship and don't even get me started on how they end it with him not getting with ANY one(All that for freaking nothing and you cant even say at least his character has grown from the experience cause he ends up not changing at all) The best part of season 6 was finding out rigby and eileen got together. Then they shift focus in season 7 to introduce "PLOT" which is just boring and uninteresting cause its only forcing on them Preparing to go to space and you'd think that it'll go back to the way it was but NO at this point the original feel of rs is gone and the only thing I'm left feeling is This is just not funny anymore.

    They should air this show way more than TTG!
  • Love it

    Superb show
  • This is better,sometimes great

    Some episodes are not good,but some they are!

    Another CN show,but with good design,and yeah,story.

    Edit - Changin' rating for new episodes
  • Loved the show when it first came out.

    The show was literally the internet personified in a cartoon... although now it's kind of boring.
  • Relatable Show!

    First to put my bias in perspective, Regular is my go-to show.

    The storyline that is created with all of the odd, humorous adventures is able to capture my imagination.

    That quite possibly could be because I find this show SO relatable. It is very easy to get lost when watching it ( in a good way ) because, sometimes, you almost feel that in tune with the show... as if a part of it.

  • A Great Show



    I got to give credit where credit is due. Although I think Regular Show was at it's best from seasons 1-3, the show is still pretty good and interesting. I think season 4 was the worst season, and that Thomas and CJ added a lot of fillers, but other then that the show has been pretty good. Regular Show was and still is a pretty good show. I also still enjoy the adult humor in the show.

  • Intense, but awesome

    Originally, this show was supposed to be on Adult Swim, but they declined it and Cartoon Network picked it up. Some of the episodes have some inappropriate and violent scenes. But I still think it's good. Actually, the first four or five seasons were a lot more better than the other seasons. Still love the show though.
  • Regular Show - More Like Irregular Show!

    Regular Show is probably the best cartoon I've ever come across in my life! It's really funny and will keep me entertained for hours on end! I would really recommend it to anyone (except for the fact that my parents don't want anything to do with it!) I would rate it a million if I could!
  • Not really a fan

    I find this show to be boring most of the time.
  • Cool then, boring now.

    Regular Show started out as a good show; with likeable characters, clever humor and we'll written plots. Along side Adventure Time, it was one of Cartoon Networks best shows. Now the show is the one thing it was never supposed to be: boring. This show is boring now and that's beyond sad because the whole concept of the show was to be exciting, over the top, fun for kids and adults. Now it's just stale and not surprising anymore; this show has become so bland that not even that characters can save it. Mordecai and Rigby were my favorite characters on the show; park employees who mess things up but make everything right together. Now Mordecai and Rigby might as well be background characters because they're not in the spotlight as often. Benson was more like me; hot tempered but still expects the best from his employees; now he act more like a jerk. Forcing Mordecai and Rigby to run a lap after they ate a 4 foot long sandwich that made them sick? What? That's not what Benson would do; characters aside the show's writing has gotten really stale. The love triangle between Mordecai, Margaret and CJ is still going on, Benson broke up with Audrey for a reason that's never explained and Thomas turned out to be a Russian spy. I am not making that up, instead of making Thomas a more engaging character in the show, they made him a spy. What the fuck?! Where did that come from? Why make Thomas a spy? That was never established, never hinted at, not once was it implied that he was a spy. Then there are episode that revisit old characters from previous seasons and it doesn't work because we haven't seen these characters since their first appearance. If it was from last season, I'd understand; but from 4-5 seasons ago? What? You can't do that because that literally proves your running out of ideas. If you ask me, I think this show had its fun and need to end on a high note. Just make one more season and end the show there because it's clearly not getting better.
  • One of my favorite shows

    An amazing show where it starts out as a normal day but something surprising happens. I love all the action in this show. 10/10

    Such a funny, good show. Deserves a much better rating.
  • So-so

    Update: Sad to say, the show has been... ehhh-- going downhill a bit. Mostly because due to, as I said in my old review, Mordecai's girl troubles and love drama. I kinda want to see more than that.

    Old Review: Don't get me wrong, I like this show but at the same time it kinda gets boring fast. Like Mordecai with his girl troubles, muscle man (he's my less favorite character, very annoying to me) jokes, or even the random people popping up during dangerous situations.

    Though some of the good points about this show are the designs for the characters and the music. But yeah, overall it's just a so-so show to me.
  • Going Down

    When I first came to the Regular Show was the first show that made me say: Holy ***, whoever created this show must be either a crazy lucky dude or one of the most intelligent people in the media business. This was before the third season. It seems that the creators are running out of ideas and try to do the same thing over and over and make it seem funny. If the first seasons weren't awesome, this would be a negative review. My personal advice to the writers: Grow up and let the show grow as well. Season 4 did a bit of this, but you can do better.

    Season Grades:

    Season 1: 9/10

    Season 2: 9/10

    Season 3: 5.5/10

    Season 4: 8/10

    Season 5: 6/10

    Season 6: 3/10

    Over All: Don't let it go down and it'll be awesome

    Music: Acceptable: 6/10

    2014 Update: WHAT DID I JUST SAY? It's so unpredictable it's predictable. There is so much drama in Mordecai-related episodes that it's beyond boring! You know a show is bad when you end up rooting for a character like Rigby. However, it has its moments. It is still watchable. For now.

    2015 Update: Spoiler alert! But not really. We again have a heartbroken Mortdecai. To make matters worse, the horrendous anime parody was grotesque and well overdone. And we have Muscle Man's wedding... which focused on Mortdecai. The show is still watchable, but it feels like a chore to watch. Hopefully next season will be better, but that's because it can't possibly get any worse!
  • Regular show's episodes have become generic and formulaic


    - Mordecai and Rigby working

    - Benson threatens to fire them

    - One of them slacks off

    - Random scene or character appears

    - Mordecai and rigby (Sometimes other characters) get into trouble because the duo was slacking off

    - Trouble escalates into a massive scale problem and reveals an antagonist

    - Climax includes: Fist fighting, explosions, and sometimes the destruction of the park. (This is ALMOST the same exact climax for every episode)

    - Ends with a corny joke or reference


    Regular show, on occasion, can have great comedy and humor; However the episodes follow the same guidelines or formula. The characters are shallow and have no depth at all! They don't share emotion or back story (Except mordecai, skips, and pops). In addition, the show was great for the first couple of seasons but now... it's just too generic and predictable to watch. Finally, I hope they can find a way to make the show more better and diverse within episodes.

    Final thought: The show is overrated and this slightly proves that the majority of people have problems with pattern solving. (<--- Guarantee this, show someone 6 episodes past seasons 2 and I bet they will say something like "Omg so funny!" when the same material was used over and over again. I still cannot understand how people can't see that ALMOST EVERY EPISODE IS THE EXACT SAME! One of the frustrating things you see in pop cultures)

    Reason for being overrated? :

    - Pattern solving deficiency in majority of people?

    - Target audience is younger than expected?

    - Peer pressure to like the show?

    - Maybe people like simplistic shows and easy to understand characters?
  • Pretty Cool Show

    Funny, unique design, I like it.
  • Groundbreaking

    You see, what I like about this show is that there is a lo of problems we regularly identify with, girl problems, friends with a mind like Rigby's and y'know, but what what makes me love the show is that the characters remain priceless when there is a problematic, also, they take things or problems to the next, hardcore level, which makes it a good surrealistic and action-packed show, without losing too much its balance and its groundbreaking emotional tension. You always feel something that a character goes through. When I saw one of the episodes, like "Bad Kiss" and "More Smarter" I couldn't sleep, because the show is just two steps ahead of my trai f thought and exploits all emotions young people like me experience as hardcore as hardcore can be.
  • Used to hate it

    But it's pretty cool now. Decent show. UNLIKE THE LOONEY TUNES SHOW.
  • Extraordinary stuff for a Regular Show

    When I was 13, my younger aunt showed me this show on and I thought it was going to be boring just because it was called "Regular I was so wrong. I saw a few episodes and after seeing "Rigby's Body," I became obsessed with the show. I was obsessed with the show throughout 8th grade, but when I entered my freshman year in high school, my obsession wore off and I haven't seen the show in quite a while. I still think that it is good and it is a show that I recommend. Also, I may do some catching up on the show.

    Now what keeps me from giving this show a 10, is due to Benson. It is funny, yet understandable when he gets angry, but he can be a bit too harsh. Mordecai and Rigby are also hard to root for sometimes because they always cause trouble and slack off. I still think that they are cool. I can relate to Mordecai because I have a sense of responsibility and fun at the same time. I also think that Muscle Man is funny too, especially when he tells jokes about his mom. Pops is also like SpongeBob because he is childish yet good natured.

    Overall this show gets a 9/10.
  • Awesome Job

    Another cartoon that really needs to get 5 stars. I am pretty impressed with the plot, the animation, and mostly the twist of the story. It's supernatural and dark telling, which is that I like, and I love the characters. So I'm rating this five stars! :)
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