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  • Going Down

    When I first came to the Regular Show was the first show that made me say: Holy ***, whoever created this show must be either a crazy lucky dude or one of the most intelligent people in the media business. This was before the third season. It seems that the creators are running out of ideas and try to do the same thing over and over and make it seem funny. If the first seasons weren't awesome, this would be a negative review. My personal advice to the writers: Grow up and let the show grow as well. Season 4 did a bit of this, but you can do better.

    Season Grades:

    Season 1: 9/10

    Season 2: 9/10

    Season 3: 5.5/10

    Season 4: 8/10

    Season 5: 6/10

    Season 6: 3/10

    Over All: Don't let it go down and it'll be awesome

    Music: Acceptable: 6/10

    2014 Update: WHAT DID I JUST SAY? It's so unpredictable it's predictable. There is so much drama in Mordecai-related episodes that it's beyond boring! You know a show is bad when you end up rooting for a character like Rigby. However, it has its moments. It is still watchable. For now.

    2015 Update: Spoiler alert! But not really. We again have a heartbroken Mortdecai. To make matters worse, the horrendous anime parody was grotesque and well overdone. And we have Muscle Man's wedding... which focused on Mortdecai. The show is still watchable, but it feels like a chore to watch. Hopefully next season will be better, but that's because it can't possibly get any worse!
  • I like it, But Watching Recent Episodes, Please Understand What I Am Saying

    I am a fan of the show, last episode I watched was last year in September and I don't know if its just me but, the plots are all getting very similar too much. I insist on handing you the same plots in a lot of recent episodes, but not much in the first 3 seasons. It's an OK show now, its classic pop culture-istic adventures are fun to look at and just others aren't (the true love stuff, eh ok uh naw). I hope it it has a good turn around soon that brings a hefty laugh back to my face.
  • Regular show anything but horrible

    Regular show is an amazing show I love all the characters personalities and I really love the art I'm gonna give every thing about it a rating 1/10. Writing 8.5/ 10 Its really good most times , they rarely have episodes that are out right terrible or boring like " garage door" and I noticed they are making more emotional episodes I fell like they are making way too many these days especially in season 6 Art 9/10 Animation -1,20000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 the animation is really terrible but its TV animation and they get low budgets the only TV animation cartoon that has really good animation is spongebob
  • Regular show's episodes have become generic and formulaic


    - Mordecai and Rigby working

    - Benson threatens to fire them

    - One of them slacks off

    - Random scene or character appears

    - Mordecai and rigby (Sometimes other characters) get into trouble because the duo was slacking off

    - Trouble escalates into a massive scale problem and reveals an antagonist

    - Climax includes: Fist fighting, explosions, and sometimes the destruction of the park. (This is ALMOST the same exact climax for every episode)

    - Ends with a corny joke or reference


    Regular show, on occasion, can have great comedy and humor; However the episodes follow the same guidelines or formula. The characters are shallow and have no depth at all! They don't share emotion or back story (Except mordecai, skips, and pops). In addition, the show was great for the first couple of seasons but now... it's just too generic and predictable to watch. Finally, I hope they can find a way to make the show more better and diverse within episodes.

    Final thought: The show is overrated and this slightly proves that the majority of people have problems with pattern solving. (<--- Guarantee this, show someone 6 episodes past seasons 2 and I bet they will say something like "Omg so funny!" when the same material was used over and over again. I still cannot understand how people can't see that ALMOST EVERY EPISODE IS THE EXACT SAME! One of the frustrating things you see in pop cultures)

    Reason for being overrated? :

    - Pattern solving deficiency in majority of people?

    - Target audience is younger than expected?

    - Peer pressure to like the show?

    - Maybe people like simplistic shows and easy to understand characters?
  • Overrated to the max!!

    I apologize in advance to the fans of this show, but everyone has an opinion on something, and my opinion on Regular Show is that it SUCKS! Horribly! I watched some of this show, I thought I'd give it a chance and I originally gave it a mediocre score. But now that I've watched more of it, I realize just how shitty this cartoon is.

    Regular Show doesn't offer much of anything entertaining. Most of the characters aren't likable, especially Rigby, the plots are pretty random and non-sensical, and it doesn't have a very good art style. Mordecai and Rigby, I'm sad to say, are the main characters. From what I've seen, they do whatever they can to skip out on doing work. Rigby in particular is pretty unlikable, due to how lazy and selfish he is most of the time. The other characters don't help the show for me either. Benson is loud, Pops sort of creeps me out, and Muscle Man is just unbearable.

    The plots for the show are strange. They always seem to end up with some of the characters going into some crazy other world or a different dimension, usually due to Mordecai and Rigby doing something stupid. It's just too freakin' weird for me. The humor can be good sometimes, but mostly, it's pretty obnoxious, particularly whenever Muscle Man ends a question with "My Mom! Wooooo!" Also, there are a lot of innuendos in Regular Show. Isn't it great that Cartoon Network is showing kids a show with a raccoon joking about 'pulling hammies'? NO! It's not great CN! What are you thinking nowadays?!

    I will admit that Regular Show has got some really cool music, Skips is a pretty cool character, and Mordecai has his moments. But apart from those things, I do not like this cartoon at all. It's highly overrated, and I don't get why this show is so freakin' popular. Ugh! I'm gonna get so much heat for this review. Oh well.
  • Pretty Cool Show

    Funny, unique design, I like it.
  • Groundbreaking

    You see, what I like about this show is that there is a lo of problems we regularly identify with, girl problems, friends with a mind like Rigby's and y'know, but what what makes me love the show is that the characters remain priceless when there is a problematic, also, they take things or problems to the next, hardcore level, which makes it a good surrealistic and action-packed show, without losing too much its balance and its groundbreaking emotional tension. You always feel something that a character goes through. When I saw one of the episodes, like "Bad Kiss" and "More Smarter" I couldn't sleep, because the show is just two steps ahead of my trai f thought and exploits all emotions young people like me experience as hardcore as hardcore can be.
  • So-so

    Don't get me wrong, I like this show but at the same time it kinda gets boring fast. Like Mordecai with his girl troubles, muscle man (he's my less favorite character, very annoying to me) jokes, or even the random people popping up during dangerous situations.

    Though some of the good points about this show are the designs for the characters and the music. But yeah, overall it's just a so-so show to me.
  • Used to hate it

    But it's pretty cool now. Decent show. UNLIKE THE LOONEY TUNES SHOW.
  • Extraordinary stuff for a Regular Show

    When I was 13, my younger aunt showed me this show on and I thought it was going to be boring just because it was called "Regular I was so wrong. I saw a few episodes and after seeing "Rigby's Body," I became obsessed with the show. I was obsessed with the show throughout 8th grade, but when I entered my freshman year in high school, my obsession wore off and I haven't seen the show in quite a while. I still think that it is good and it is a show that I recommend. Also, I may do some catching up on the show.

    Now what keeps me from giving this show a 10, is due to Benson. It is funny, yet understandable when he gets angry, but he can be a bit too harsh. Mordecai and Rigby are also hard to root for sometimes because they always cause trouble and slack off. I still think that they are cool. I can relate to Mordecai because I have a sense of responsibility and fun at the same time. I also think that Muscle Man is funny too, especially when he tells jokes about his mom. Pops is also like SpongeBob because he is childish yet good natured.

    Overall this show gets a 9/10.
  • Awesome Job

    Another cartoon that really needs to get 5 stars. I am pretty impressed with the plot, the animation, and mostly the twist of the story. It's supernatural and dark telling, which is that I like, and I love the characters. So I'm rating this five stars! :)
  • best show ever

    good character designs i love mordecai and rigby one of the best shows ive seen in a while
  • Intense, but awesome

    Originally, this show was supposed to be on Adult Swim, but they declined it and Cartoon Network picked it up. Some of the episodes have some inappropriate and violent scenes. But I still think it's good.
  • Good not Great

    Yeah its overrated. However its not terrible. Most of the characters are good however muscleman is one of the turn offs. He's a jackass jerk face asshole. I hate him almost as much as I hate modern Timmy Turner. The humor is great. The story is very formulaic and incredibility repetitive. The surrealism is great so overall its good but not great.
  • Regular show does not mean a regular review!

    This is my all time favorite cartoon show ever. It's funny and I love the characters though I don't know why they took out the rude jokes. Here are the season ratings (out of how many episodes there are)...

    Season 1: 12/12, every episode was at it's best and funniest, especially caffeinated concert tickets

    Season 2: 24/28, the most epic episodes in this season were appreciation day, jinx, grave sights and over the top, and every other episode was great except for Benson be gone, muscle woman, see you there and first day

    Season 3: 3/39, not the best season, only Terror tales of the park, eggscellent and fists of justice were the good episodes

    Season 4: 30/37, I can't name every bad episode but I can say that season 4 picked up where season 3 failed

    Season 5: 28/37, Somewhere in between seasons 3 and 4

    Even with some bad episodes this show is still the best on cartoon network, but JG Quintel, take my advice and stop making romantic episodes
  • This show is so nice,I wish I could give this a higher rating!

    Enough said,I love this show. However,in a few episodes, Pops acts like he has total control of Benson,and season 5 doesn't have enough episodes.
  • Hated this at first...

    But now, I like it so much. It actually deserves an 11/10.
  • A great, then not so good show starting to make a come back.

    The Regular Show features two adults, Mordecai and Rigby, as they work at their not-so-boring jobs in the park. This show is like many of the newer Chartoon Network shows as it seems to be made for teens rather than kids. Parents, I would advise watching a few episodes before letting your younger children watch it. In season one, I very much enjoyed this show as it had a fresh and modern feel with a somewhat original plot. After a while, the show began to get old and quite a bit annoying. Mordecai, Skips, and Pops are probably the only characters that I enjoy on the show anymore. The plots began to all roll together where Mordecai and Rigby would "slack off" at work, Benson would threaten to fire them, then they would get into some major trouble that ALWAYS ended up in fist fights, explosions, and destroying the park. The two, as well, are quite a bit annoying as they, and everyone else in the show really, represent today's pop culture in an at first amusing, but now quite obnoxious way. For example, they walk around making admittedly clever raps which turn into annoying chants where after they would always go "WOOOAAAH!!' together in sync. As I said, at first this was somewhat amusing. My siblings and I still quote their ringtone song. Rigby is probably my least favorite character in the show as he is a complete narcissistic jerk; particularly to Mordecai who is supposed to be his best friend. In one episode, Rigby is supposed to clean up the mess he made in their room but refuses and buys "Wall Buddy" to separate the rooms and put the mess in Mordecai's half so he would have to clean it instead of Rigby. If I were Mordecai, I would have been quite ticked as well, however Rigby turns the whole situation on Mordecai saying it was his fault for flaking and not taking responsibility for a mess he didn't create. Rigby is not in any means a good friend and is always at the center when either of the two get into trouble. Mordecai is the more responsible of the two but is always dragged into dangerous situations because of Rigby. Now, as I previously mentioned, the show is starting to make a come back as they have clearly taken out many of the played out elements such as the constant fist fighting. However, how well it will do remains to be seen. I can say I may watch it if it happens to be on but I will most likely not turn to it.
  • Come on guys this is a good show

    You haters are just jealous because they have a better catchphrase than YOU!!! This show is awesome. The characters are good, its stupid but its what makes it a funny show.
  • I'll admit that the first two seasons were good, but now, I'm afraid that the show is starting to go downhill.

    Now when Regular Show started, I liked it. I liked Season 1 and a few episodes in Season 2, but I felt like after Season 3 and beyond, the show took a decline in quality. In the old episodes, Mordecai and Rigby were just normal workers who didn't act jerky at all. Now in the new episodes, they act like jerks sometimes. Like in one episode, Rigby was trying to help Mordecai get over Margaret and he tosses him out of the car. And in another episode, Rigby is too lazy to clean up his messes, so he uses a Wall Buddy that tosses his trash onto Mordecai's side of the room. The other characters except Pops and Skips have their bad moments as well. At the end of one episode, Benson eats the last Best Burgers in the World which won't come back until the next 1,000 years. And they'll all be dead by then! I don't like Muscle Man that much in the newer episodes. I mean, he was fine earlier in the series. He and his jokes were tolerable back then, but now, he is starting to get annoying now. He has too much episodes centered around him and they start to get tiring very quickly. Speaking of tiring plots, I've noticed a lot of episodes in the series involving Mordecai and Rigby messing some job up. Yes, we get it. They're lazy slackers. You don't need to make a bunch of episodes to prove your point. We need more Pops episodes, more Skips episodes, heck, even more Thomas episodes! He doesn't really get used a lot in the newer episodes. Also, not a lot of supernatural things happen much in the newer episodes. I feel as though they toned those down in the newer episodes. So yeah, I would recommend that you watch Season 1 and 2 and stop there. The newer eps are just not doing it for me.
  • It's awasome dude.

    This show isn't like other cartoons. It contains an adult world with a childhood mood. I like every episode of the show, and even while watching an episode i've watched before i just laugh again. I hope it'll be around for a long time.
  • Too violent

    This show is too violent because the blue bird keeps punching the raccoon. What if some kid did that to another kid? It also promotes bullying and bad words. How this got on the air in the first place baffles me! I want to kill the person who made this with a knife and chainsaw, because it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuux!
  • one of CN's better shows

    one of cartoon networks's best shows along with adventure time and gumball. sure, it's a little repetitive, but i still like it.
  • Still Good

    I think that people are crazy for hating this show. It has lower ratings than GRAVITY FALLS! C'mon, let's get real here. I am glad there are no butt jokes in this show cause that would ruin how good it is. People, you need to learn a lesson from the best (right here)
  • Characters

    Let me start of with saying its not as good anymore, the show is really losing its touch with its premise, and stability since its making stupid decisions towards the writing and especially the vocab since they give most of the vocab a reloop to other characters except Eileen, Skips, and Pops. Another thing to point out is that they need to stop making episodes about shipping because if history repeats itself the same mistake happens over and over again for example with Margaret she is loosing her luster once she was a girl who was probably one of those popular girls that you see in school who has a interesting characteristics and a lot of boyfriends, but the writers decided to tone her character so they make her the plot device for establishing a stupid relationship with Mordecai, furthermore in later appearances they don't focus on her for anything else than school with her I mean seriously I wish they would have made at least an episode with her being an athlete or anything else than her studies or Mordecai. Then another person who is a lot like her is Starla because all they do is make the person who loves them not like, them like how the show makes you believe rather than saying love because they think kids are to stupid to understand that like and love are different than expected. But as I'm saying starla is always shoe horned in just to establish the love that Muscle man and her have never is she there for more than that, and everytime Muscle man wants Mordecai, Hi five ghost, and Rigby to help out for him to get on with the plot. Now with those characters being explained they're the main reason the show is going down and with main plots they do nothing but scrutinize the plot and make the male go crazy its pretty stupid to make those points because they take the show nowhere. But plotwise the show is really losing it with randomness and establishment because the stories are toned down than it started with because the show has turned into a standard buddy show where every character is friends with each other rather than being stiff to personality. And most plots are pretty weak while some episodes show the characters being irritating.
  • Whatcha smoken?

    Here's a show, one of many on the CN channel that makes you wonder? What were they smoking?

    I've been watching this show on and off over the years. Not my favorite but it does have some interesting eps every so often. Love the 80's theme but hate the occasional occult stuff I see in the show.

    But what ever. Just never cared for the raccoon and blue jay main characters and whats with the gum ball man? Yesh. What roach crawled up its gum ball hatch?
  • Stupid

    This show is stupid. The character designs are ugly and barely any fart jokes.
  • Getting worse...

    Regular Show was pretty good when it started out, but it's gotten a lot worse. The tone has become very mean-spirited; the characters are really annoying, especially Rigby.

    This has gotten WAY too weird, even for Regular Show standards! Adventure Time, another weird show, is better, because that show is more fun, where Regular Show is almost depressing.

    The first season and parts of the second season were pretty good, which is why I'm giving it only a 5/10 and not something lower, but it's just becoming unwatchable now.
  • One of the best show on Cartoon Network right now. (REVISED) I Still Love it!

    Plot: This show follows two groundskeepers, a six-foot-tall blue jay named Mordecai and Rigby the raccoon. It shows their adventures as they try to entertain themselves on a daily basis.

    My Thoughts in a few sentences: I LOVE Regular Show and I STILL do today even though -people complain about it TOO much on its recent seasons. Let be me honest. Seasons 1 and 2 weren't the best seasons because almost all the episodes from those two were usually Mordecai and Rigby doing something (usually their jobs). I Loved seasons 3 because they relied on other characters as well besides those two. If the show has all episodes with M and R 's job it'd been boring and that's why I'm glad they're kind of toning down those type of episodes even though it will still pops out occasionally. The only flaws (nitpicking) I had are the lack of humor the recent seasons had been getting. Cut it out with the drama already. I'm here to enjoy some comedy not drama. Also, Rigby, Benson, and Muscle Man can get REALLY mean and annoying at times and that's why my favorite characters. Now, let's get on with that category.

    Characters: Mordecai used to be the best but eventually not anymore. Why? The writers are using him too much focus on him. Skips is my favorite character because of his interesting backstory. Rigby is funnier than Mordecai but by all means better. He comes as a really annoying jerk at times and they need lay off that already. I liked his mature personality in season 4 better than how he acted in the first three season, but they have bring it back for Season 5 (for awhile though). Benson was my favorite character for awhile until I realize that he's just a jerk. Out of the jerk characters, he's kind of the worst because some of his short fuss can get too out of hand. Don't get me wrong, Think Positive was funny, but there are time that his short temper aren't needed like in More Smarter (and don't make me get started on that rude verbal threat towards the end). Even though in Busted Cart that he doesn't hate M and R, he just hates their BS. But everytime they try to make Benson respect Mordecai and Rigby, he just go back being a jerk and forgets everything. Like in Best Burgers in the World was his ultimate low. I really hope Benson gets a bit nicer since he is not my favorite character anymore. His short temper depends on the episode. If it done while acting a jerk, then unacceptable, but if it done while not being a jerk, then it's funny. Also, I'm a little tired of his backstory since the writers want us to feel bad for Benson, but really it's hard not to due to his mean behavior. Pops is funny and he always never disappoint me. Skips like I said before, is an interesting character. That's why he's my favorite right now. Muscle Man is funny but occasionally an annoying jerk like Rigby and Benson. He was overused but now the writers tone him already. Thanks God for that, MM haters (even though Mordecai is STILL overused). Fives is cool but not my favorite. I'm glad he got a more attention this year. Margaret is OK but not my cup of tea. Eileen is my favorite female character on the show (a tad overrated). Thomas is amazing so far because I can't wait to see what will happen to him in the later episode (John Infantino said something about the future of Thomas' character). He had some funny moments so that's great. Starla is OK but she was a little overused but anymore. She barely appeared in this season except for a few cameos. CJ is great and sort of cool but I just think she's an overrated character. Villains are great characters as well though I can't decide which was my favorite. This is a tough one to rate but I'll go with 9/10.

    Story: Most of the story are just awesome. Though the storyline that are getting tiresome are the ones with Mordecai and Rigby's job. They don't really seem to belong in season 4 or 5 and not even season 3 (for the most part). I say that type of story are out of date since we been getting more screen time for the others. Also, Mordecai episodes are really tiring. Like, he is used too much now. Before that, it was Muscle Man (they toned him down this season in terms of the episodes he is focused) and somewhat Rigby in the early seasons. The best stories are usually with the gang. Margaret stories started out this but they became tiring as well. Skips stories are my second favorite. 7.5/10

    Writing: For some reason every single episodes are written by more than one writer (Though Mike Roth wrote the outline himself in The Power), but not that I'm complaining. The writing is very superb but that are times that lazy writing occurs. 9/10

    Humor: Of course, what would Regular Show be known for? Sadly, this has been toned down in the latest season, but it doesn't stop me getting a 10/10.

    Drama: Half of the time, it handled well like That's My Television and Exit 9B, but the other half not so well. This is the reason why people want more comedy in the newer episodes. 5/10

    Voice acting: Flawless since I don't think any voices are annoying except for Muscle Man (sometimes) and Starla. Though I'm not a fan of realistic voices, . Quintel's voice as Mordecai is awesome even people are too much of Captains Obvious when they hear JG. His Fives is OK but it's just Mordecai (and his own voice) with a high pitched voice. William Slayers is decent but he voices too many background characters. Sam Marin's performance as Benson, Pops, and Muscle Man are awesome. Benson is awesome when he get mad, Pops is the voice I've grown to like it (at first I hated his voice), and Muscle Man is great expect sometimes it get annoying especially when he squeals like a pig. Not that it's really annoying and I think it's funny but the writers need to make it's not overused. Mark Hamill's Skips voice is great and I enjoyed every single role he ever did in the show. Of course, he's known for bad guys voices. Roger Craig Smith is superb but there are times where it's not needed to voice a certain character. He's the most used recurring VA but I think the casting directors need to promote Roger to the featured voice/main cast. I like his Thomas voice because it surprisingly sounds like Sonic the Hedgehog, but calmer. His other voices are great as well. All in all, RS has excellent voice acting. 10/10

    Art: I love the artwork for this show. The backgrounds are designed and painted very well. So does the color and the character designs. 10/10

    Animation: At first, Regular Show lacks amazing animation except whenever there was a particular climax in seasons 1 and 2. Now the animation is noticeably better in the later episodes especially the 22 minutes specials (exception: Thanksgiving Special). 10/10

    Last appeal: I expect 8-10 seasons of this show. 10/10

    Overall, Regular Show is basically an awesome show. I can't wait for more character developments of certain characters and more adventures when season 6 comes. 10/10
  • Make better episodes please

    This show was really good for the first couple seasons. That's the main reason why my score is so high. The episodes following kinda sucked. The show got corny and not as funny as usual. Benson always seems to be pissed about something, which adds the humor to the show. You guys need to make interesting episodes instead of Rigby trying to do a pull-up
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