Regular Show

Season 4 Episode 13

Sandwich of Death

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Jan 28, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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When Benson eats the sandwich of death wrong, he must eat the sandwich of life to save himself before he dies so it's up to Mordecai, Rigby and Sensai to save Benson by getting the sandwich of life.

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  • Possibly the best episode for the series!!!!

    I loved this episode so much. There was just a lot to watch, nice appearences, funny moments, epic fighting and I loved it. It was just amazing. Great episode here.
  • Benson accidentally ate the Sandwich of Death so Mordecai and Rigby along with the sensai must save him by getting the sandwich of life

    When Benson eats the sandwich of death wrong, he must eat the sandwich of life to save himself before he dies so it's up to Mordecai, Rigby and Sensai to save Benson by getting the sandwich of life. I thought this episode was very enjoyable. A heck lot better than the last three episode for sure. It was great to the see the Sensai from Death Punchies again. There were no flaws in this episode at all so it is considered my top 5 best episodes for the fourth season. Benson eating the death of sandwich was very surprising. To answer tigerdude22, I think he does deserve that for being a jerk in some of the few episodes. Funny moments here were the commercial at the beginning, Benson suddenly eating the sandwich, and the ending with Mordecai and Rigby's Sandwich of Death commercial then Muscle Man and High Five Ghost went to Death Dwon Wong (?). Overall, an excellent episode with some awesome action packed. 10/10moreless
  • Am I The Only One Happy That Benson Got What He Deserved When He Ate Mordecai and Rigby's Sandwich?

    I loved this episode of "Regular Show". It is by far one of the best episodes of Season 4 and it is a fantastic sequel to the Season 1 episode "Death Punchies". It was also very cool to see Sensai (from Season 1 episode "Death Punchies") again because I honestly didn't expect that at all but it's very cool to see him and that was awesome of him to forgive Mordecai and Rigby for putting him out of business in "Death Punchies". Also, am I the only one happy that Benson got what he deserved for eating Mordecai and Rigby's death of sandwich? I was very happy especially for the way he screamed at Mordecai and Rigby or just being a jerk (Examples: "The Best Burger In The World", "Muscle Mentor", "Replaced", "Pie Contest", and more) so I consider it a comeuppance for treating Mordecai and Rigby like crap. I know that sounds cruel but I honestly think he needed some kind of comeuppance and him eating their death of sandwich was a very satisfying comeuppance. I did NOT want Benson to die (I'm not that cruel haha) but I wanted him to learn his lesson. I enjoyed that continuity though because he said "Let's see how they like it when I steal their sandwich" and it might have been from that Season 1 episode "Grilled Cheese Deluxe" when Mordecai and Rigby took his grilled cheese sandwich... I'm assuming that was a continuity. The storyline was very creative in this episode and it was just overall funny as hell. So many parts have really cracked me up in this episode. The comic relief here was non-stop laughs throughout. The action scene at the end of the episode was super badass and funny as well. The ending of the episode with Mordecai and Rigby being in Sensai's Death of Sandwich commericial to return him the favor for saving Benson was HILARIOUS plus MuscleMan and High Five Ghost's cameo appearance when they saw the commercial and immediately ran to get the sandwich of death cracked me up. It's just such an amazing episode with amazing humor throughout, very cool action scenes, and Benson gets his comeuppance by eating the death of sandwich wrong. This is a MUST-SEE for the fans, I'll definitely watch it again. 10/10moreless

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